You need people, people have the next money you want. You should put money in the marketing. You should promote yourself, not put money where you and the kids live whats, going on guys lux crypto here back at it with another video another moon, gem video for you guys and today were going to be discussing So is a really awesome brand new cryptocurrency gambling casino website. Guys, okay, you guys can do sports betting. You guys can play casino games and a lot more. So, as you can see right here, they have tons and tons of slots that you can play and they also have in house games guys so games that were created by bit game themselves and then, of course, they also have some table games okay and live games Which we will get to in a moment so with the table games you guys can play like blackjack. You guys can play mini baccarat. You can play the caribbean, poker, texas, holdem, deuces, wild high, higher low draw and lots of other table games and other games so that you guys can try and win some big bucks here. So i will leave the bit game website in the link in the description below, so you guys can go and play right now, so lets check out one of their in house games called bit fishing pretty cool game guys. I played it for a few. So the point of this game is basically to shoot these bullets and attack the fish and the turtles that you want to attack as well as collect coins.

So the more the more things that you select to attack and you end up killing. You will win tokens from those um creatures or sea creatures being destroyed. Okay, so shoot the creatures win, rewards pretty cool game. You should definitely check that out because, as i said, the big game website has released this game on their own. It is one of their in house. Games now check this out guys. This is one of their slot games. Wolf, fang, pretty simple game. All of their games function the same way you choose how much you want to bet, and then you go ahead and spin. Now, in this game you can win free, spins and other features, so you can also buy a feature which will kick off their bonus round um. I believe you get the free spins as well, and – and here you can see, they have wilds too on this game. So really cool game, wolf, fang, one of their popular slots, so go ahead and play that one as well guys. I did end up winning a really good amount in just about 10 minutes playing this one another one of my favorite slots on this website is demigods. Alright, now this one is demigods 3., so really cool game guys. They also have a buy feature on here and, of course, you can choose how much you want to bet. The minimum bets are very small on the slots on bit game, so go ahead and play guys, even if you only put in you, know 20 50 bucks or something like that – go and have some fun, because you can win a lot of money on these slots With the bonuses that they offer now lets check out blackjack one of their non live table games so lets go ahead and smack some down on here.

All right 16 were gon na stand, because the dealer has a two. Twelve were also going to stand because the dealer has a two im hoping the dealer is going to bust and we landed a perfect 21 14 boom theres the dealer bust and thats how you win it. Blackjack guys bet on the dealer bust. You dont always need to get to 21. You just need to beat the dealer so go play some blackjack one of my favorite games guys now lets see. If we can do it twice so smackdown another hand. Dealer has a four were betting on the dealer bust and look at that. We got a 20 17 and 20., so were standing on all of those, but were going to split this last hand. The dealer has a four so its likely that theyre going to bust. So were just gon na stand and hold out and boom there. It is again guys see thats how its done. You can win a lot of money on blackjack im serious guys, so you should definitely check out and play some blackjack and other games that they have there like. These live dealer games all right, so you can actually play with live dealers. They are sitting there at a casino dealing for you right in front of your face. No tricks, no scams really legitimate its like being in a real casino. You can play blackjack roulette and all types of other live games.

Now here were gon na go ahead and play some of the mega wheel live games so, as you can see really cool guys. So i placed my bets on the mega wheel. There is a live wheel. Spinner, a live host kind of like being on a tv, show really cool stuff guys so lets check it out and see if we cant win. So you can bet on all of these numbers here and if it lands on one of the numbers that you bet on, you will win the corresponding prize and each time they roll a multiplier so that you can see um or so that you can get bigger. Rewards if you win on a certain number so on these kind of games, guys i like to play on every number and then ill up the bet on certain ones, because if you get a 20 or 50 times or something you know, you can do really well. So boom, as you see all right, so we got the 10 i bet really low. So i only made 20 cents now lets go ahead and run it again. Normal outcome for us to the winners lets listen to this guy with another spinout, our last best spin. It spin it all right so number eight is a 20 times eight purple, the mega lucky number 20x. Is our mega multiplier for this round? Can we hit it all right, thats what we can get? This number turn this down a bit.

I think we are. I think come on guys: oh okay, okay, i bet 40 cents on 20. ill. Take the 20 ill. Take the 20 look at that 8 and 40 cents guys – and i was only betting – a couple bucks here. So you can really make some money on this. So go and play the mega wheel, guys pretty cool, as you can see just an example of their live games. They are really really awesome and right now guys, if you go to the bit game website, they are running a promotion where, on your first deposit, you will get a 50 bonus. So if you put in a hundred bucks, you will get fifty dollars bonus. So youll have a hundred and fifty dollars to play with all right, so really great stuff make sure you go and deposit to The link will be in the description below because you dont want to miss this deposit bonus on your first play. It is really really easy to deposit. All you have to do is sign up for their website once you sign up, go ahead and tap deposit, and you can choose the crypto that you want to use for deposit by selecting it right there, where it says. Usdt tether thats what ive selected so then they give you your deposit address for the token that you want to deposit and the minimum deposit is 5 usdt for the usdt. It may vary with the crypto that you choose, but very simple, guys, copy the address and then go send your desired amount to your bit game account so that you can play and win some money and they just launched their bounty campaign for their blockchain gaming platform And it is the main thing that they are offering right now other than the 50 deposit bonus.

Based on the amount you play, you will have a chance to win a total pool of two hundred thousand dollars. Yes, thats right guys, almost a quarter of a million dollars is being given up by the bit game. Casino, so make sure you head over to their website, sign up deposit and play right now. So you can have a chance to win a cut of this 200. 000 bucks, if you find this video useful in any way, please drop a like down below and subscribe to my channel so that i can continue to bring you these awesome.