Okay, high risk high reward. Now the reason im doing this is because some of you guys can use this and take some of the words im saying in process as motivation. You also can use this to kind of learn to distinguish the difference between a valid or a a actual high integrity person and a person thats, manipulating you, okay, so i want you guys to understand. Were in the digital age guys you watch youtube. You can find guys with big channels, whatever theyre telling you to invest in stocks. Theyre theyre telling you what to invest in everyones rinse and repeating the same information guys have a lot of followers and a lot of you are being convinced that people actually have money and what people dont understand is the people dont understand the hard work and the Structure that goes into actually generating wealth. Okay, i want you guys to understand that a lot of people with the most money dont have followings they just dont, typically because theyre too busy doing the work okay. So i want to im about to show you guys my account, so i want you guys to so. You guys can realize that most people dont show you their accounts right pay attention when youre actually watching things, people dont show you their accounts. Now. This is important. This is important because a lot of you get fm manipulated in real life too. You listen to people who claim to have had businesses before and have claimed to have all this stuff before.

But you never say: okay, pull up your accounts thats. What im on? If a person is telling me theyve done something, look you dont have to say anymore. Let me see your account right now and if they act weird theyre, not my type of person, because let me tell you ive been around people where i asked to see their accounts and theyre like heck, yeah ill show you my accounts, like the people. I know high integrity, who really have money, who really have who really work hard? Who really want you to succeed, will show you their effing accounts on their phone as a stranger theyre like okay, ill show. You seriously. I know that sounds weird yeah. I had a technical technical difficulty right there, but i know that might sound weird but thats the reality. So you guys need to actually uh exercise your emotional intelligence and actually learn to vet our people for validity, because a lot of you again manipulate it and if you, if you get if youre, manipulating and you res and you consume the wrong information, you will be Screwed over, so you need to make sure that the people you listen to have results. So let me just make sure i let you guys understand that ive got results and the things i tell you are for your best interest: okay, im, not really selling anything im. Just trying to help guys get guys and young ladies get to where i am because im going to the next level anyway, okay, im just leaving this in you know, on the internet for some for a great for a honest perspective to be in to be on The internet man so anyway with that said, let me uh kind of get my screen up here, so i have 281 000 on robin hood.

Okay, these are high risk investments, like i told you um. So if i go down here – and i show you got a little option – car right – there were working on, but, as you can see, we have a lot of cruise lines. Uh. We have a lot of uh like cruise lines. Airlines got some disney travel stock. You know that stuff got hit hard during the uh pandemic and stuff, like that, so thats, all we got on there got some neo, you know what im saying could go up, could go down right. A lot of barbados are getting crushed right now. Alibaba got some corsair got some uber got all these tesla right got all these future growth stocks and things that got screwed over okay, so thats 281 thousand dollars in stocks right there uh, and i want you guys to really follow me. Follow me on the mindset. Okay, ive got a lot of money in high risk stocks, but i want you to understand that i paid off all of my debt. Okay years ago i had 200 000 student loan debts me and my wife together paid all this all that off starting off now, a lot of you are going in this thing, trying to get rich off of stocks and crypto and stuff like that, havent even paid Off your debt, youre screwing, your family bro. Let me be honest: if you want to be smart, dont, just think about upside think about downside.

If everything fails, where are you if everything fails youre homeless youre, not protecting your family? All right, you got to protect your family me. I always protected my family im like you know what make sure i get rid of that so that i know that my credit is going to be good. Everything fails, ive got good credit. I can get good interest rates, something like that right. When it comes to these stocks. Everything fails. I have a million dollars in safe investments. Okay, super safe, boring, old, head, slow, growing, boring, boring, boring stocks right, but im showing you guys the high risk stuff right now: okay, so thats 281 000 in robin hood. You see the portfolio all right now. Let me jump over to coinbase now, if you look at coin base, ive got about about 220 000, also on robin hood, really thats, like 380 thousand dollars just plummeted so but thats where its at right now. So if you look here, 221 000, as you notice, uh um wait. Oh this looks pretty good. Let me see wait a minute man. I think i wait a minute nah. Okay, there it is lets see i got wrecked, so okay, yeah im still wrecked. So, as you can see, i was at 237 got wrecked a little bit because of the bad news in the industry, which is fine, so thats, another 220 000.. All this isnt pretty much in cardinal ethereum and bitcoin.

Okay high risk. But you know a lot of this stuff can go to zero, got like theres a possibility. I know everyone, no, i cant. No, it cant there. It really is a possibility of you losing a lot of money for a substantial amount of time, but, as i told you, i protect myself and im showing you guys these accounts, so you guys can know im valid thats, important bro, like im, not just im here. Jabber jabber jabber get married. If and do this pay off debt? You know what im saying ah heres a lambo im not doing that bro like im legit as f. You know what im saying like i put my money where my mouth is. I pay off my debt, i can show you the receipts. I invest the effort money i protect. My family ive got a million dollars in safe investments. Also, like you know what im saying and im going to the next level. This is this is low stuff, but i want you guys to understand how to think and pay attention like pay attention. Stop get out of your ego like get out of your ego and pay attention and unravel just listen to what im telling you when im doing these things and really pay attention, and i also want you to vet people out. Stop letting old heads come up to you. I random other efforts telling you all this stuff, theyve done with no freaking receipts, ive never been finessed ever not one time thats, because i make people prove themselves and i make them do that because i need to protect my family.

I dont really care its, not emotional to me at all man. You know what im saying im getting to the truth and with that said, thats the coinbase account man straightforward. All right lets keep going man, so i got fidelity now. This fidelity account lets check this out. 229. 000. Now the good thing about the cool thing about this app. As you can see it says bait at the top. Fidelity is a boring, freaking platform, so, in my fidelity account, this is where i have a million dollars in super safe investments also, but this is but ive got multiple accounts, and this is where i put my high investment. My high risk stocks before, like we, put donkey and tongue twister man, so we initially put all of our money in these super safe, uh investments and we on fidelity. We got comfortable with fidelity, so we went into high risk on fidelity, but we realized that fidelity wasnt really agile enough for what we wanted to do. So we got in the robin hood and we got into coinbase and to things that are a little more modern, but fidelity just updated to this beta ui and it looks a lot more modern, so thats pretty cool that they did that. But as you can see, weve got 230 000 here, so ive already went through two hundred and eighty thousand on robin hood, two roughly 20 000 on coinbase. That was really a higher okay, but right now its like 500 and some thousand plus this 229 000.

. So were talking about mid 700, thousands right now, wow, im im in a down slope right now: im really really wrecked right now, its about 700 and some thousand like 750, maybe just doing the math in my head, real quick! Now, if you look at what these stocks are cruise lines, you get apple, you got freaking boeing, you got freaking uh, you got some facebooks and microsoft, so you got some stuff in here that are like the big dog goliath type things, but still a relatively high Risk portfolio all right but thats it thats gon na, be my wait. A minute yeah yeah thats, going to be my account! There now were going to keep going here and im going to show you thats, like 7 mid 750s, and then weve got voyager here yeah. So now here ive got some more crypto. As you can see, i got like a some a little bit of ethereum some some some cardano here, some bittorrent token ive got some ethereum classic and, as you can see, im roughly at another 27, 000. Okay. So, as you guys can see, man thats the portfolio now thats mostly high risk stuff, okay um, but i want you guys to remember. I dont have any debt and i i think it. Let me be honest man. I i think the first thing you want to do is pay off debt. You know, i know that sounds boring, but when youre really thinking about abundance and stuff like that man, you really really might you might want to pay off your debt first? The worst thing you can ever do is get wrecked in the markets like lose your jobs or something like that and realize that youve got this heaping debt over your over your head.

Do whatever you want to man but thats, how i did it. You know what im saying a lot of people like to think about how rich theyll get and and how much theyll make and how far theyre go theyll go neglecting the bottom line, meaning if everything fails. Where do you end up and thats what i always thought about im like okay, if everything fails, i end up with a million plus and ive got houses. Oh yeah thats, not ive, also got real estate too got about. It was 500 000 in real estate. It its about 750, something like that, but long story short, because i end up with that and i have the freaking real estate, okay, um, which still makes me a millionaire like 1.2 kind of million dollar type dude. Okay, now the point of this isnt to effing brag: okay, it really it really isnt. The point of this is that you guys know im valid thats. The actual point is you guys to know that um that im a valid person and that i built all this myself me and my wife? We built this ourselves: okay and a lot of information im going to be giving you guys and ive already given. You is straightforward: im showing you guys how to win its difficult, meaning its going to be hard work, but its simple you dont have to do all these random programs. People are offering stuff like that. Thats really bs bro, you get im saying it really is and thats what i wanted to give you guys man and, as far as validity, im working on some more stuff thats going to take me to another level.

To me this is like baby stuff bro. This is im finally getting to where i can maximize on my full potential. So you know im gon na make good returns on some of this stuff, but really im going my next goal, like i told you guys is 10 million. I think you guys should be trying to get where i am most of you should be trying to get where i am uh leveraging some of the strategies that ive already talked about and that i talk about you dont have to but thats what i would be Doing and i i put this information out because i was looking for a person like me – just uh, you know just a normal dude, hard working smart, who was dedicated to doing anything necessary to put his family on another level and thats the kind of person. I was looking for so im out there for the ones looking for somebody like that guys, im going to leave it right, there im going to have a lot of heat coming man, giving you guys strategy, and i have to talk about things like marriage, guys very Important topic might seem like im freaking like why you keep talking about marriage, its a very important topic, really a lot of people, dont marry right and dont understand, marriage and thats, really one of the biggest pillars of as to why we have so much poverty or To why people are doing so bad, so im trying to solve that and get those videos out, but im going to be talking about more in that guys, lifestyle choices, how to actually human psychology.

Okay, ive already got a lot of videos like that, but a lot of you dont understand human psychology. You get them saying a lot of you dont understand why you know when you know cant process, why i dont have friends and stuff like that. But you know, if you really follow me, you will understand you know you have to as a person whos trying to be a me. I always wanted to be as great as i could be right. I wanted to push the envelope and to do that. You cant have any loose ends, thats. What i need you guys to understand. I miss people a lot when i talk about not having friends, because they say you can have friends and stuff, but a lot of times, friends incorporate loose ends that are okay. If youre not pushing the limits on your life but loose ends every little thing matters when youre trying to be as optimal as possible right its like a its like a uh. If you know about bicycles, you can have an aluminum bicycle right and its and it can be aerodynamic. But if you and the difference between an aluminum bicycle and a fiber bike is so little its neglectable people, people who arent competitors are like bro thats, like the aluminum bike is like 800 and the freaking fiber bike is like 25, 000 and theyre like. Why would i pay 25 000, like the difference, is so small, but the difference.

Those small differences are the difference between normal and exceptional. You know what im saying and exceptional people end up having to weed out every single bit of baggage every single bit right. So when i have problems with people, if you have problems with people, i have more videos on this right. If you have problems with people talk to them directly and once you realize that theyre not on the same page as you and going to the same places, they have different beliefs. Just just understand that and keep doing what youre doing but confront your problems directly. Dont sit and talk behind peoples back stuff like that. Just confront them confront the people directly get to the problem and then step away and do your thing all right, thats how you got ta approach it all right, but im gon na, be showing you guys a lot of that stuff man be have integrity, guys thats. What im trying to show you too right now i show you guys my accounts. I have integrity if you go back through all my videos, everything i tell you is valid. It works the data i show you is accurate. It works no manipulation, im, not selling a program. You dont have to use me for any of it and thats the point. Okay, and if you want to see anything else, im willing to show you, i could take you to a walk through of the houses. I dont have a reason to lie about anything: okay, so thats the thing guys im gon na keep it right there, man, i promise to keep the heat coming like the video.

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