There was something i even i i got permission from my wife before the show so just see. Anybody who know that im married know that i have a wife. I am a big proponent of never doing anything as a husband without the wifes uh approval and knowledge um. So i wanted to wrap out this stream by just kind of taking everything. Weve talked about bitcoin cardano. We talk about the fud. We talked about manipulation, price movement, addressing fears and concerns that people might have about getting involved. Here is the thing i want to put my mouth sorry, i want to put my money where my mouth is said that wrong and what im going to do is actually live. It is yesterday, live im going to be purchasing today off. Just for you guys, a thousand dollars with the crypto and before you guys are like okay, tim thats, really not that much. I want to tell you guys why thats actually really significant and what we are about here at mcfee media, which is the overarching company and then specifically crypto jeb, as we move forward heres the thing im, not a millionaire guys the way jeb, you know, jebs a Millionaire ben is a millionaire, i think the altcoin brothers. You know all these big youtubers, a lot of them theyve been in the game for a while theyre millionaires greg. Are you a millionaire? Yet? I know youre im, not yeah. I am not no heres the thing guys.

I im not im, not a millionaire im growing, though you know, and and when i, if you had told me three years ago, four years ago tim would you would invest a thousand dollars into crypto. I would have told you guys what the heck like, i only think i have a thousand dollars in my bank account and heres the heres the deal about that. I want to tell you guys a little about my story. Why am i here? Why am i sitting in front of the camera right now talking to you guys at all? I grew up in a homeschool christian family, so those of you who who dont know usually when youre homeschooled. That means you only have a one income, household and heres the thing my dad. I love him. So much had a great job. He was an architect, but we found out later. You know we knew he. He struggled with smoking when we were younger didnt know to the full degree i kind of found out later as an adult. My dads addiction to cigarettes. Uh was way more detrimental than we thought uh. He had a great job as an architect, however, to support a seven person family, because i have five siblings, a single income household while managing a expensive addiction. There really actually isnt that much money left for the family now im, not complaining what i always had a roof over. My head always had clothes, but what happened? 2008 was my dad lost his job and i was sitting there at 14 years old and i was told by my parents tim.

We are so sorry. I know you know youre coming up and getting close to that time, where you might be getting a cell phone soon, you might be getting a cartoon if youre gon na do any of those things you got ta. Do it yourself. We do not have any money to do that. I have two older siblings. They both had cell phones bought for them. They both had their cars paid for they paid for their insurance, everything else, but i was told, hey tim: if you want any of these things, you got to pay for yourself tim, any sport. You want to play. You got to pay for yourself, so the good news about being homeschooled is, you can do school very quickly right. I have had a full time job or the equivalency of ever since i was 14 years old and it was to provide for myself. I started off doing lawn care the rest of my my high school year so doing school every morning going and working lawn care for about 30 hours a week, and then i would go to practices, football practices, basketball, practice, soccer practice. I would go to practice paid for my own way into all those sports, so i learned from a very young age to work hard. That being said, i only was making probably about 750 an hour from all those jobs. Then, the summer before i started college, i took two different jobs.

What i would do is, i would wake up every single morning at four oclock, because i still had a dream of walking on and playing football at the university of florida. I was, i woke up. Every single morning, at four to get my workout in so that i would show up to my first job at 7, 00 am to work lawn care there. I would go home for lunch for 30 minutes and go to my second job, where i would work from one to nine oclock every night. I did that six days a week making darn. I think i think, after the biggest promotion i got from either one of those jobs. I was making eight dollars an hour, then in the fall i took a full 15 credit hours of college while working 40 hours a week at a job. The point that im trying to make here is, i had an array of jobs. You know, ive worked at a gun range. Ive worked as a trainer at a gym. Ive worked at someone who worked a front desk ive done ministry. I have known my entire life. What the meaning of hard work is, and yet that doesnt guarantee you a life of financial freedom. The truth is, i actually in all reality guys. I am still, in my own mind, working myself to financial freedom. I think the freedom that i have now compared to last year is astronomically huge, but im still growing in that route.

But here is the thing. The only reason why im sitting before you day, the only reason why i have the job i have here today. The only reason why any of this is happening and why im about to to live by a thousand dollars with a crypto is because, one year ago talking to jeb. He convinced me hey tim. If you want to get real about your finances, if you want that financial freedom that you, i see, you busting your button working so hard for this idea of bitcoin. This idea of crypto is the freedom that this world has been looking for financially for a while. I dont know if any of you are in that same shoe, i mean, i know, theres, probably people out there that are millionaires yourself, im super happy for you im talking right now to those other people, just like me who work ridiculous hours, working upwards of 60. 70 hours a week – and it seems like nothing – you do can get ahead. One year ago today i took my uh. I took my wifes uh. What is it called the stimulus checks and then a little money that i had left in savings which all of it combined made about five thousand dollars? I put five thousand dollars into bitcoin when it was sitting at about just under eleven thousand or eleven thousand dollars. A coin, so i i own after all, this stuff, darn near close to about 0.

42 bitcoin after that purchase, ive acquired more since then, but at that point i had about 4.42 bitcoin. That is sitting right now. I think right below 20 000 worth of value. I want to continue to grow that, but that is something i would have never dreamed. You asked me three years ago tim. How are you gon na get twenty thousand dollars in the bank? Im like freaking, its probably gon na, have to be some way with football. Im, probably gon na, have to get some job in coaching, something like that when that door closed on me when football closed on me, i was kind of like okay. This is it my life im gon na be working. My butt off for the rest of my life and crypto has changed the game. That is what we are trying to do. If you guys have all heard jeb story, you know where jeb comes from this crypto teaching is not just something were doing for fun. This is life, changing the ability to read technical analysis, the ability to understand whats happening in this financial world, the freedom that we will get that i am getting right now that jeb has gotten for himself. That greg is getting that smay is getting that every one of you who are listening and making trades and making investments the freedom that you are gaining every single day is life changing and thats. Another reason why man, we have to dig deep into our research.

We have to dig deep, this cant be something that we take lightly, but i can tell you right now the time to research, if youre sitting here thinking about about your time and your value and what you need to do continue to work. If you need to work out, you have a job here, like i dont just teach the judge to do the show with jeb. You know, smell throughout the day, is editing. Videos me throughout the day, im helping run the company im. The ceo here making business plans trying to build this company day in day out, but i make sure to carve out that time to study, to study technical analysis to study fundamental analysis to learn more and everyday. I have a long way to go, but i tell you guys right now: can i tell you the fact that im about to to invest a thousand dollars in crypto? That is nothing short of a miracle and the signs of financial freedom. So i just want you guys know. This is not something im just im, not just up here, saying guys, invest and not do anything about it like. This is something that i want. I want you guys to witness my journey as i go. You guys saw me back in january my inexperience, my lack of knowledge im, not saying im perfect now, but look at how far ive come, and i cannot wait to see how far i go and i want to see you guys go to that same level.

Thats. Why jeb created things like cd2a thats? Why we want to continue to build out courses and and teach you guys crypto, because its not just making money for us its financial freedom for the entire world? Oh, i got a real good feeling Music.