Youre youre definitely concerned about whats happening inside of the crypto markets, because the reality is this: we have so many issues happening with um peoples. Wallets, you know getting hacked. You have. You know uh big big companies that are that are dealing with these gigantic issues. Well, talk about it in this video, but if youre a crypto investor, you have to listen to this video, not to scare you just to prepare you. I think a lot of us that are in crypto right now. This is only going to get worse and if you dont know anything about this, then youre going to be left in the flipping dust Music, going up, bull runners, kyle here with and were going to start this video off with a quick giveaway, were giving away A hundred dollars – and all you got to do – is give this video a chuck, norris roundhouse kickaroo right to the like button and comment below every single comment. You leave enters you in to win and then head over to to make sure youre subscribed to our make money newsletter thats, where we announce the winner every single week. So with that being said, lets run the markets im just gon na be straight forward and transparent with you guys today, last month, um and the month prior, there was a lot of issues that happened in the crypto markets, which you know a lot of peoples wallets, Got compromised, maybe that was you across this video.

Have you ever started a cryptocurrency and had your wallet get compromised as a business, because i know a lot of companies that have okay a lot, a lot of companies that have come to think about it. You know i remember putting about 140 grand into a company called bondly, a wonderful nft project actually going to be built on the cardano, blockchain and whats crazy. Is that somebody figured out a hack or compromised liquidity pool theres a lot of stuff that happened its? Not all just that, but to me right now, what im really really frustrated about is that its happening to other people in other projects faster than ever, because these hackers are getting smarter. I mean one of the great things that happened with bondley is that they gave the tokens back and were off. The races still so just know that a lot of these projects that deal with the compromising of their tokens, they always do their best to help. You know that hey. This is what just happened, but they also, let you know: hey were gon na. You know give back the the tokens everythings gon na be okay, and usually they work with the right companies in crypto to help you with that. Okay, so number one, the biggest rule that ive had to learn being in crypto is only invest what you feel like youre willing to risk right. You know i having like, for example, i remember bondly uh.

You know 140. 000. The next day i was like how the heck did it go down to 640 bucks? I didnt know that something got hacked. I didnt know that you know these hackers can figure out a way to take money out of the liquidity pool the way that theyre doing it you see in the future. It might be big concerns across big companies like ethereum right, because a lot of this stuff isnt only just decentralized were talking about bitcoin might be the only thing that might be out there. Thats decentralized everything else, including ethereum, cardano, um ave. All these altcoins have the potential to have this happen. So the reason why im bringing this up is because we all need to be smart and savvy investors im, not a financial advisor not once have nick and i ever or any of the educators ever told you to buy anything. Weve shared our picks and gosh were like pretty much 10 for 10, um or 9 for 10 because of whatever the heck happened. Uh with this compromise that happened with this one coin. Many of you guys might know that coin, but i wanted to share with you how annoying it could be to be in crypto, okay, its not easy. This is not easy. Theres been a lot of people back in 2010 2011 that got into crypto that were like man. I got this one altcoin and then boom overnight. Somebody compromised the wall and they got screwed so again only invest what you feel like youre willing to risk number two weathering the storm right.

You cant just expect to get into crypto and there not to be a storm inside of anything that we do. Theres been ups theres, been downs, weve been traveling this world of crypto for 2021, and what weve all noticed you guys is that its a roller coaster, okay, a roller coaster of emotional intelligence. One of my mentors once told me goes kyle heres the deal. The only way youre ever going to become a billionaire, i dont know if you know us at all, because nick and i are manifesting uh to become billionaires and crypto and hes like dude youre gon na have to youre gon na have to weather the storms. Like you are to be tested, if you say you want to be a millionaire, you have to be tested myself and nick literally felt, like weve lost everything at certain points and times in our lives lost everything like. We literally got to a point where we had like 15 grand in debt. We had to move into. You know um nicks parents house. We were just down to our last and all of a sudden. What we realized during all of our trials and tribulations, was that oh, this was part of the the package like. If, if you go out there and tell the universe, you want something in your life. You want god to tell you um, uh yeah, no big deal. Well, just send it your way: no, you got to get tested, you have to get tested.

You have to go through trials and tribulations that youre, like dude youre, going to have points and times where you want to give up in crypto youre, going to have points and times where you lose. What you thought was going to go to a billion dollars or a million dollars youre going to have points and times just to get you to a million just to get you a hundred thousand thats thats. Probably your easiest thing to do when you want to get to a million thats, probably one of the hardest things for you to do then think with me here to get to a billion you are gon na have to lose millions, okay, its not not just if Its when its gon na happen its how its gon na happen you just like gosh dang it in order for you to go to a million dollars, youre gon na have to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on your test. So i want you to know across this video keep running, keep keep hanging out with us. Keep subscribing, you know, definitely go to and be a part of our make money newsletter and our free group right now for our trades weve been crushing it with the trades people know inside. That group. Are you willing to huddle strong, because i know that i am? I know that nick is, i know all of our amazing educators and all you people that are running with us.

I know you are too some of you guys might like me. Some of you guys might not, but i know one thing: the run guys movement, this movement is making moves inside of crypto, and people need to acknowledge that if you dont want to acknowledge that then cool just act like youre one of these gurus in this space And that you cant see our channel every single time, a video swipes by your face. You see us, you know what were about. You see the community crushing it and if we have to be the ones to go out there and share this message, then so be it all right so be it. I dont have to flipping beyond youtube. Nick doesnt have to be on youtube. None of our educators have to be on youtube to make their money we could. We could go out and sell ice cream on the side of the street, though you know thats, where we can make some money too. We can go, maybe make an ice tea stand or something just messing around you guys come on lets have some fun lets enjoy what this industry has to offer, which is amazing, flipping gains all the way to the moon, because a lot of us are gon na Back up the flipping truck for our all coins, and if we have one bad one in the bunch who cares? Because guess what? If you bat three out of ten times you get to make it to the professional league, some of yall know that we just batted nine out of ten.

So some of yall, like just youre already past the big leagues youre like into freaking orbit, so im excited for you. I wish you mass success, stay tuned. A lot of amazing things are happening, make sure youre plugged into our group at and keep your head up if youre one of those people that chose to get a part of any projects out there um the past year that have dealt with the crypto hack, The compromising of wallets and uh yeah, just buffoon ring anyways lets just go right to the moon im ready. Are you ready lets go see you next video also see you on the beaches of the world. God bless Music. I got dreams to catch Music, Music.