Let me know your thoughts down below what youre feeling today right now cardano down six percent. So is this a buy? The rumor sell the news type of event and then cardano runs up later, as we see the benefits of the alonzo update, or do we see a run up still later today at the time of this recording right now, cardanos down six percent we can see. Ethereum is actually back up four percent right now. Uh, the overall market is up two percent and some change uh. We can see polka dot a pretty big winner today, but the real big winner um in the crypto news world today is avalanche. Avalanche is uh. Setting new all time highs today its ranked number 13. Now on the big board, it is at 61.75. It is up 32 percent the past seven days 23, here in the last 24 hours. That is another uh d5 move that um is just blowing up. The charts and al goran is another one, its up to 215 today, uh good, seeing that one move up as well as matic matic is up slightly here as as well as ftx token. What else do we got here? Tron wow tron, a big surge up 19. Here, out of nowhere look at that thats interesting uh, l ron, heres another one 17, 18 now uh lets see what else is uh popping anything else in the top 100 uh bittorrent moving up with tron.

That makes complete sense. Applause, uh lets see nothing else. Major couple percents here there for a lot of these assets, t fuel there. He goes up slightly decentraland, okay, so not a ton going on outside of uh a few big movers in the top 30 or 40 or so but cardano. This is the big question right. I will say if we take a look at the crypto fear and greed index. This is a fear period. Right now were at 32 on the fear and greed index. So i think a lot of people going to be buying in today thats what were seeing with ethereum with this institutional money coming in look at this big pop right here, but lets go to the eta chart were at 2 66 cents now, weve just been kind Of consolidating here, we sold off yesterday, uh down in here so heres a big pop, though working right now, okay, so ada could be bouncing back here as we speak. So big money coming in here. This could change in a hurry. So let me know your thoughts down below in the comment section love to get uh to hear from you there on cardana. What youre expecting hoskinson was speaking yesterday on his uh youtube channel speaking about uh 911 and how we can remember 911. Then. He also said tomorrow is the big day we are entering a new era for cardano im, not sure if hes expected to talk today on the channel, but i would definitely keep my eyes peeled uh, but lets see here lets see the latest news here on cardano.

So a couple uh a couple articles about the 17 pop 13 pop yesterday, but since weve sold back off, we went up over 270. cardano. Finally, ousting ethereum expect the unexpected verse the alonso hard fork as the alonzo hard fork kicks off smart contract platform mainnet coming on here today, september 12th. The hard fork is to bring decentralized apps with all new possibilities to the cardinal network. Now i have been saying this, but let me reiterate this cardno has a lot of work to do. Okay, and what do i mean by that? Well, the year to date, top smart contract platforms are solana, phantom matic, luna and polkadot. So, while ethereum has been taking their time with ethereum 2.0 cardano has been taking their time with smart contracts since 2017. Other platforms are racing ahead and this is a race to the finish line now: cardano and ethereum both have market cap right and probably larger, certainly larger communities and investors. However, theyve got to get going quickly here on cardano, with building decentralized apps, so challenges facing the platform could ha, however, slow down the networks race to flip ethereum uh so well have to continue kind of to see what happens now. The hard four could be a huge game changer for the network and the entire cryptocurrency market. It says here the anticipation surrounding it has been attributed to several factors that have the potential to steer the cryptocurrency industry in a new direction.

With the hard fork, it is expected that all kinds of decentralized apps that use smart contracts can be built on cardano. This means cardanos use cases will expand to support, defy and dex decentralized exchanges to add to nfts and can already be minted and traded on the platform. So we were talking about cardano when it was down to a dollar o2. We were loading the boat over our private community. If you want to know um when were loading the boat when were buying when were selling, you want me to take a look at your portfolio for you link down in the description. Great group of people were up over 130 members here growing slowly, each and every day we added a couple more yesterday welcome into all the new members out there shout out to all of our current members: uh love you all great community and im happy youre, a Part of it – hopefully we get to add a few more of you out there too. So lets get back in here. Uh jump back into this article, real quick, so to be expected on launch date. Uh is the ability for developers to be able to interact with platform cli interface. The core development team has revealed that select functions will be available at launch. However, the use of plutus the framework to enable smart contract deployment on the network will be enabled for the public through subsequent dates. So that is also something to watch that there there will.

Everyone one wont, have direct access to plutus the framework to enable smart contract deployment right away its going to come out kind of phases. Okay. This is why current market sentiment is currently polarized for the launch. Proponents agree that cardinal could possibly flip ethereums dominance. As the de facto smart contract platform but are divided on how – and when this will happen, the possibility is strong as cardinal already opts for the more energy efficient proof of stake protocol and offers a cheaper transaction cost than ethereum. Cardano is also designed to be more practical than ethereum and settling transactions, so i dont think this is happening anytime soon. I think you hear this depending on where youre looking, i dont, think cardanos flipping ethereum anytime soon. However, i think there are room in the space for some big winners more than one more than two more than three okay, and i want to own them so thats. Why i own ethereum, so i own cardano, two largest holdings thats, why i opened up a new position in solana: im getting super bullish on solana, im going to be looking to add more to that position, thats why i have matic okay thats, why others have gone And grabbed phantom and luna and polkadot, because an avalanche there are more than one to two to three winners here and um sure theres going to be perhaps a clear cut winner. When we look back 10 years from now, but trying to dislike, you know to select one of those and get right, get it right its going to be tough.

So why not have a little bit of everything in the top um in the top half and hopefully uh? You know youre going to have a nice diversified portfolio and youre going to have a lot of winners right, thats kind of the way i look at it. Let me know your thoughts down below will cardano flip ethereum. This is a big question. Some people say its not cardano its solana right. So let me know, let me know your thoughts down there in the comment section and well continue to watch ada here. It is pumping here on this green candlestick. They got some nice institutional money here back in uh earlier this morning now were seeing another big pump, uh so well see were almost back to 270 here nice.