But that does not mean that there are no more opportunities in the market, especially during this correction, because, according to a stock to flow model made famous by plan b, we still have long ways to go before the end of the bull market. Not only that, but we have also seen coins hitting all time highs like solana, so in this video i want to go over my top three all coins that you need to look out for right now that could be going parabolic within the next few weeks and Right before i go over my top three cryptocurrencies, i wanted to go over a quick, disclaimer and thats that no one has paid me to talk about any of these coins. Nor will i ever accept some sort of compensation to talk about any cryptocurrency. These are simply picked from doing my own research, and i hold some of these coins, and some of the coins that are going to be on the list are also on my watch list so comment down below which crypto you bought on the dip or, if theres, A coin that you would like me to discuss in the next video and please make sure to smash the like button and subscribe as a large portion of my viewers are not currently subscribed. So if you do end up enjoying this content make sure to subscribe its free, and you can always change your mind later so with that being said, lets get started so number one on the list is going to be lrond.

Now elronds price has been on a rise over the last week, indicating that theres still much room for growth. Now elrond is currently sitting at 204 dollars at the making of this video, and it has been up roughly 20 in the past 24 hours and its current coin market cap ranking its number 43.. Now lrand is a blockchain network using summer contracts and smart contracts are computer programs that are stored on the blockchain and as of now, ethereum is the most well known. Smart contracts enabled blockchain, but ethereum, on the other hand, for now has a lot of scalability issues. Since it can only execute approximately 15 to 45 transactions per second. Furthermore, ethereum transactions are costly, making ethereum smart contracts impractical, unless you have a lot of money, but lron uses a technique known as shorting to tackle the problem of scalability by dividing the blockchain into shorts. Shorting allows many transactions and, as a result, computer nodes only have to process a fraction of the blockchains data allowing several computers to execute transactions in parallel, and while the lron network provides a framework for smart contracts, decentralized applications and even whole blockchain protocols to be deployed. Its native eagle token serves as the networks unit of value. The eagle coin serves as a variety of purposes on lron its utilized for staking, as well as payments for transactions and smart contracts and its also part of the platforms governance system. The eagle currency, which serves as gas for the whole ecosystem, is also used by both platform users and developers to pay for the use of the lrung network and lrons mayor wallet, which allows users to send transactions to the lr network is compatible with the eagle coin.

In addition to staking mayor has borrowing lending sending and receiving functionalities, lron is also designed to handle non plungeable tokens or nfts, and ailerons network also includes smart accounts. Smart accounts behave similarly to regular blockchain accounts, but with the added benefit of key value, data storage. At the account level, they allow users to keep a vast amount of data in their lrang network account, including emails. Bitcoin addresses private ids, health data, proof of citizenship and much more, and you can currently buy eagles on binance and crypto.com. Next we have seoul now. I first talked about solana on this channel back in june when it was trading at 40. Since then seoul has more than tripled. So congratulations to all of those who bought seoul back then or even before then, but in my opinion, based on the stock to flow model that well be going over later. In this video we may have long ways to go for solana, but if youre new to crypto celina may have gone unnoticed. But dont worry because im here to fill you in on this fast growing project thats taking the industry by storm. Now, because bitcoin can only handle around seven transactions per second, almost any cryptocurrency is quicker. Now solena, on the other hand, is a lot faster. It has a processing rate of over 50 000 transactions per second making it far more scalable than bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies solana is also a smart contract based blockchain that can be programmed and like cordano.

It has a far lower environmental impact. Solanas ecosystem has over 300 projects, including decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, stable coins and wallet applications and celinas coin. Sole has gone up to the number six spot among the top 10 largest cryptocurrency by market cap fueling speculation that the blockchain may be a long term challenger to ethereum. Now, by looking at the charts, solhens cryptocurrency has more than quadrupled in value. In only a few weeks, with a market cap of over 50 billion dollars, optimism has developed as a result of selenas, quicker transaction speeds and cheaper transaction costs in the worlds of decentralized finance and digital collectibles, which are sectors where ethereum now reigns supreme. Selena also distinguishes itself from ethereums network by offering quicker transactions, reduced costs and flexible programming capabilities, but selecting already processed more than 50 000 transactions per second, which is more than ethereum and bitcoins combined. Yet at a fraction of the cost and on the celina, blockchain developers may also create and publish customizable applications in a variety of programming languages in seoul solanus native coin is used to pay for program execution and transaction transmissions. So then what makes soul so unique? Well, solana is built to scale projects that use the centralized blockchain based applications to replace the financial system. As we know, it will need faster transaction processing, speeds, ecosystem growth and low fees, and over the last few months, celina has made significant advances. This was owning in part to a revived interest in nfts, with many of them currently being constructed on solana network.

Another advantage is that you should be able to stake your soul to earn interest if you want to buy and just hold long term, which is highly recommended, but remember that its not financial advice now staking is important for the networks, validity and security and token holders Can receive incentives by staking their currencies for a defined period of time and solana is available on several major exchanges, such as coinbase and binance, and before going over number three on the list, we need to go over the stock to flow model made famous by plan B because, in my opinion, the stock to flow model is one of the best ways to predict crypto prices since inception and bitcoins price is a great indicator when were trying to predict the rest of the market prices as when bitcoin skyrockets the whole crypto market. Skyrockets and when bitcoin crashes to the ground, the whole crypto market crashes to the ground with it, and this is for now how the cryptocurrency market is able to be somewhat more predictable in the long term scenario. So what can we predict from the stock to flow model? Well, in 2021, weve seen this big run. Weve all gone through this most recent crash of 60 and the stock to flow model is saying that bitcoin was going to be around 100 000 by the end of 2021, possibly going into 2022.. So this shows that we are going to see another big bull run.

Coming in fact, we had a small correction during the bull market and we actually need those drops in order for the market to go even higher, so based on todays price bitcoin will be doing a 2x or 3x from now. So if we can expect bitcoin to 2x or 3x in this current bull market, then we can also expect all other all coins to either 3x or 5x from here. Of course, thats been very conservative because i would rather be conservative than to just throw some random price predictions out there. So with that being said, for number three on the list were going to have the one and only cardano. Now, cordanos price has already risen by more than 100 in august, but september will be a crucial month for cordanos ada, because we have to remember that cordano aims to utilize blockchain to address real world problems and cordano will finally unleash its smart contract capabilities and cordano Will also conduct a series of virtual and live events during the cordano summit towards the end of the month, but now we saw cordanos price drop substantially when reports started circulating on social media that the smart contracts could only handle one transaction. At a time, the network ran into some issues. However, developers quickly clarified the situation, demonstrating that the issue was not with the network, but rather with the application. So cordano is attempting to enter the fast expanding field of decentralized finance and networks, with d5 capabilities will enable applications that allow users to stay crypto for returns, take out loans, acquire nfts and a variety of other things and gardena will compete with other successful networks.

In the area in the ultimate deployment, itll be competing against well known, smart contract platforms like ethereum, as well as a newcomer, called solana, which i went over earlier in this video now. The allowance of hard fork will provide the centralized financing in the centralized exchanges to the ecosystem, as well as new features like the ability to meet nfts on the cordano network, extending the networks, spectrum of use cases effectively in the long run. In my opinion, cordano remains one of the most stable and intriguing crypto projects. Its research based approach may be slow, but it should yield a stable and long term platform. It has already completed a number of projects in africa, but in my opinion again, if you can follow the stock to flow model, we can see a five dollar adap at the end of the pool cycle and yes thats, my conservative price prediction for aida on the More polish side, i would say we could see an eight dollar cordano, but i want to know your thoughts in the comments down below what was your favorite coin on this list, and is there a coin that you bought on the dip or would like me to Go over on the next video now you can currently buy cordano on all the major crypto city exchanges, including coinbase, binance and kraken. So those are my top three altcoins that you need to be on the lookout for and if you made it to the end of the video, then dont forget to only invest money that you can afford to lose and to always do your own research before investing Into cryptocurrency use this video as another way to add on to your research tools, and with that in mind, thank you all.

So much for watching do not forget to smash the like button and subscribe for more videos and dont forget to grab your free stocks and free cryptocurrency using my links down below again.