We supported them forever, but its time to face the facts. Charles has been selling a snake oil after six years of so called r d. A pseudo scientific peer review approach card auto has some serious cryptocurrency issues and it cant even handle a simple dex time to sell your bags. Absolutely not dont fall for the fight people because far from being a dodo, cardanos a go go and its gearing up to fly. Smart contracts are only a few days away. The update proposal has been submitted, ready for alonzo is trending among nerds, and the hartfork combinator event is locked in for september 12th as the end of a long and winding chapter in the beginning of an exciting new era were one of the most promising blockchains around Lets get it welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs. My name is ben every day on this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto if you like money in crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video, we take a look at whats happening with cardano after reaching new. All time highs above three dollars. Just a week ago, conor artists had to pull back along with the rest of the market, and the fud coming in from twitter was the sneaky first jab. Then the latest bitcoin correction manipulation was the right hook, combo that rocked the price down back below two dollars.

The time of this recording it is sitting around two dollars and forty cents as to where it will be by the time this video comes out. Well, crypto moves pretty fast and a lot can change in the blink of an eye, as with most of the alts not being pumped by the forces of the financial cartel. Well have to see what the imf does. First, so whats been going on. Well lets clear up some of this fun. The drama unfolded on twitter when multiple decks men swap literally the first app on the mainnet when live on september 3rd, exciting times for about 90 minutes. Because then came the follow up. Tweet turns out due to the massive influx of users, people are seeing the message. Utxos are being used, this block and being asked to try again why well it turns out. There was a concurrency issue, think of it as two people using the same atm. At the same time, it just doesnt work and sure is the sun will rise. The ethe maxis on twitter were pretty quick to celebrate this so called glitch in the system, but this wasnt a flaw in cardanos code. Far from it, in fact, its just a reality of these baby projects encountering some teething issues. Im talking about men swap here, not cardano. In simple terms, they dont have a concurrency issue, its just a new way of doing things with an eu txo protocol. The devs need to adapt to something an unusually well groomed charles, went into detail on during a live stream to the community, but even that wasnt good enough for the haters, like this guy, who gave his two cents on what charles should have said, the response was, As straight up as youd expect from a man once scheduled for an all crypto mma brawl were not responsible for men swap and theres nothing to fix.

There is no problem. You guys arent getting it as well as you dont accept blame when people are outright lying about the facts. Everything that has been claimed like one transaction per block, is a straight up lie. You tell them charles put on your garden shirt anyway. This was in response to misinformation. Going around that a the concurrency question was cardanos fatal flaw and b. They could only handle one transaction per block, which is clearly not the case iohk to use the bud with a 25 part. Tweet touched on the overall ledger approach. The benefits of their utxo system, as well as some of the upcoming developments in the weeks and months ahead. Look the concurrency question is no news to any of the nerds building on cardano, just ask sunday swap ergo or ocomfy or any of the other teams. Whove got it done sunday swap were talking about it back at white paper stage went on to develop a scaling solution of their own. They even just dropped an article called concurrency state and cardano in response to the straight up lives going around online or you can check out. Bluetooth. Og occupies articles from way back when which includes a cool analogy about a coca cola, vending machine to explain the issues at hand. Maladex put it well. Cardano actually have concurrency its for us to design protocols that use it in short, to design a concurrent system. Thats. All there is no issue.

Projects need a game plan, its a technical challenge. They need to rise to if theyre going to shine its just completely opposite to ethereum with cardo. You can have as minimal of a state as you want, plus youve got finality, but great power comes great responsibility. Clearly, theyve been listening to uncle ben now, you should all listen to him when he tells you that you can sync your ada right here in the pit pool the very best taking pool in all the interwebs click the link in the description below on how you Can join the bit squad and earn those sweet rewards, but back to the fake fud, the f fud and look the long and short of it is this anyone expecting cardano to fail or not work properly has a pretty good chance of losing. That bet by no means 100 percent but theyre, taking a substantial risk with increasingly worse odds as the hard fork approaches. Either they dont understand the tech or they stand to lose out from its success. Bittorrent founder and chia ceo recently likened cardanos approach to academic peacocking. As if a strategy based on serious research was some kind of bad thing, you all know i love ethereum, but man theyve definitely had their issues in sunday swap road. Just a few days ago, its an unhealthy aspect of our industry that many people, often with prominent voices, are maximalists on one technology. It gets so toxic out there that commitment to only one project comes at the expense of all others, making it impossible to back down and still save face thats.

Why theyll cling on to the tiniest thing and blow it way out of proportion, which is exactly what weve seen this week a whole lot of hot air coming from the anti ada brigade anyway, i mentioned ergo had no such problems and all signs point to them. Being a major major player in cardanos defy ecosystem after all, theyve been aligned with iohk pretty much since inception, due to their overlapping communities, shared values and, of course, extended utxo protocol, while any nerds watching might be interested in the second ergo hackathon. That was just announced for october a chance for you to meet like minded people swap funny basement stories and play magic, the gathering until as late as 10 p.m. When your mom says you have to come home and if that wasnt exciting enough, you can also submit project proposals and workshop new tools and apps for the ergo ecosystem. The last hackathon in june saw proposals ranging from data notarization tools and nippo pals. I think thats, how you say it a non custodial pseudo etf platform, as well as a blockchain based raffle, where a portion of the funds go straight to charity, plus many more ergos tech is so good. Even charles called it a marvel and the spiritual successor to bitcoin, so if youve got the chops and want to change the world for the better, this event should 100 be on your radar. Their philosophy is everything thats, so great about blockchain and crypto.

A desire to create a monetary system that empowers the average person, especially those who are at a financial disadvantage in our societies, ending the cycle of economic abuse thats at the very heart of the fiat system. Plus you stand a chance to win crypto prizes, get a job interview and a super fast growing ecosystem and generally upgrade your skills and acquire new knowledge. Its a win all around applications close on september 15th, so go get em bid squad. As for those of you who dont even know what code is but still claim to be here for the tech lets, talk price action and look its hard to call anything while bitcoin is calling the shots right now were probably going to have to let things cool Off before making any plays but ill say, this ada has come of a massive rally to all time highs. The september 12th date will have been priced in so even if bitcoin was sitting above 52 000 right now. I wouldnt necessarily expect a crazy pump for ada in the next week as much as i would expect to sell the news kind of dumb. My guess is well stay in a range for a while and see things begin to pick up as the ecosystem takes off, which should happen pretty quickly, given the number of dapps, d5 exchanges and nfts theyll be ready at launch once these start getting established on cardano. We can probably expect the huge impulse move to the upside.

They say patience is a virtue. Anyone huddling ada for a while already proved they got it in spades. Thats.