Well also have a look at the the projects that i called out last week see how well they did if you like this sort of content, mash up that, like button subscribe tap that bell select all the notifications, so you never miss a video right lets. Get down to the desktop and have a look at how these projects did last week, so the first one that i called out was cardano. This felt like a really obvious one, with uh smart contracts which go live um today, in fact, but we did see this one pull back right. So, at the time of recording, when i called out cardano, it was at 287 were down uh 6.96, which is really disappointing. With that said, a fantastic project, we expect big things from from cardano um and you could have sold at a higher price than this uh during the week. But you know um not the best start um to last week: okay right moving on polka dot, so um 32.95. We called this out at 32.46, so were up. It was up um 1.87. That said, you could have sold at slightly higher prices. We do expect this. One to go on a tear right um, this one hasnt gone as far as we were expecting it to lots of activity going on um, so yeah a bit disappointed theres only one 1.8 percent. I expected more um, but its always difficult in the month of september.

With these pullbacks, because we traditionally see uh september as a dump month, right, moving on weve got card stack, so this at the time of recording, was at 0.01164. This is our biggest gain and this was a 30 gain um and higher up points. You know this went up to above 2 cent at one point this week. This one um was one of the projects that did really well that we called out and um yeah, really happy with this one um so do check out this project. We expect it to do really well moving forward. Then we move on to multivac, so this one we called out at 0.018.26, so six and a half percent down on um. You know this this week, although a fantastic project, an exchange um listing is, you know, coming soon were led to believe um, but yeah uh, two and two so two that didnt um, you know uh gain profit and to the um you know did so two and Two and we move on to the fifth and final one, and that was nervous network um. We called this one out at four 0.01641, so up just under four and a half percent um could have sold this much higher in the week. Um again, the pullbacks this week didnt help us um but again, another fantastic project that we expect to do really well and just an unfortunate week um this week. But we got three out of two uh for last week.

So lets move on um and upwards uh into the next week right. So the first project that were going to call out is harmony currently at 0.1887 sent, and this is a project we think is going to do really really well lots going on. In the background, this is a sharding protocol. Do go check it out and you know look into to the website and the details. We do run a harmony stake ball, so you can delegate your harmony one to our poll using the ticket cheeky one. So do check that out. There are many videos on our channel on how to to delegate uh your harmony. One with that said lets have a look at the um artificial intelligence, see what thats saying for harmony, one uh so its a2, so thats the highest rating. Weve ever seen, we do expect this one to go on a bit of a tear um. You know it is looking pretty pretty good uh down 10 at the moment, um dont. Let that put you off. We think this ones going to do remarkably well right. Moving on multivac again was on the list last week, really disappointed that we didnt see the the the gains that we were expecting to uh with that said, im putting it in for for this week. I do expect this one to go on a bit of a tear um, you know time will tell remember. None of this is financial advice.

Go read up on the websites of these um projects. Again this is a another sharding project. So do go check that out all dimensional sharding uh. We do expect this one to to do really really well so go check it out. Moving on, so the third project that were going to call out is avalanche just hit all time high. We expect this one to continue growing um its doing really well. Um 61.38. At the time of recording uh, go check out the you know. The um website really good tech, great team, all the stuff that we like in a project here at cheeky crypto, so go check it out. Moving on the fourth one were calling out is l, rond, 275.15 up 1995 um. At the time of recording this video, we expect this one to do really really well check out the website get involved in the telegram groups. Again. We expect this to to really multiply over the coming weeks and months, so do dig into this project right and the fifth and final one is polka dot. We didnt see as much gain as we were expecting. We expect this one to do much better than it did last week um, so it had to to make it into this week as well um. You know you could have you know, sold at a slightly higher price than 33.09 throughout the week um, but you know for me, i was expecting you know.

Double digits. Uh growth uh last week so were rolling it over into this week. We expect this one to do really really well um. You know there are other fantastic projects that we we could have called out. We could have called out hero. This is another project that we, you know we do rate we dont really talk about. Is we have struggled to chart this one um? You know theyve got a partnership with sony um, so do dig into to hero metahero. I think this is a good project. Unfortunately, i think you know with all the announcements and everything that theyve had um. I i just think its a bit risky putting in for this week, but it was a close call. So uh, you know a cheeky sick project for you to dig into there. Um, do let us know if theres any projects that you think should have made it into the list. There are so many and um yeah im really interested to get your views and opinions.