This is part two of our top gaming crypto ideos for the month of september 2021.. If you watched our part, 1 video youll know that defy warrior one of the top games that we featured completed its ieo on the 7th of september and a big congratulations goes out to those who participated in the defy warrior ieo since, at the time of this, Recording fiwa thats fiwa, the d5 warrior token is up 851 percent guys if you dont, want to miss out on these massive gains, and these major investment opportunities then stick around because were highlighting four other top crypto projects games in the crypto space that were excited about For the month of september 2021, so stick around Music, hey guys. I am maddie and we are all coin buzz. Crypto research, investing company our goal, as always, is to find the next crypto gem and perhaps more importantly, to get in early. We spotted quant when it was just eight dollars, binance coin at seven dollars, engine at four cents, matic at three cents and many many others as well, and if you dont want to miss out on the next alt coin. Gem, then be sure to like this. Video subscribe to altcoinbuzz also hit the bell to receive notifications. That way, you are notified. Every time we publish a new video and if you want to go to the next level and gain access to our insider secrets, youll want to consider our paid membership, its called altcoin buzz access.

We have a pro plan that is launching soon it is nearly finished. Its development – you can add your name to the waitlist by using the link in the description below. I always leave it there for your convenience and once the initiative is fully complete and were ready to roll out with that, pro plan were going to be contacting all those members of the alt point buzz army that have left their name on the waiting list. All right so heres what youve been waiting for part two of our september short list of top gaming crypto projects, as always guys. None of this is financial advice. We are simply sharing our own enthusiasm and sharing those projects which we ourselves are investing in, but this is not financial or investment advice with that said, lets get into it. The first project were considering is monsters clan, its the first ever third person nft game based on blockchain and monsters. Clan allows players to trade, train and fight their monsters in different battles to grow and earn. We like this particular project because its going to be available for pc for windows for mac, os, ios and android, and weve mentioned this before the availability across multiple platforms is always a good omen for the success of any given project. Unlike many play to earn nft games monsters, clan gives players the freedom to fight or trade, their own monsters, as per their own particular game strategy. Its impressive to see that monsters clan is backed by some very prestigious funders like chain link ex network capital.

Dutch crypto investors and several others as well from the security standpoint monsters. Clan smart contracts have already passed through the technical audits of two of the most important smart contract security, audit companies, rd auditors and hacken. A couple of names that you guys are likely familiar with the alpha release date will be december. 15, 2021 that day youll be able to play the game thats when its coming out december 15th monster clan also has a bep 20 token. Its m o n s mons and its going to be listed on pancake, swap on september 15th, which is coming up very quickly, but before that the token generation event will be held on three launch pads, cetify pro starter and red kite. The cedafy igo event for monsters clan starts on september 13th, a couple of days away from the time that this video is being published. If you wish to participate in that igo, you need to complete the kyc, know your customer process on cdify and then once your kyc is verified, youre going to need to lock a minimum of 250 fund thats fund in order to receive an igo lottery ticket. But if you wish to go for a guaranteed allocation, you need to lock in 1 000 to 100 000 fund tokens. But meanwhile, you also stand a chance to win nfts worth up to 10 000 and watch out for the participation link were gon na drop that in the description below.

So you can check that out if youre interested at number two on our list, we have minds of delania, so minds of delania, otherwise, known as mod is a free to play game of action and adventure. Where players can mine and mix various in game items, users can also upgrade their skills and equipment to reveal the mysteries of the mod world, while fighting monsters and hunting for rare relics and treasures a lot of cool collectibles in this game. So what got us interested in this particular game is the fact that the test net is live, which means you can enjoy the game play right now to incentivize the early players. Mod has announced daily login rewards, where players can now receive two delania tokens on each day that they log in another cool feature that gets us excited about. The game is its decentralized governance effectively. Minds of delania is a game that the players and token holders control, and by establishing decentralized policies, token holders can collectively decide on game mechanisms and even rules. You can play minds of delania only in a computers, internet browser, so think of safari chrome, maybe something else if you prefer this game. Doesnt support controllers, unfortunately, and you need a stable internet connection to play it as well. Currently, the game is in its beta version and that started on the 20th of august and you can play until the 20th of september check out the roadmap here according to which mod will start its in game marketplace and nft sales somewhere in q3.

But most importantly, the main net build release will happen in q4 of 2021 as per this announcement back on the 5th of september. So how do you get involved? Well, minds of delaria is a platform mining browser game and you can find it on the minds of delano website or in the menu of your chromia vault. The chromia vault is mods wallet software, where you keep your keys, your chromia assets and you manage your tokens. So this is the first step to start playing the game. As of this recording, we have no details pertaining to igos or idos, but mod has recently conducted a massive air drop on coin market cap at number three on our list. We have ryze online world. This is a free to play game which is built by rockosoft its one of the very few games that is built on the avalanche blockchain and has our interest for that reason, so ryze online worlds, alpha version was launched in april of 2021 and you can download And enjoy the gameplay right now, alpha 2.0 has been played now by over 100 000 users. So why do we like the project? Well, the game is going to use rocco thats r, o c o the rockosoft native token, as the primary payment facilitator and rocco is going to be integrated into the game economy of all row. Also, the ryze online world of rockosoft was born as a free to play downloadable video game and will continue to have this feature and dna, despite the integration of rocco token.

So this game is expected to be officially published in the third quarter of 2021 at the latest, which is kind of where we find ourselves now so expect. Some kind of an announcement imminently and row will be conducting its ido on avalanche. The ido launch pad on avalanche blockchain, first youll need to register and pass the kyc process on avalanche by staking x a v, a avalanches token. You can earn an allocation in the ido. In case you dont want to participate in any idos. You can get rewards by xav a staking in four ways: number one allocation in idos, which, as i just mentioned, is optional number; two ecosystem rewards at number, three deposit fees and finally, at number four allocation fees. Next up and at number four on our list of september blockchain games that you ought to have your eye on. We have one rare. This is an nft game on polygons blockchain. You can make unique dishes in this game that are basically stackable nfts, which you can then trade inside an exchange supported by the polygon blockchain. And what caught our attention about this nft video game is the fact that each dish has its own unique recipe and players must race to collect ingredients to acquire unique, nft dishes? So you can imagine just how many combinations of dishes you could generate with a long list of ingredients and imagine, for example, if your dish goes viral, the price is commensurately going to go fairly high along with that virality as well.

So the possibilities here are quite interesting: gamers can also compete in recipe, gathering contests play thrilling minigames and they can even win fantastic prizes. Once the game is launched and as a player, you can also participate in recipe gathering challenges. There are many games. There are great prizes to be won once the game is finally launched, theres also a great giveaway element that were excited about as well. So right now there is no ido announced, but there is a giveaway one. Rare is giving away 500 000 aura tokens, thats ora tokens to 2 000 members for free, so go to the official one rare website, thats and at the top youll see this button claim tokens click on that and it will take you to the token Claim page, there are five ways to enter the free airdrop. You can pause the screen and take a look at them right now. As you can see, there have been over 478 000 total entries right now. You have four days that are left in this particular giveaway. So there you have, it guys, part two of our list of top gaming projects and idos that should be on your radar for september of 2021. Hey give us a thumbs up if you watched the video up until now. Let us know in the comments below what has been your favorite projects among those that we discussed in this second part of the video go back to part one as well, if you havent already, because we featured three great projects in that publication as well.