This is across a range of different blockchains. Weve got ethereum kusama solana multi chain coins as well ill, be diving into all those in todays video. My names lark every day i make videos talking about cryptocurrency investing. So if thats a topic youd like to learn some more about make sure you subscribe to the lark davis channel gently tap the thumbs up button for the youtube, algorithm and click on the notification bell. So that you know, when i put out a new video by the way, every single week, my team and i produce wealth mastery. This is a cryptocurrency investor report. Basically, the next best thing to have me as your personal coach, going through the crypto land here last week. We showed you how to earn 182 apr with bitcoin over on solana. We dived into moon river, a deep dive on this very, very cool altcoin. Had an interview with the team from loopering discussing layer, 2 scaling solutions and, of course, as always, trending coins, airdrop alerts, token sales, my portfolio updates and much much more. If you would like to become a member to wealth mastery, its less than 10 bucks a week. So click on that link down below me here in the description where you can learn more about becoming a member today. Now one quick note as well before we do begin nobodys paid me to talk about any of this stuff thats, just my research that i want to share with you.

Maybe you can find some opportunities or some value in it. As always, you still need to go and do your own due diligence for going out and aping any of your money into any of these coins that im talking about here and yes, i do own some, but not all of these coins now lets go ahead and Get into it, the first one to discuss is convex finance. Now convex finance. It is a yield aggregating platform. So you can see the aprs are very, very high over here. You can get up to 74 for staking your curve tokens with them, but for most part what theyre doing is you can actually take your curve, finance liquidity positions, bring them over here and get enhanced rewards. So you get some rewards by putting liquidity into the curve. Finance pool anyway, but you can get more rewards by bringing it over here. Convex will give you a pretty serious boost. You can see here, for example, this is the euro tether coin. So, if youre providing liquidity for euros over on curve finance, well, you can bring that liquidity position over here and stake it on convex finance, and you can see the breakdown of what youre going to be earning here. So the base apr from curve finance is 0.37 percent. Plus you get curve tokens 18 and you get convex tokens at 32. So you are earning some pretty damn good yield here. Current apr is projected up to 50 percent, so think about that, if youre playing euros or if youre, a european investor in particular and youre in and out of euros all the time here you go, you can be writing liquidity into the market with your profits.

Earning 50 percent right now over here on convex finance. Now, once you have earned the cvx tokens, you can then stake those cvx tokens to earn even more money, because the cvx token stakers get a percentage of the fees earned by the convex platform and they have been earning a lot of fees so far, convex finance, Theyll tell you on the front page here: convex finance has had 128.9 million dollars in revenue. This is for a protocol thats only been out and about for a few months now its a pretty damn interesting opportunity there, the only problem holding it back. I would say right now is the high fees over on ethereum, but it has done very very well. In spite of that, we can see right here. Convex finance currently has 7.29 billion dollars staked in their platform. That is a whole heck of a lot of money. Earning more money in convex finance right now, so an interesting opportunity. The market cap right now of this is only 300 million dollars, so theres potentially a lot more room to grow here. If this can turn itself into becoming a sort of a household name, a defy blue chip, then we would expect it to get up to a billion dollar market cap potentially, but certainly, if you do want to get some convex be aware, you can farm this. You dont have to go off and buy it the real way to get a hold of this.

You can buy it if you want to obviously and speculate on that. The real way to get this is to go and farm it. So if you have dollars or bitcoin or whatever else sitting around, you can have lots of different liquidity positions and come over here and actually farm those coins. You can see here you can use all kinds of different tokens here to be earning and see all the different curve pools: bitcoin ave 20 on pbtc 20 on bitcoin thats, pretty good, so very interesting opportunity there. Now, the second coin i want to talk with you about is moon river, very, very bullish on moon beam, which is the polka dot equivalent to what moon river is moon river is the kusama version of moon beam. Now what is moonbeam? What is moon river? Well? Essentially, these are para chains existing on top of their respective networks, so were talking about moon river, so focus on that moon river lives on top of kusama. This is operational right now you can go use it right now. This is live and active on the kusama network today. Essentially, what this allows for is for any ethereum virtual machine compatible application to come over and release their product on to the kusama ecosystem. Moon river is the portal for that to happen. It is the parachain where these applications will live and look. You have to keep this in mind who is building on moonbeam, because its very, very impressive theyve got an incredible list of people that theyre working with lido.

For example, the biggest staking pool for ethereum cream finance its a big d5 protocol. We have just lots of great names here coming down the list, lots of very well known names. We can see all these guys all these guys, the graph theyre, absolutely huge, covalent theyre. Very big as well all these guys seascape thats a gaming and defy one sushi swap that is one of the biggest decentralized exchanges. Of course, working with chain link for oracle solutions. Linear finance injective protocol very bullish on injective protocol ive talked about that quite a few times here on the channel and were still going down. You see. These are all partners that are going to be building on top of moon river thats, pretty damn exciting moon river, of course, built on kusama, which is the canary network for the polka dot network. But i feel like this is one of those opportunities potentially very interesting, to be keeping an eye on potentially still undervalued at the current market cap, although it has gone up basically a hundred percent in the last week, but kusama sama kusama in polka dot the whole Ecosystem is taking off. I think moon river is one of the most promising uh projects within the kusama ecosystem right now and moonbeam by association, one of the most promising within the polka dot ecosystem. When para chains, of course, come for polka dot, moon river kusama, bringing out the pokejaw their pair of chains first and just as a reminder, i know we talked about moonbeam recently but were underlining moon river today, just as a reminder whos backing this binance is backing.

This coinbase is backing this fembushi capital, one of the biggest venture capital firms out of east asia. Theyre backing this, some of the biggest names in cryptocurrency put their money behind moonbeam and by proxy theyre. Supporting whats happened, of course, on moon rivers. So very, very interesting. One to keep an eye on here, it has seen a lot of price appreciation. So if you are looking to get a position, try not to fomo in of course try to find yourself a good entry on that. But theres been a lot of hype building around this recently, i think over the last week, everybodys waiting for pullbacks and they just kind of never came and just kept on kept on pumping. Basically, the third coin on our list is d y d x. Now this is a decentralized exchange living on layer 2 ethereum. That is a very, very important distinction here, because dydx was built with starkware. Starkware essentially allows for thousands of transactions per second massive, massive scalability, which is exactly what a decentralized exchange on ethereum needs to have. Now this isnt just a typical decentralized exchange, though this is a decentralized exchange for perpetual swaps, that is derivative trading. So this allows you to long or too short the markets with 25 x leverage decentralized on chain. You dont need to go and trust. One of the centralized exchanges everything is happening on chain its a very, very impressive exchange, with, of course, a very impressive list of backers, and this is one you can actually also farm right now, so you can go and put your usdc in the platform and they Will reward you every single day with dydx tokens? Now the apys are not as crazy as you see on some of the other platforms right now.

But if you think that this is a token that can appreciate in value not a bad place to park some usdc environment and, of course, for anybody who used dydx in the past, you potentially got an airdrop. Some people got airdrops worth a hundred thousand dollars. A hundred thousand dollars airdrop, the lowest air drops were in the thousands of dollar range, so very, very profitable, uh airdrop. If you had used the dydx before you better, go and check to see if youre eligible for an airdrop for this, because if so, you might have thousands of dollars sitting there, you may not have known about previously. But what about the potential of this moving forward? Well, layer, two ethereum, the entire ethereum network, obviously very big layer, two ethereum growing in prominence all of the time and where is it placed right now in terms of 24 hour volume? Well its down here at number 18. Currently so 24 hour volume, 740 million dollars open interest – 235 million dollars just push it in at number 18 in terms of other centralized services. So this is the only decentralized one of all these here, so its a top 20 derivatives exchange already and its a decentralized exchange. I just think a lot a lot. Not a lot of people know about the dydx token has just come out. I think we will see more traders coming over there and trading in that layer, two environment, because its all on chain, its all unchained, which is uh very, very cool, its all on layer.

Two, i suppose i should say it more appropriately, but a very interesting opportunity. Again – and you can of course buy the token thats fine, but you can also farm the token, which is what im doing im farming some dui dx tokens right now. So at pile up some of those. I think that if they continue to deliver, as they have been delivering, that we could see a situation where this could become one of those top defy blue chip coins keep in mind the daily trading volume on the platform. Right now is the same as the market cap approximately its interesting interesting to note. Okay, now lets move on to the next coin. Here the next coin is sushi. Swab now sushi swap is a decentralized exchange living across multiple blockchains. You can use an ethereum polygon phantom, arbitrary, okay x, the who will be eco chain, bsc, xdi harmony, avalanche, cello, palm whatever that bomb is and moon river. It works across all of these different networks. This is one of the widest distributed decentralized exchanges out there. Its got incredible wide adoption in terms of who, its working with so very, very cool, to see that now theres a lot of interesting catalysts that make me feel that at number 61 number 68. Sorry on the charts here and then at a 2 billion market cap sushi swap is potentially still under valued. So why would i say that well theres, some very interesting things going.

Not only is it everywhere across all these different chains, so we do have some big price catalysts coming for sushi, or some of them are already here. Actually, miso is one thats already here so sushi recently introduced a launch pad launch pads has been very, very popular, but theyve gone straight to working with some very, very big names. They did the token sale for the buy bit dow token. So thats really really really big. That was a massive one for them to have early on and upcoming catalysts for the price theyre, bringing in an nft platform an nft platform that works across like a dozen different chains. That is very, very interesting. So, for these reasons and more im, definitely keeping an eye on sushi swap right now, its doing 24 hour volume of 400 million dollars, so its definitely got a lot of volume. Its got a lot of users. We can see that right now, for example, pancake swap does 50 more volume, but has twice the market cap uni swap does 6x or 4x the daily volume, but has 6x the market cap so theres a potential where we could see sushi swap as being undervalued. Remember uni swap does not have a token launch pad. Remember uni swap is not doing nfts potential opportunity there potential opportunity there ive entered into a small sushi position recently so see how that plays out in the coming weeks and months, another potentially undervalued opportunity.

If you look at this chart here doing a billion dollars in daily volume almost but at a market cap of under a billion dollars, its actually half the market cap of sushi is radium, of course, the entire salon ecosystem. I think right now, undervalued, weve, seen the explosion of interest in solana. Solana, ecosystem plays potentially remain undervalued opportunities, radium is one mercurial. Finance is basically the curve finance allowing for uh low to no slippage stable coin swaps on solana, thats mercurial finance, but thats. Not these two are not actually the ones i want to uh underline in the salon ecosystem honorable mentions, but the one i want to underline, for you is port finance. Now this is basically an ave like d5 application for the solana ecosystem. Current market cap 36 million dollars so pretty undervalued compared to ave, definitely an interesting early opportunity right, a very early opportunity right now you can see this is what port finance looks like its a pretty similar situation where you can supply coins and get rewards in exchange. Now, right now they are offering some pretty damn good yields for different coins here in the solana ecosystem. So you can bring on usdc and youre, going to get 6.86 percent for supplying that plus theyre running a an incentives program right now, theyve actually put up 5 000 port tokens per day: 150 000 port tokens per month, thats about a million dollars a month. Right now in liquidity provider incentives, so currently, if you bring your usdc over here to port finance youre getting more than 30 percent apy, pretty awesome 6.

86 paid out in usdc 24 paid out in the port finance token, which is a potentially highly undervalued token. You can also see theyve got some pretty good rates here for usdt, as well as mercurial finance, which we just mentioned here a second ago, so theyre working with them for a pretty good liquidity program as well 38. For that. So this is a pretty interesting one. Ave, obviously, is a beast: i mean aves got a four 4.471 billion dollar market cap, so if we saw port finance getting even to a tenth of that, well, that would be a more than a 10x gain if we saw it get to a quarter or half Of the market cap of ave theres a lot of potential for this coin moving forward. Now this is the lowest market cap coin weve mentioned today, so potentially a slightly more speculative play. But again you dont need to buy the coin. You can go and farm. The coin and get them essentially for free, so something for you to check out for the bargain hunters out there, people looking for new opportunities anyway, those are just the five coins plus two bonus coins that are on my radar right now. But what about you? What coin did i not mention today that absolutely should have been mentioned. Let me know down below in the comment section thanks so much for watching todays, video and peace out till next time.