We can see here today marks the date of marty, mommys, first recording exchange bitcoin to fiat money, proving that bitcoin can be worth real money. That transaction will be worth over 200 million dollars today. So what was your first cryptocurrency investment and what year was it when you first invested in cryptocurrency, so my first cryptocurrency investment was litecoin back in 2016.. Let me know what your first cryptocurrency investment is put that down in the comments section below and today were going to be talking about. Cartesi cartesia is currently ranked number 180 on coin mark cap, so it has been falling down the ranks a little bit. It was up to about 130 now its back down to 180. The price is around 64 cents. The mark cap is around 261 million. The volume in the past 24 hours is 33 million, and the circulating supply of cartesi is 408 million ctsi tokens. If we check out the chart, we know cartesi peaked up here earlier this year at about 1.71 cents, and we were at about 87 cents before we dropped off here a little bit currently sitting at about 64 cents. The cryptocurrency market has seen a little dip in cartesi, has dipped with that and im expecting some bigger price gains and some bigger price momentum from cartesi in the next couple of months and ill. Let you know what i think about my price prediction at the end of the video so make sure to stay tuned for that to interrupt your video guys, but the bitcoin bros need to take a quick minute to share a little secret with you.

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They retweeted this and you can actually click on this link here and you can create your own ctsi donation link, so thats pretty cool. If you guys want to do that check that out and then this is a fun fact of the day. This is from eric dimora. This is actually the founder of cartesi. He says, only 0.1 of developers in the world are coding. Smart contracts right now and cartesia is working to change that this just shows how early we are in the cryptocurrency space. Most developers are not working in cryptocurrency and most developers dont even know what programming languages, what tech stacks some of these different cryptocurrency, d5 bitcoin projects use so take that forward, it is cartesi, is built on top of linux. You can use your mainstream programming stacks like python, like sql linux based systems guys, so it makes it a lot easier for your average developer to just come over to car testing and start to code some of these decentralized applications. I think this has a big potential. I think it has a very unique use case, a very niche utility. I think, as more and more people continue to come into the space. More and more new developers will potentially pick cartesi because theyre already familiar with some of the tech stacks that are on ctsi. We have see here, rich tooling, convenience for developers and great user experience are fundamental for cartessi to become widely adopted and yeah.

I think this could potentially be widely adopted because of the convenience for the developers not having to learn a whole new program which just being comfortable and being able to work with something that you are familiar with and cartesia solves that problem in the d5 space and Whether developers pick it up or not, that is yet to be seen, but i think this definitely has a lot of potential to see some developer activity on it, and then we can see here. The cartesian robes use interactive speed resolutions by using this method, the amount of computation that can be done off chain is immense and is not limited by the blockchains gas limit. Computations are virtually unlimited, allowing us to run linux and complex software, so that is pretty cool. This is like one of the best parts of cartesi and i really think that if, if new developers start to pick cartesi over, you know some of these other d5 protocols, ethereum cardano solana, you know binance uh, et cetera, can go on and on forever theres. So many of them, but if developers start to choose car tested because they are familiar with the tech stacks that are already you know, linux based this could push a lot of innovation and a lot of new dabs being built on top of cartesi, and it will Reflect in the price – and i think there will be some speculation around the cartesi project later this year – thats – why i think the price will rise so with that lets, go ahead and jump into my price prediction in the past 24 hours.

Cartesia is down about six percent in the past week. We are down 21 in the past month were down 23 and in the past year were up about a thousand percent on coinbase. We peaked up at about 175, so similar to coin market cap. We dipped all the way down to as low as about 30 cents there back in july, and we did have a little run up here for cartesi up to from about 50 cents to 84 cents, and we did have a dip in the cryptocurrency market. Which is why we came back down a little bit, but it in the short term guys, i think the crypto market will rebound. I think you know the next month or two we will see the crypto market rebound. I think cartes will go to prices above one dollar again. I think well start to see cartesia get above one dollar and start to consolidate there for a little bit, and you know this is one of the cryptocurrencies that does not have a huge market cap and i think that current cartesi can go anywhere from about six To eight dollars during the second half of the year, i think theres going to be a lot, a lot of speculation, a lot of fumble in the second half of the year. I think cartesi will be one of the cryptocurrencies that people speculate on. For one reason it looks very cheap and it is very cheap guys theres only about 257 million dollars in the market cap, so i think cartesi has some big potential.

Six to eight dollars is my price prediction. Let me know what yours is and to get to six to eight dollars. It really doesnt have to be too big of a market cap around two point around a three billion dollar mark cap would put it there, and you know, let me know what you guys think about cartesi. What is your price prediction for this cryptocurrency? Put your thoughts in the comments section below. Do you think cartesi can get above five dollars? Let me know what you guys think. Do you think there is you know utility. In this token, i want to know what you guys think as well. So put your opinions in the comment section below and thank you for watching all the way to the end of the video. My name is aaron from the bitcoin bros.