I was approached by the devs about this game, a little while back and actually over the last couple of weeks, ive been digging into it further and its got some really really interesting mechanics. So when you first get onto the page, it says utility paste, nft, rpg, game 7 500 base characters, you must raid weekly dungeons for gear and loot, but be careful death is permanent. Now these are dealing with nfts that are worth a good little bit of money. Right now, if we go to the market, youll see that on open c, the floor price is .09 ethereum. In fact, if you go to buy now, the first living character is actually 0.105 ethereum, and these are the human characters which are the most common. But if we scroll down to a bit youll be able to start seeing some rare ones after a little while and theres a dead character, thats mentioned there uh. I happen to have a couple of orcs, one that i recently minted, and one well recruited, i think, is the name of it, and also one that was loaned to me as well as a human character from it ill show you how this goes so first thing. Well, do is click play and its going to take us to the next step on the website, where you kind of have to connect your wallet here. So all this is on the polygon network. So, even though we were just looking at ethereum prices, its actually ethereum on polygon to kind of save on transaction fees, i happen to be on binance, smart chain network right now, so im going to swap to matic and then, when i go to nomatic network youll, See that my characters come up now, this is my new recruit.

This happened from using one of the tokens that the ecosystem uses, which is called aurum. The other token is called raider, which is the governance token, but well get into that a little bit later. All you need to know for this is i ended up using ten thousand aurum during a recruiting period on this orc in order to recruit another character, and it was a random chance of what i got based on its rarity well get into those details. In a little bit, first lets run submissions were gon na hit one of these missions. Now these are weekly raids that you can do and the first one is called memento mori. If you read it, it says youre way in a dark, damp, dungeon, deep beneath the wilderness, faraway city gates, you dont quite remember who you are or how you got here it doesnt matter. You need to find warmth and shelter and perhaps some allies so were going to click raid here and its going to give us a chance to start and its going to bring us to the next screen and is about to go down. So when you start the dungeon off, this is exactly what it looks like ow, my head, everything hurts. Where am i you? Can click the x here and youll see that hes going to a little staircase hes trying to find the end point and it says im cold? I need to find shelter, maybe some clothes.

How did i get here? So you end up going from room to room until you encounter whatever the final objective is and for memento mori. It is a chest, so weve gone through three floors so far, and this is kind of like the rng happening based on what possible encounters. There could be later on the dungeons right now: theres, no dungeons that can actually kill you, but later on, death is going to happen and its all going to be based on the things that you can encounter in one of these type of dungeons, so ive gone Through quite a few floors here – and i dont know if you can see based on the darkness, but it looks like – were approaching a room with a treasure chest now all this time things could have happened if there was any kind of enemy encounters, but its as A chest, let me just one second: almost got it unlocked and it says: dungeon cleared, you found the green hunters garb. You could earned 200 xp and zero gold. You may now close this window, so pretty simple right, so theres also another dungeon thats called glimmer of hope. How long have you been traversing this endless labyrinth days weeks months? The flows, time flows differently here, but the air feels warmer and your hope is renewed. You need to find a weapon as enemies will surely block your way. So this is the second dungeon where you can actually get weapons, and these dont have any enemies yet either the next one is called hoggers revenge thats coming soon, and you better believe this ones going to have uh monster.

So you can always back out if you dont want to, and if you go to the equipment, ill move my camera to the other side, so you guys can see so im just going to go ahead and refresh so it actually changes. The missions left count that i have here and the amount of experience that i have versus the other ones, and you can just go right here to the inventory tab where youll see their inventory. Now i have a few things that ive already picked up, and this is the green hunters garb plus three strength plus one to intelligence. I can go ahead and update it and put it on and now it reflects in my character and it gives some stat boo bonuses. You can also change the stats as you get points if we go back to the main site and scroll down a little bit. It shows some characters and items, and it gives some examples of some pretty cool, looking characters here, as well as some items now as you explore and qu and quest youll find plenty of treasures and fantastic items, its rumored that a rare golden amulet can even bring Its bearer back from the dead, so some of these missions youll actually be able to get the golden amulet and resurrect a character from open c. If we go back to open c and go to the crypto raiders characters, youll notice like at the very very start.

This is a dead character, its also much cheaper than one of the live characters. So if you have a golden amulet already and you think that this character is good, you can even go in and look at its stats and its properties. This was an old man. Number mint number 31, which is a common and his stats, are zero of 20 raids complete. So this was a dead crypto raider as an example or whatever, but youll see here how that works, and if there was a really really good character that was killed, that somebody wanted to get rid of because they didnt have a golden amulet. And you do you could pick one up and maybe scoop up a really, really good character. So if we go down to the road map, youll see that the first and second phase has already been completed were actually in the third, which is kind of like loot, hunting thats. What were doing now and group raids are coming as well as some other minigames that tyrio talked about when we spoke in discord and ive got some cool teasers for you as well. So theres going to be a little bit of a fight right here that you can see right its a little bit small lets see if i can make it larger for you guys there you go. So this is what the fight is going to look like when you run into minions in those randomized dungeons heres, the drunken fairy, which looks like a little shop, slash tavern, maybe that you can get potions from theres the fishing mini game that i talk to you Guys about, as well as some more items that youll see for gear and some of the fish, and that what a party looks like in front of that when there goes to multiplayer and being able to team up with your friends and stuff.

So it looks like a really really cool development cycle, so theres, a lot of other info that was shared with me, so were going to do another raid here for our new character, and i kind of want to give you some ideas of what tyrio shared with Me about some of the development process, so theres going to be an in game. Marketplace thats, going to be available each piece of gear that a character loots in a dungeon will be their own nft, tradable on the marketplace for the aurum tokens. This will be a world of warcraft style, auction house and theyre looking to have it completed within four to six weeks from the date of this recording, theyre gon na be doing a crafting system where youll be able to break down gear that you find, like those Clubs and stuff that i had in my inventory and sell the raw materials or craft new items, theres also the fish and mini game that we mentioned briefly. People are gon na, be able to purchase limited amount of initial rods or craft their own rod and go fishing, and they expect to launch that in about four to six weeks as well. Theres even going to be many games like jousting and taverns and as far as the aurum token is concerned, youll be able to buy that on quick swap as well as the raider token. Now the raider token is actually the governance. Token theyve, given players, the ability to stake, raider tokens for periods of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months for reward of aurum 50 of all arms spent on transactions in the game is distributed back to the stake tokens or the stakers as additional rewards.

On top of the base return rate, so if you wanted to get started, find out some more information about the game or just speculate on the tokens or whatever you can come to their discord, its probably the best place to learn about it. They have the white paper links the intro to crypto raiders, the open c collection links and the twitter link as well as this neat help file that you can click on and bring you to a getting started guide where you can look at recruiting general tips and The tokenomics, which everything from setting up your meta, mask to set up for matic tokens, as well as how to use the the lp tokens and get raider and all that good stuff, so guys. Im gon na have all this information in the description for you, as well as appropriate links, so that you can check out the game yourself make sure to join my discord if you like, blockchain and play to earn games too, we talk about this stuff all day. Long as well as nfts and general chat topics, you can join them at discord at discord, gg zuljin. I hope that you found this video cool and informative that you learned a little bit. Maybe that youll check out the project and make sure to. Let me know what you think in the comments guys thanks so much for watching.