It is my pleasure, as always to bring you the latest and greatest in crypto news to help you make the best decisions that you can with your investments. There are profits to make in these markets and with the miles i got to feed and the wife that ive got to support, there is no time to sleep on that. Should you be investing in crypto with the crash thats coming lets talk about that today again, jr, your favorite crypto dad lets run into the news whats going on bull runners jr here with run were gon na kick this video off with a quick giveaway were Giving away a hundred dollars all youve got to do is go give this video a hulk smash right to the like button subscribe and comment below every comment you leave enters you to win, then, head on over to run subscribe to our video newsletter right now. Thats, where were going to announce the winners every single week with that being said, lets make some money heres. Why billionaire john paulsons worthless call might be right? Is it a crash thats going to take this thing out forever? I dont know i dont think so. Lets see he uh it feels as though cryptocurrency has been deemed a worthless fad. Since bitcoin first emerged around 2009 paulson, eventually going on to it, says that it will eventually prove to be worthless. The volatility uh. You know we see the the price dropping 17 on tuesday right the same day that el salvador accepts it as legal tender.

So obviously a little bit more fear around that right. Are you gon na pull everything out and go back to nasdaq or whatever uh other other pics youve got heres? What im here to do today, i im im gon na talk to you about the the market cycle. Im gon na talk a little bit about uh, making good decisions when things are going down, markets move in two directions: right did you see aj this morning, whether youre, a trader or just somebody who invests to hold markets go in two directions? The difference is that, if youre a trader, you can make money in both directions, if youre just holding your investments, youre going to make money and its going up but again, youre, not making anything unless you cash out so simmer down, simmer down, learn, learn how the Markets move and make them work for you right so moving on over here. I just thought that would be fun to point this out: 1995 internet predictions that were fantastically incorrect. Im uneasy about this, mostly trendy and oversold commodity. The true the truth in in no online uh is in no online database will ever replace your daily newspaper and were promised instant catalog shopping, just point and click. They were all wrong: werent. They uh no im im talking to you through the internet right now on a multi billion dollar platform and uh. Those who miss the boat are still sitting back, saying the thing, the same thing: heaven and hand somebody moved their cheese right so market cycle.

How does it work? Okay, weve got the different stages of the market cycle, got your hope and disbelief this isnt going to work this isnt going to do anything right. Oh things start coming up a little bit. We got some optimism, belief, thrill euphoria. I think a few of us have been uh. I think a few of us have been here before i dont know. What do you think um and then we drop that hurt a little bit look. Well, maybe maybe i want to contemplate it right im going to contemplate, should i get back into it? Should i not get back into it and then im going to start slowly getting back into it, and then it starts dropping again? No, no! No, it did this before it did it before. Well, be fine anxiety, uh, oh denial, no, no, theres! No way! I just lost all that and then panic sets in honey. I lost our life. Savings. Come on the market. Moves in two directions learn to make your moves in here. Like the reason i want to show you. This is because then, you get to the bottom, get through the anger right, get down right here into depression, get into this stage right here and we we know that weve seen some. We see some specific cryptocurrencies that are here right now and then you hear your friends and you hear your investment buddies, and you hear your your friends that never even worried about any of this telling you get in now is the time to get in so again.

For educational, informational and edu and entertainment purposes only if i see this im jumping in because i know where were going next were going to start this whole cycle back over again, and you know how i can prove that to you. Look at that right there. That is bitcoin and thats bitcoin, and this is bitcoin and were gon na. Do it again were gon na drop um? I cant tell you exactly when, but i know its gon na happen. Looking at the charts and looking at like ajs technical analysis, you know were looking within the next month or two for sure and well find our bottom. If youre, an investor thats where youre buying right now is the time to just hold tight, if youve got some other investments going, take profits thats. What im going to talk about, but some some some solidifying facts to go along with all of this uncertainty. Should i get in, should i not get in um 115 growth year over year? Is the number of people getting into cryptocurrency in the last nine years, uh 213 returns year over year. Yes, there are drops 70 drops in the middle of a year. Crypto is not something thats made up of nothing its not made up of thin air, its, not something thats going to fizzle out thats what they said about the internet and software stocks. Its like the same thing, we any of us that are already in crypto, understand this youre investing in platforms.

There are some people that are just gambling and thats fine thats their prerogative. They can do what they want, but i think you see a lot of the pushback from the institutional side of things because of the retirement crisis. Quite honestly, it looks like were were facing that right. You have a lot of these younger people, millennials that are coming up on on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. If you want to call it that, and the institutions are pushing back as hard as they can, because you have you have what was it said – youve got boomers, have the highest price on on equities bonds, credit and and property, and just commodities as a whole right, Whereas their parents, when they were 32 33 years old, had the cheapest equities, the cheapest bonds, the cheapest credit and the cheapest properties, and they maxed themselves out on their debt. They they took it to whole new levels and now, if their system collapses, theres nothing to back up their retirement and they cant afford to retire, and i i have parents who have struggled through the retirement seasons from 2008 on um. You know im not happy about it, but i just try to give them the best advice that i can move. Some investments over to crypto see your 213 gains year over year. Where else are you going to see that and thats? Just if you sit tight and dont touch anything right, you got like 9 million percent increase from the beginning of bitcoin.

Something crazy like that right, so i say again for educational and informational purposes: only dont miss the boat get into it. We are a community that is growing with our telegram group down below where we talk about our favorite alt coins, things that can kind of sustain and satiate your appetite for investments when the markets in a downturn, we are a community of of helping each other out And helping each other grow each others wealth backing up the truck loading, the bags packing them and stacking them, because were a community of the rising tide that floats all boats and thats. What i think a lot of people in the uh in the different generations – just dont quite get its the me. The me me me generation is not necessarily here to stay and uh a lot more community. You see that in the cryptocurrency space so ill get into some exciting things about shiba inu, just for a very brief moment at the end of this, but i say: dont miss it. If youre looking for things to sustain you in the downturn, uh eight pay weve talked about recently, thats still green in case. Anyone is wondering crypto task c task is another fantastic opportunity to get into, and that is very green um and, and today our newest one that were talking about is bit pay cat, big cash, pay im. Sorry bit big cash pay im looking for my refresh here, because i want to see what this is doing now in the middle of the afternoon, but um these are just these are our low cap, all picks that we enjoy uh.

Talking about you know, dont do anything with them, just put them in your watch list. I wouldnt invest in them unless you know, unless youre really reaching for something but um, but theyre green theyre, all green theyre doing really well right and and again we go and we look at these charts and oh look at that. Thats shiba inu, and i think i think i think we found the bottom or really close to it, really close to finding the bottom im. Gon na say, im gon na go ahead and just say this unequivocally without a doubt, without a shred of doubt that, regardless of what bitcoin does if it come when it comes back up after this next little dip, things will obviously all move in the right direction. But uh sheba has really separated himself as far as movement is concerned, and i talked about that in another video where we talk about the staking you know pools and how that seems to level off a little bit of the volatility. But she was gon na jump and im gon na say that uh by the end of this year, early january, we could be seeing a whole new bag of investment here. So follow your cycle. Look at it memorize. This understand how this works understand that the market moves in two different directions and that you can make money in this. If youre trading, youre youre, you know youre placing sell orders, you can make a lot of profit in in the in this in this area when youre down.

Here, though, it is time to load up those bags and pack them and stack them again. If you guys got value from this video, please subscribe comment down below 777. If youre feeling bullish feeling blessed jump in our telegram group, you can find out about these alt picks that were talking about long before we release a video on them and thats always exciting to just to be able to sit there in your watch list and keep An eye on them, but again, head on over to, give us your best email, wed love to get in contact with you invite you over to our community, where we are the rising tide that floats all boats. My friends lets go grab that wealth.