So stay tuned to the end of the video, because im going to be going over every single altcoin that im going to be buying and have sort of bought so um. Firstly, what were going to do is were going to look into the price section of dogecoin, and i want to tell you guys my prediction and im pretty pretty ive got a high sense of conviction for this prediction, because um, i realized that a lot of crypto You know kind of repeats itself. Okay, history does repeat itself quite a lot in crypto, so um lets take a look at this okay, so lets just quickly recap so lets just quickly recap on what happened. Of course we had this rising witch breakdown, which we you know. Of course, if you on the patreon, you would have known that this rising witch breakdown was coming um, even if you watch the daily videos, but you wouldnt be able to see that on the channel. Now, of course, now recently weve had this bar right here. This red line, which is you know, has acted as resistance until we broke through, we broke down and again resistance, which is bringing us down again. So, of course, as you guys know, this red line has been a true level of resistance for us now to be honest, okay, currently were in a situation where we have actually broken this blue line of support. This brilliant support, as you guys can see, was a line that is you know from here from here, and that is you know where ive got this blue line of support.

Now also we did break a red line of support. You cant see it. Let me just uh: increase the opacity um im going to tell you guys what exactly what i expect for dogecoin in a minute. So, as you guys can see, we broke that red line too. So we broke a lot of lines of support on dogecoin. Now, if history is going to repeat itself and ive seen this happen twice with those coins so far and ive been looking at the charts literally every single day for like six months now, so i think this is not going to be about prediction. I would say that, with you know, a high percentage likely that if we dont somehow manage to break through this line, which i really dont think were going to, i would say that the the real scenario, what were most likely going to do is most likely be Heading towards 21 cents. Now you might be thinking why 21 cents, but if we look previously at the charts and where im getting this from you guys, can see that the net that, like the last time this happened, you guys can see exactly what happened. So remember. Those that time, okay, when dogecoin, had this huge dump, this huge cascading dump. Okay, we have this huge dump, huge cascading dump. Okay, we hit the price target. Okay, and this is our a price tag which we talked about for months. Okay, we hit this price target of 16 cents.

Okay, you guys can see that the next time, okay were still in the downtrend. Even when we broke out of the downtrend, we still went all the way down to. Where guys, we went down exactly to 16 cents, guys so um when we break down and have these huge drop offs. Okay, these huge huge major drop offs, even though this one wasnt that crazy. When we have these huge drop offs guys, we usually have this situation where we revisit this low before we go higher guys, so i would expect us to genuinely revisit the slow, especially since we have no support around this area guys we actually dont have any support And also the fact that what we do have is we do have most likely an a b c type correction guys, and i would expect that c wave to go at least until 21 cents. Now i could be wrong. Okay, this is definitely a bearish outlook, but you guys can see that this red line has actually held up as some very, very, very big um resistance. So me, right now, am i buying dogecoin no im not buying dogecoin right now, um. I do you know im. Always gon na you know have a crypto portfolio, but im not gon na, be adding to my portfolio right now. Im i expect dogecoin to go to 21 cents. That is what im gon na you know, see. Um and im expecting this to be support there.

That is what i want to see um and if we dont go to 21 cents, then im expecting us to go to 16 cents guys. Those are gon na be the key levels for me for the support. Okay, because, honestly, when we think okay about where dogecoin and how patents are its definitely very interesting to see now, thats, dogecoin, bitcoin and once again its pretty much the same as dogecoin as you guys can see, weve got this yellow line similar to the red line That we had, and, of course, okay, what we have here is if we, i dont know, whichever way you draw its its like on different exchanges, its a little bit different. But the point is: is that we had a witch bitcoin broke up dodge coin, bring down but um as bitcoin broke up it then, as you guys can see, is struggling to stay on this line, guys like its hitting hitting hitting so its struggling guys. It really is struggling so right now, weve got a situation where um, if you guys know about abc type corrections, usually what happens is first wave down is wave. A second wave up is wave b and then we have a final wave down um and that is usually health corrections come up. I want to google it to show you guys, because i always want to teach you guys all the go on images. Um. You guys. Can see that you know an abcs abc type correction, that is usually what we have theres many different ways that they can happen, but um.

That is what im expecting okay im just genuinely um. I dont expect bitcoin. Okay, this is luna. This is a coin that um ive been. You know an altcoin that i talked about previously um doing some ta on that it actually did actually pop quite a bit so um. You know if you got on that: thats nice, but um yeah, um guys what what were looking at here this situation with bitcoin is where um we really dont want to drop below this level right here, because this, as you guys know like i said, okay, you Know in my videos i was saying that if we got the weekly chart of bitcoin im not worried at all, unless we get closes below the 21 week, ema guys, that is where im gon na get. You know a little bit nervous because, like i said, if we start to close below 21, we get may especially after we have this type scenario, theres, no way that im going to be still in the market at this part right here guys, because i know whats Coming next, which is this downward um thing so um im not gon na lie guys i would i would just um, you know right now, after this 21 week, i made this level right here, as you guys can see um we hit this level guys this this. This purple thing right here: you guys see we hit this level to the exact okay.

This is the 42 000 level um. We got this red candle. You know coming straight in so i would say um that, as long as we can continue to close above it um, even if we for the next couple of days, we move down and we close above or we close at around forty five thousand forty four thousand And that wouldnt be bad as long as we can bounce up and then move up, then theres, you know a decent chance but start to head towards this part right here: okay, um, im, not gon na, say im gon na be other markets completely, but i will Scale back my positions. Okay, now you might be thinking, oh as soon as it goes down, you scale away your positions as soon as it goes up scaling its not what im doing what i am doing is. I am scaling out for the potential of a you know a further crash because i just feel like the risk reward there isnt great, so i would say that for now you know theres going to be all coins that are going to be purchasing. You know, im. Looking at especially for the long term hold, especially with all the things coming on in the cryptocurrency community, but i would say that this is the key level and of course, as you guys can see, thats where we got the perfect bounce, but um yeah im, not Gon na get super duper worried until we start heading towards that, and i would expect the price of bitcoin to still you know, because it is showing weakness.

Um and especially, you know, if you guys do remember the daily chart. You know the rsi, which we talked about. You guys can see my little lines there. We talked about this rsi for such a long time guys we talked about how this rsi is like its weakening. Its weakening is weakening, eventually did break down. Now, of course, this was a pretty heavy breakdown and, of course, i always said in my old videos, if you remember, if youve been subscribed for the channel for a long time, ive always said if theres gon na be ever any announcement where a lot of things Are supposed to happen and the price of a coin is supposed to go up, especially on the day it usually crashes. Dogecoin day, okay, tesla, not tesla day the elon musk dodge snl crash bitcoin dave el salvador. This is exactly what happened. So this is what we always expect guys. We expect these major movements so guys i would say, for you now um, you know, if you, you know, you know looking at the price of bitcoin, i would just say you know, for for the time being, lets just see if we can hold above this level Right here, if we cant get, some closes above the 42 000 level on the weekly chart. This is why this this next week, isnt the most important part, because not gon na lie guy. If the rest of the chart goes like, this were headed lower, okay, which isnt good.

So i would say that um yeah this stuff, this part, because the reason why this part is so key because you know even if we had like when we were here even if we headed up, we knew we still could have a head down were like. We knew theres still a possibility of heading down. We could always head to crash, but you know we knew there was a possibility now. The reason why this is pretty bad is because, if we head down here, the chances of us going down are so high like there is just a very, very small chance that we do something like this guys. So i would say this is the most important part of the crypto journey right now, um and im going to be paying attention to see what happens so um yeah, you know and then lets look at some altcoins, so um um, you know uh ill cleanse that Im going to be, you know talking about, or i would say that uh strong buys uh, maybe not right now, but you know for the future. I would say luna. Definitely i would i would i would be buying this. You know ive been buying. This ive been doing technical analysis on that. Um lets go down the list, i would say what do we have? What do we have, of course luna? I still expect this one to move. I still think this is going to move. I still think this is going to become my top 10 coin, polka dot, of course, um chain link.

I still think we can pick up some j link, um algorand um. Where is it matic? I would always pick up some matic. I would always also pick up some v e t also. I would pick up some monero ill always pick up some monero, because this is the true only privacy coin um, and i would also okay um. No, i wouldnt pick up iota. I would pick up. Let me just get to it eagle, okay, i talked about. Did i talk about this? Okay yeah? I talked about this on the patreon um, its actually up like a decent amount. Today it was up, but it just went down, but um yeah talked about this one. As well thats one that um, you know you can pick up axe infinity. Also. You know these two are very good coins, also phantom as well. This one is a very good coin, as well: um kusama as well, kusama, very good coins. You know these ones and you guys, if youre wondering you know why. Dont i talk about bc. Coins bfc coins is just absolute. I dont want to say those words but um yeah its i i dont i dont deal with bc coins because ninety percent of the rug pause and im sure you can get like in a million x coin, but i just dont think its worth it to lose. All your money in those coins, because you know stuff, like liquidity and just you know a whole bunch of issues i just really dont like it um.

You know, engine interesting coin sushi is up interesting as well its really interesting a coin as well um. I would see unify thats, also an interesting coin as well um. You know also decentraland, i would say, look at decentraland look at don key finance as well. There are literally so many altcoins as well that i just you, know cant. Do a video im going to be having some videos im coming as well im getting some super long term videos. You know like true in depth, videos, you know script research, you know voiceover all the whole nine yards um. You know just pure pure pure quality content. You know just its coming guys. The way i made like the recent dodge coin – video theyre gon na – be some other videos coming so those are coins. I would look into those bsc coins. My advice would be to stay away from them because they have a high chance of failing and crashing, and just you know bsc just just just just like just take my advice. Okay, i would just say that i wouldnt be buying too many pse coins unless theres a huge, huge, real reason for them to um to have a place in the ryder crypto community, because a lot of them are going to be pumps and dumps um. I just remember that night, like 95 of crypto projects, arent going to be here in the next ball, run. Just remember that okay, so um yeah.

If you have um, you know any comments or quests queries or whatever um.