So, as you guys can see in the past 24 hours, the market has not been looking good were seeing a downtrend going into the weekend, so the market is down about three point: three one percent here going into saturday, so obviously top gainers right here in the Past 24 hours, the first one right here is gon na be tara, also known as luna, which is up about thirty. Eight point: two: three percent trading at around 42.66, our highest volume, like usual, is bitcoin with ethereum following right behind it, so bitcoin trading around this 45 to 46 000 area. It is down about 2.83 ethereums down even more 5.94 trading at around 3 200. Almost 3 300 so were seeing a little bit of a downtrend which is not a good sign. Obviously, but for any you know long term holders. This is potentially a good buying opportunity for the future. As you know, ethereum was just trading at 4. 000. A few days ago and now were back to you know almost three thousand area now cardanos down about four percent finance coin: six percent solanas even down four percent from those highs – and it seems like all these other altcoins are down about five percent or so with Some outliers, obviously like cosmos. We see avalanche here up 11, like we said lunas up about 30 or so so there are some outliers, which is obviously something that you have to look out for, because theres always opportunities in the market, even in a bear type market.

So guys before we get into this video go ahead and smash that, like button for me lets, say for 150 plus likes on this video subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notification. So you get notified every time. I make a new video and, as always guys if you want to sign up for weibo, get your two free stocks, valued up to 2 300 links coming description for that as well, leave a comment below what crypto are you buying on this potential dip opportunity? So the first altcoin is gon na be cosmos, also known as adam so adam right now. It is up about six point: six, seven percent trading at thirty dollars and twenty nine cents. If we take a look here on the one week chart, it is about 25.66. So its been on an uptrend ever since that pullback that we saw right there all the way down to lows of about 17 after that mini crash, and now its been on the uptrend. Obviously, here in the one week on the one month chart it is up 114 percent and then obviously here on the one year, chart 466.8 percent all the way down here from lows of about ten dollars – nine dollars here in july. So we made about a 200 percent uh, you know upside here for from the low, so 200 gains. So if you invested a thousand dollars into cosmos just about a month and a half ago, you would be up around two thousand dollars profit just on this one right here, as the all time highs previously right around thirty two dollars and thirty three cents were getting Very, very close to those all time highs right now, if we can potentially break through that all time high and continue to go higher.

That is going to be. You know a positive thing for this coin, to continue to go higher and potentially break through the 10 billion market cap and continue to go so on and so on. So right now the market cap is actually at around 6.5 billion volume. In the past 24 hours, 3 billion circulating supply for this one is at a 221.2 million typical hold time 36 days. Trading activity 80 or 48 percent is by 52 is sell. It is the 20th of popularity. You know. Coin on here. Cosmos is a cryptocurrency that powers an ecosystem of blockchains designed to scale and interoperate with each other. The team aims to create an internet of blockchains, a network of blockchains able to communicate with each other in a decentralized way. Cosmos is a proof of stake chain. Atom holders can stake their tokens in order to maintain the network and receive more atom as a reward. So obviously, for any of you stakers out there. You know that you can lock in your coins, for a certain amount of time and re receive a certain amount of interest. I guess you could say so lets say you lock it in for a year and youre receiving four percent on your coins. You would receive four percent on your coins that you staked, so you would have to you know lock it in for a year and not be able to touch it, which is obviously something that long term investors dont mind doing, because youre not sell youre, not planning.

On selling uh, no matter what happens if youre holding for 5 10 15 20 years so either way you might as well, you know: do some staking lock in your coins, receive more coins, for you know doing that, and that way youre making more side income. I guess you could say kind of like passive income just for holding your coins and then obviously, if the coins go up, you make even more profit. So staking is definitely one of those interesting things in the market and something that we will be talking about on this channel. You know very often um. You know definitely something that you want to research and uh figure out if it fits your criteria. Obviously, if youre willing to hold your coins for the long term, it is something that i would suggest personally so thats going to be our first altcoin right. There cosmos were looking for that breakthrough, like we said, break through the all time highs and we could continue to go higher and higher, just as solana did in the previous weeks, so first altcoin second old coin is gon na be ave. So ave is down about five point: fifteen percent – it was at highs of about three forty right here now were at lows of about three three hundred or so that we saw here in the past 24 hours or so in the past week. This one is down 19 in the past month, 16.

8 and then obviously here on the one year chart. This coin is up over sixty one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven percent guys. So this coin was trading at around 50 cents or so down here last october. So we went from 50 cents all the way to highs of about 670 and then pulled back down consolidate. It now were seeing a little bit of uptrend and obviously now, as the market takes a little bit of a pullback, this one is going a little bit lower, so this one is lagging behind the market. In my opinion, i believe that other altcoins are definitely outperforming. It right now and continue to outperform it so theres a lot of potential for this one to break through and explode in the future and try to get to those all time highs once again, which would give it about 100 upside uh. You know definitely something interesting to me: 4.1 billion market cap, that market cap is so low um. You know it could easily do a 2x opportunity right there, volume past 24 hours at 350.1 million uh typical, hold time 19 days trading activity 72 by 28, sell and then the popularity is the number 25 coin so ave. This one is an ethereum token that powers of a a decentralized non custodial money market protocol where users can participate as the depositors or borrowers depositors provide liquidity to the market to earn a passive income, while the borrowers are able to borrow cryptocurrency is in exchange for Paying a variable interest rate so ave, one of those greener coins that you know exploded here in may, going into mid may when uh, you know, elon musk said that bitcoin would not be accepting or tesla would not be accepting bitcoin anymore thats.

When a lot of these greener coins, alternatives start to rise like ave, like solana and many others, also that exploded at that same time, and then obviously they all pulled back. But now some of them are on uptrend. Like solana, you know destroying all time highs and breaking new records right now, ave still lagging behind, but in the future it could be definitely a coin that could easily 10x in the future. I would not be surprised to see this one trading at a 40 or 50 billion market cap or around 3 000 per coin in the next 5, 10, 15 or 20 years potentially. So that is definitely something that im looking forward to and potentially you know seeing so ave is our second coin and then last but not least, coming at the number three spot on our list is going to be polka dot, also known as dots so dot right Here this one is down about 6.67 trading at 29.49 in the past week, its actually down about 12 percent. We saw it go from 35 all the way down here to lows of 22 on that flash crash and then came right back up to about 30. So you know very quick: you have to be very quick in and out here to make some gains in the past month. It is up about 43, so still doing very well. On the one year, chart 534 from lows of five dollars last september, all the way to highs up here in may at around 50.

So it made it. You know a huge gain here of about a 10x right there and then pulled back down all the way to lows of about 10 and now were seeing an uptrend potentially waiting for that all time, high once again to break through market cap 28.1 billion right now, 3.7 billion volume typical hold time is around 22 days with the trading activity at 64 percent by 36 percent sell and the popularity is the eighth uh. You know cryptocurrency, so polkadot is a protocol that enables across blockchain transfers of any type of data or asset by uniting multiple blockchains polkadot aims to achieve high degrees of security and scalability dot serves as the protocols governance token and can be used for staking to secure The network or to connect bond new chains so poke it out. Definitely one of those coins that i would be interested in right now, even though the market cap is a little bit on the higher side, around 28.1 billion, it still has potential in the future to continue to grow. It is one of the top 10 coins. Obviously, right now um, you know in market cap wise. I guess you could say so it is uh. You know one of those coins that people are definitely keeping an eye out on and it is in the list. So everybody is watching it as it is in the top ten, so definitely one that could easily continue to go higher in the next.

You know 10 years or so. So what do you guys think about polka dot? Let me know in the comments below actually do you own any polka dot, and you know why or why not lets discuss in the comments below thats something definitely im interested in discussing with you guys now, after weve discussed, these three altcoins guys were going to be Checking out the rest of the market to see how everything else is performing. First of all, the meme doge. So doge is currently down about five percent trading at this 24 cents area. In the past week, this ones been on a downtrend, i mean from 32 cents. All the way down here, the lows of 21 cents now consolidating around this 24 cents. So it is in the low 20s on the one month chart down. Five percent now on the one year chart obviously 8 500 higher, but it was at 16 cents and now its only at around 24 cents. So that is only about a 50 percent upside that we saw in the past two months. So doge, like i said, is starting to trickle on down. I mean it was a big meme, guys and right now. The only reason it was up is because we had a very bullish market going on with bitcoin and ethereum, but now, as we see a sell off, uh doge continues to go lower 31.8 billion market cap 1.8 billion volume 51 typical hold time 62 by activity 38 Sell – and it is the sixth coin right now, but those guys – i think, uh you know – eventually it will continue to go lower and lower, and you know it might go back under 10 cents in the future.

I believe you know unless we see some crazy bull market right going on, i think doge is going to you know, stop being one of these coins that people are trading is just the main point still in my opinion, but you never know what can happen uh Next thing you know somebody tweets something and doge goes to the moon once again, but definitely something to keep an eye out on guys and see how its gon na perform in the future ethereum down almost six percent, guys almost six percent in the past 24 hours. It was at 3, 500, now its at 32.77 um. You know in the past week its actually down about 16.8 percent from the highs of 4 000, all the way to lows of 3 000 and then a little bit of a consolidation with a downtrend going into the weekend. Now so were going to be watching this weekend to see uh, you know whats gon na happen were gon na, have to watch this very very closely on the one month chart. It is up about four percent. Now we saw a huge boom, and now you know back down where we started on the one one year chart. It is up about 776 percent. Obviously, here it went from 3200 all the way to 4 000 and now were back to this 3200 area, where we consolidated for about a month in august, pretty much. The whole august was uh consolidated around this area and were literally back to that area.

Right now, 380.6 billion uh market cap 22.5 billion volume, 81 typical whole days trading activity, its a 72 by 28 sell and is obviously the second popular most popular coin, right behind bitcoin guys so ethereum. Obviously, we believe in the future will continue to go higher same with bitcoin bitcoin right now down about 2.8 percent trading around this 45 46 000 area hit low is actually a 44 000 at one point here, on the one week chart down 7 from 53 000. All the way down to 43, 000 or so and now were consolidating around this 45 000 area on the past month, down about 1.8 percent past year, up 3′ percent, but pretty much same pattern as ethereum were back to prices that we were trading at beginning of August so weve been consolidating here for about a month and a half now hit those highs pulled back. Hopefully we consolidate and start another trend on higher market cap 844.1 billion ‘.3 billion volume. 85 typical whole days trading activities 71 by 29 sell and it is the number one coin – obviously to be traded right now, uh. So what i think has personally happened in crypto market. We might see a little bit more of a sell off, but eventually well see a turnaround and you know start to go higher and higher, but obviously we never know whats going to happen in the market. Uh were seeing a lot of sell the news type situations going on recently and i think going into the next week or two we might see a little bit more red, but then going towards the end of september.

We might see a little bit of an uptrend. Next week is a huge week, you know with a lot of reports coming out about the cpi. I believe so that is something were going to be watching next week to see how thats going to perform. You know how its going to affect against the crypto market and the stock market so keep your eyes peeled next week and see what happens guys so guys before we end this, if you guys enjoy this type of content, smash that, like button for me, subscribe to The channel turn on that bell notifications to get notified every time i make a new video and, as always guys, if you guys want to sign up for weeble, get your two free stocks, valued up to 2 300 links from the description leave a comment below which Crypto, are you buying right now? Are you buying, holding or selling also guys im, not a financial advisor? This is all for entertainment purposes. Only so before investing into the crypto market or the stock market speak to your financial advisor. Do your own due diligence and make sure you understand theres a high risk high reward type situation. I hope you guys enjoyed it and hope see you guys.