Video were going to try to answer that question. Should we be buying cardano now or is it too late now um? For me, i dont think it is too late, but were gon na get into some of the details. If you like this sort of content, mash up that like button subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, so you never miss a video were going to keep this one short and punchy and to the point right lets, get down to the desktop and see whats cracking Here so we start here at coin market cap uh cardano at 267, down 1.42. Now you know you could have got this a little bit cheaper. Admittedly, you know down at like 2.60, for example or 2.55 um, but do i think that this is still a good time to to get into carno cardano? And the answer is yes? Yes, i do um, you know if we go here and we look why havent we seen this uh huge run up. That was expected right this you know, um, you know, sell the news sort of event right um, and that is mainly because uh there was some fud around um, the um concurrency issue on the test net. That was all cleared up by charles on one of his podcasts, but nevertheless this has got people sort of uh. You know maybe a little bit concerned. You know that something isnt gon na be, you know, um quite how they expected it to be uh when it goes, live and um you know for for me again, you always get this sort of fud.

This is you know the the you know, one of the biggest projects you know in crypto, right and um. You know for for me its its gon na be right up there right and um. You know really sort of fighting with ether for that spot and and could even potentially flip aetherium in my opinion, and that will get a few people riled up. I am sure, but feel free to to leave a comment in the uh uh. You know below the the video and let me know what your thoughts and opinions are. Um lets take a look right and – and you know i kind of just want to emphasize how big uh and how um huge this project is likely to be in the future. Right so look how many nft collections there are here. I mean uh deployments um here as well. You know with beefchain um youve got your governments here. You know georgia, ethiopia, tanzania, just to name a few nft platforms. You know nft maker, uh, bondly yeah, again just to name a couple: your social impact, uh proof of africa um just to name one. There, environmental uh, green state pool eco pool um. You know theres just so so so much going on on this ecosystem. Gaming launch pads with event finance for example, example: occam, f, i um card starter, just to name a few. There i mean you know singularity net uh, singularity dao with uh ai.

You know um atomic wallet ledger. You know all working um. You know, as as you know, wallets for ada, then youve got oracles, charlie, free ergo, um payments with coty, now payments um theres, just so much going on right derivatives. You know um yeah its just yeah just so so much. You know your decks protocols as well with like poly, swap and um. You know, youve got um what the sunday swap. That was the one i was thinking of um. You know finance with with meld, for example, liquid finance celsius. Youve got world mobile from the the mobile network side of things right. The list goes on like, and this is just the beginning, so you know for me. Yes, i think now is still a good time to to go purchase cardano why it is still as cheap as it is um, because i do think that you know this is gon na take um some some real price discovery in the coming uh months of the You know this year: um, you know were at that end of the the you know, the the bull market. I say the end its not really the end, but were coming up to like the more crucial months of the ball cycle right, and this has been going on for for years in build up and preparation for this. And you know if we look at polygon right and this is kind of what we are talking about right.

So if we have a look here so what um we started to see some some price discovery, the 24th of uh, sorry, some transaction volume, the 24th of april. Right now, if we go and have a look at um polygon matic here and go back to to sort of uh april right 24th, here we go right. So when we started to see – and if we look here like you know what is it here uh? So what date is that that is the 19th of may huge volume started to come in right, um, 19th of may its got to be around this okay, 19th of may yeah, 1.65 right, so that for me, when we start to see these projects actually go live On the cardano ecosystem, i think were going to see an explosion in in price discovery right, so at the moment were down here. Right were back in um. Here we go so were were april. The 13th, like on the polygon matic, chart right april, the 14th. We are here just to give you an example: right were down here, yeah when um matic polygon was 43 thats, where we are yeah like look at that growth, and that is from the transaction volume right. So for me, thats kind of where i see us at the moment. I think that you know you shouldnt be going all in on any project. You know, being you know, having a diverse portfolio is really important, but what i am trying to illustrate here is were very much at the beginning for cardano right.

We were in super early when we were talking about it when we were getting in there like sub 10 cent sub 20 cent. Sub 30 cent sub 40 cent. You know these were really fantastic prices. However, with that said, i dont think were even scratching the surface price discovery wise of where were heading for for cardano right, weve, seen solana, weve seen avax um, you know all these other projects, matic polygon, weve, seen these all go on a tear right, theyve started To get that transaction volume, um cardano hasnt seen that yet and i think thats what excites me so much about cardano um im going to keep this. You know quite a short and sweet video um. Do let me know in the comments. What are your thoughts? Do you think this is still a good time to get into cardano? Obviously, none of this is financial advice. Its just my opinion. Do your own research before making any investment decisions and never over invest more than you can afford to lose and with that said, like say comment, let me know what your your thoughts are. Do you agree disagree with me. You know i. I love to read the messages and get a gauge for the sentiment of the market. I will respond to as many as i can. We appreciate every single one of you and, if you enjoyed the content, dont forget to mash up that, like button subscribe tap that bell select all the notifications, so you never miss a video and ill catch.