Now this is something we all expected, but lets be honest here. This is a pretty big goal for a ship and we are going to be bringing a lot more news today, which is something im super super excited for and we could be seeing. You know one million holders in 2022. We will see it by the end of the year. You know. Satoshi has made a request that we are seeing 1 million holders and with 1 million holders by the end of the year, we could be seeing a lot more activity for ship, which would in turn increase the price even more. So that is something super exciting to see. You know just seeing these updates really brightens my heart, so thank you so much for dropping a like, but you know we can see a lot of people really happy about this one and were seeing that we need to talk about this. This is why we wont pay any celebrities, crypto influencer, to read the script or post some shilling messages regarding our project, and just so you all know you know. I have been getting a lot of comments that i am paid promoter by shibainu that im paid to talk about ship positively. No, i do not get paid by shibainu. Yes, i do earn some money from ads, but its not as much as you might expect. You know, and if you have seen a celebrity endorsing or mentioning us its by their own will so everything you know we influencers do its from.

You know not sponsored at all and we dont want to fakes, and i definitely do agree with ship information here, and this is the next part that i really like. So hopefully, shipment former sees this, but there are valid ways to promote, though constant communication with the ship army adds special partnerships. All of that is coming. We will consider these in the future. We understand they need to communicate and extend our reach and the ship army is a mighty force. Help for sure. One thing i really liked is the communication with you or pop. You know satoshi answering questions on the europop channel, so hopefully we are gon na be seeing special partnerships with youtubers as well as they could get some love. You know – and i would be really really excited for that. But people are very happy about this. Obviously, and not a lot of people are happy by people promoting projects that dont seem legit, that you know arent there for the long term so far, and a leadership are regular, erc 20 tokens, but theyre not only that theyre also a tool for decentralized finance, integral Part of the shiba ecosystem. How much do you know about leash, and you can see here – you know with these quotes being in check, we could be seeing a lot more growth, as bitcoiners plan to smash buy 30 worth of bitcoin to commemorate el salvador bitcoin law. Now this is what bitcoiners are doing.

I think you know i dont think trying to pump it like. This is the best idea. It would be better to dump the price before the distribution, so they get more bitcoin for that thirty dollars. Unless the price is already set, they can boost. Enterprise might actually get them more money if they can convert it back to fiat, and i saw a lot of this for a ship. You know people buying at specific events, you know twenty dollars worth of shiba inu, but so far this has only caused whales. To do the sell off and profit in a lot of money, but if you can see here in the relief fund wallet, so you can keep track of yourself showing 10 trillion ship in their wall currently, and you can see over here, they already have 340, who They have a lot of money, 340 million and they still need to sell 73 million off. So you can see over here 10 trillion tokens to be sold so only 10 trillion left, which is still a lot of money, thats, 73 trillion dollars and thats. Why shiba, you know, is stagnating its, why its not growing with such a large fund to sell off you know, a lot of people have been losing hope and we already sold 340 million, which is really really awesome. Another great idea. This was another expense, but this does actually save lives without them, giving it the video bearing the burn would have never happened and a 50 trillion to a charity is the cost well worth it.

So this is a really really awesome scene. So far, but um people are not happy about the prices, but if we check over here you know this definitely does help everyone. It helps save lives, and that is something that is the most important health is most important. After all, yes, it did drop the price. A little and theres a 30 trillion ship here over 10 trillion sold. So that is something to consider. So im really excited for that. So far and with you can see, they move the rest 40 trillion to other wallets, not sold and could be a private sale. So, yes, they only have 70 million dollars left to sell, which is a lot of money. Lets not lie. This is a lot of money, but its definitely a good improvement from what it was before. So, as you can see here, 10 trillion left to be sold and after that we could be seeing a big price increase of that. So im really excited to see whats next, but new trillion ships buried at ss at by black hole capital. So this is, you know, just prove that chinese investment firms are in fact investing in crypto and especially shibainu is whats. Something ive been talking about last time and it might not be the black hole capital address either way. 2 trillion were staked yesterday. So this is a really really awesome so far from what im seeing, but you know, people are buying in off of that news, but digging profits is higher than anything else in crypto and right now we have not been seeing a lot of profits for shiba inu.

You know were still not sure how much we should take a lot of cryptocurrencies are making their profits, but something im really excited for is all of these banks and everything else coming in, but bitcoin market taps licensed neo bank vault for integrated banking features. Fintech companies could see an opportunity in negligence and reluctance of traditional banks toward the ecosystem, so that is really awesome. But the banking capabilities of fintech have met cryptocurrencies, a new partnership between australian crypto exchange, bitcoin markets and local neo bank vault. It gives stability to our clients and builds out the key piece of the market infrastructure which is volatile to the industry development. So, once again, we are seeing more and more development, as all of these are basically launching you know. Nfts are growing were only probably months away, if not days away, um, maybe even weeks away from the shiba inu platform launch, which the shiba new nft platform launch should once again increase the price for the nft marketplace and thats something im really excited for, but the Usc u.s sec releases, fresh investor, alert against crypto investment scams, and that is something you should definitely be concerned about. That is an urgent warning to all holders out there as not a lot of people are talking about this, but the rising popularity of initial coin offerings is considered. The main reason for growing scams and exploits among retail investors so definitely keep wary, but investors may be less skeptical investment opportunities that involve something new or cutting edge or maybe caught up in the fear of missing out and uh, really really cool stuff.

But elizabeth warren calls crypto the new shadow bank and the mr sedentar said it was worth considering banning u.s banks from holding the reserves to back private stable coins. You know thats simply crazy to me, but uh these uh influencers and not only influencers, but everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, even politicians you know, cryptocurrency and especially shiba inu after it gets sold off, were going to be seeing a lot of growth for a ship, especially if the 70 million gets sold off and yes, 70 million is a lot of money. But slowly but surely we can see that being sold, but warrens latest remarks came as a global financial regulator pay more attention to stable coins like usdt. According to online reports, the ontario security commission has recently banned usdt training services by canadas. First, two registered um uh crypto exchanges and in mid july u.s treasurys secretary, janet jelen call on financial authorities to establish a proper regulatory framework for stable coins, so stable coins. You know shivan is going to have its own stable coin. But look look at this. This is beautiful news, and you know this really wore my heart: bitcoin tops resistance is 51k as golden cross, nears, bitcoin, eyes, first golden cross since may 2020, and its really important to know here that were going to be seeing a big big growth pattern for bitcoin. So this is probably the price uh. The set for a new movement as more institutions are coming in in may 2020 was followed by a 11 month climb that saw the prices rise from 9 000 to over 6 000.

. So this is exactly something we are seeing. A new golden cross and the latest gold cross is backed by bullish on chain data, showing renewed accumulation by large investors and declining bitcoin balance on exchanges. All of that is increasing bitcoins prices very very fast, and that is something im excited from. Hopefully, shiba yunu can profit of the growth of such bitcoin and basically ethereum.