This is steven steele and im getting on here to tell you to forget: dogecoin buy these three million making stocks instead, no thats for the motley fool, just kidding just kidding uh im just popping on here to offer uh a bit of encouragement, a bit of encouragement For anyone involved in cryptocurrency um, you know its just that time of year right now, where im seeing uh a fair amount of extra negativity, extra anxiety about peoples, investments and where theyre headed um and people. Second, guessing a lot of things and you know theres no certainties in in any market, but what we do know i find very comforting uh the month entire month of september uh. As far back as the last four seasons, for example, have been read, have been read and theres been significant, pullbacks, significant retracement all through the month of september. This is nothing new, and so here we are seeing it once again now i dont think it will likely be quite as significant as weve seen over the last four seasons at the same time of year, due to a extraordinary amount of new investors that have come Into the space – and i think thats obviously super encouraging and but also because theres so many new people in the space. There also is a lot of new investors that dont have the reference points of history, to put it up against. So then, you have more anxieties, and you know when peoples investments feel threatened, they uh they just get uh, they become a little bit more sour and they need to lash out in different kinds of ways.

Im. Definitely seeing some of this on social media uh different uh communities, including the doge community, um and uh, i think thats part of human nature right so um. That being said, i think theres so much to be encouraged by, for example, if you take dogecoin one year ago today it was uh. 86, 000, no, 8, 600 big difference. It was 8 600 that thats. How far does coin has come in just a year in just a year, its risen 8 600. Now, if you were to talk to any of those dogecoin investors one year ago today, they would have given anything for those kind of margins, anything for those kind of results, so its all about perspective, its all about context right. This is a theme that i like to talk about regularly um and so just keep that in mind. Another thing: if you look at uh its so easy to get caught up in the day to day of checking your phone right when you wake up, i know many of you guys do it. I do it too. Uh, though i i discipline myself to dont, do it do it as much as i used to, but whats important to keep in mind is uh when youre first checking whatever cryptocurrency that youre most invested in for many of you, its doze for others, its maybe ada, And bitcoin ethereum xrp um dont get too caught up in whats, going on on the day to day charting, for example, lets say most of your money is tied up in ethereum, and you see a eight nine percent drop in one day and one day on ethereum Its easy to get really bent out of shape and freaked out, but if you pull back, i mean right.

Now is a good example. If you pull back in the last 30 days, how far ethereums come despite its recent pullbacks, its still very significant, let alone, if you pull back a year six months or more right, sorry guys, i have a real life dose here wanting my attention every time i Give my attention to streaming or making content she gets very, very jealous and her name is remy, say: hi remy there we go my real life, my real life, doge remy, so im just going to pet her here, while im still talking so im. Still talking to you guys: okay, sweetheart, okay, so um plus we have those of you who are bullish on doge. We have so much in place so much to be excited about. I am super fired up about the dogecoin foundation and everyone involved in that project. I just think are both brilliant and sincere and uh effective, so im gon na talk more about in depth about the dogecoin foundation and some other videos coming up. But you know in the meantime guys take a deep breath. Just let it out slowly, you know, get some fresh air stretch out a little bit and well get through well get through september and uh.