Once again is krypto cohen. You guys already know he is an extremely extremely talented trader, which is why i have him on the channel. So much, but hey guys without further ado lets actually get into this. Video crypto is possibly entering a massive bull market and guys, if you are serious about making life changing profit in the coming few months, you do need to check out crypto in minutes. The best way to make money in this market is to have a team of genuinely famous world class traders, giving their exact trades and also analysis daily on the market. Uh yeah. The time of this bull run is limited. You do need to make the most of it and yeah thats what we offer in crypto in minutes check it out using the link below for five percent off just for a disclaimer im, not a financial advisor and nothing in this video is financial advice. Cryptocurrencies are very risky and you could lose money investing into it. Im just sharing my personal opinion with you guys, yo whats up guys its crypto cohen here, coming back with another market update so uh in the last uh video i mentioned that we looked pretty clear of the 61.8 and i thought that we were going to go Straight higher uh from there i was obviously wrong about that and we had a savage pull back um and uh yeah that hit a few of our stops. In the group we took some losses.

We hit a few um trailed up. Uh, stop loss positions in profit um because we were in from lower but yeah it was. It was hard and fast and very savage that would have liquidated a lot of people. It reset a lot of the funding which was um quite positive uh. There was euphoria in our chat, but it was also a lot of just you know: bullthard uh price predictions on twitter um. You know saying you know we were going like 100k and stuff um. I mean i was even saying you know we were going straight back up to here, but um its easy to get caught up in it, but anyway um. You know that thats what happened were now below the 61.8 uh. We are shopping around a little bit uh. We were perking up right now. I think this is going to be a little bit of a um just a bit of a mind, boggle uh over the next little. While i think you know we might come up test this level again come back down. I think it just needs to sort of consolidate and and let this huge move – uh settle um, often when theres, a massive move like that, you know um, it sort of it cant just return. You know, with the same momentum that its had going in uh, because um thats just how how the markets work its sort of just a reset um. I dont think its necessarily.

You know the start of a like. I i just i mean what what im thinking in the back of my mind is that maybe we can do an abc bounce and then another leg lower and then return back up uh but thats just um at this point in time, not um thats. Just you know a secondary scenario: um and uh yeah. I mean this could have been part of a correction, theres theres, a few different variables um and a few different counts. Uh and its not really clear at the moment so were just keeping an open mind were not playing bitcoin in the group. Um were also not playing ethereum in the group. Um ethereum were just sort of monitoring uh, both of them um, as we do just to kind of get the lay of the land and see whats happening uh with the big boys. Um ethereum did do five up and uh. This corrected move down. Um, you know. Maybe this is, you know, an a and then this is now a b and we can bounce up towards the 61.8 here at around 36. 000.. Thats. Sorry 3600. I should say um before we get another leg, lower uh back down to test. You know perhaps the weak, the weak lows here uh i just dont – know again like its its, not clear um, but i mean we are perking up quite nicely now um, i think uh, you know. Maybe we can come back up to here and then chop around.

Not too sure uh same with bitcoin i just yeah dont know um were not playing. Them were focused on other stuff which ill touch on shortly um. Before i do just bitcoin dominance. This is an interesting um. One to look at um, obviously were breaking down. Weve been coming down for a while, we had a bit of a relief bounce when we hit this um support level, and then we were back here again so uh you know, ongoing retests of support is, is bearish basically like its um. This is uh not looking strong, so i think were probably going to have a little bounce and then come down lower again um, so it could be a catalyst for um. You know an old season, uh uh when you know bitcoins weakening um some of the alts. Looking fairly primed um, so who knows but its just something to be aware of um and uh yeah? I think we can see a small bounce from here and then another lower and hopefully well see some big uh nice action uh in in the altcoins. So um diving into the altcoins avax um, so this is uh, something which we mentioned. I think last week, or perhaps the week before its a very nice looking chart at the moment there is um some huge volume uh. Let me just remove this real quick guys. Sorry about that so yeah huge volume coming in on the weekly this weekly candle is um, basically uh, sitting at all time highs already um and uh.

If it closes like this, then thats extremely bullish, um – and this is uh very, very likely going higher from here. Um yeah so were sitting above the the weekly resistance here um, i think uh. Where are we so so yeah daily resistance? Is here uh? I think we may uh at the weekly close um and the next daily close in 15 hours, and the weekly should be closing in 15 hours yep. So we might get a little bit of a re test, uh of that daily level, uh, daily uh and then um. You know like maybe well kind of come up here and then well come back down, and i think this will be uh if we get it. Thats for those that arent in avax and dont have any exposure, then i think this will be the uh. Perhaps the last opportunity before we jet up um for another impulsive move higher, so uh speaking of impulsive moves higher um the count on this isnt too clear. Uh theres a two scenario: scenarios which im mulling, but if this is a um, an impulse like move and then we have another leg higher, i think that can take us up towards. I think it was 120 just based off of the fib extension levels. Let me just pull this up real, quick, guys, yeah, so uh so yeah i mean the one extension would be at around 80, but i mean yeah, i think more 110 120 seems more likely at this point.

Just given the you know, the structure, the overall structure and also given the volume profile uh, i would be surprised to see it go here and then turn around it could um, but uh yeah either way its definitely going up um more so uh, yeah, thats avax, Guys uh looking very good uh, i think yeah. The last opportunity to perhaps get in for some more upside is a re test of this 55 level, which is daily uh, daily resistance, 10 support and from there well go higher so diving into some of the other assets on the avalanche ecosystem um got zaba uh. Looking very nice as well, you know this was an impulsive move up its done. Uh an abc retracement down uh, pretty much. I think it was the 61.8. It might have been a little bit lower than that um yeah. It came down a little bit lower, but but now i think were starting another impulsive move up, um and uh yeah. For here you know you can probably make new. All time highs same with pangolin. I mentioned this in the previous video, not not the previous video, but i am one i think before that or two before that, uh looking good as well um, not as strong as some of the others, but still looking like it can actually at least return to The highs up here, if, if avalanche, is launching then these are all i think, going to um catch a bit as well, and i think some of them are going to really really fly.

Um joe uh is looking really nice. I think probably the nicest of the three um sorry i skip yak, so yeah weve got yak as well uh, which is a yield aggregator, so yeah all looking pretty good. You know the impulse would move up, abc um. This swept the lows and i think now we can make another um yeah. This switch blows here, so that was a wheres, the abc tool here so yeah. This is an impulsive move. Then this is an a. This is a b. This is a c swipe below and now we can start making new all time high a new impulse to to new all time highs same with joe um. You know, impulsive move here abc this this week here swept the layers of the body low at the body. Um candle here it was a three way move and now were making another impulse to the upside, so yeah, looking very nice, i think uh joe um. Personally, i like the look of the most but um yeah. They all look pretty good, and i think you know, as long as avalanche is going up. These are going to go up as well, very quickly, uh gb, good, bridging um. This was airdropped to anyone who used the um avalanche to ethereum uh bridge, which i believe i mentioned in the previous video as well so yeah. I just wanted to mention that that you know if you guys end up using uh the bridge and you move some funds across some from the ethereum uh network to avalanche.

Then you will have received uh most likely a um, an airdrop. I think it was uh. 2500, at the time it dropped, so you know thats thats, pretty good um, so yeah it pays to sort of uh muck around and sort of play with these new sort of bridges – and you know interrupt with interoperability with between different blockchains um, so um yeah, i Mean that was good and uh. You know just a bonus, so um. If you did use the bridge, then make sure to uh claim that uh solana, we were still very much bullish on celina in the group um its taking a little bit of a back seat at the moment, because its had just an absolutely monstrous run. Uh, its pretty much sucked all the liquidity out of the market, everything was sort of trending sideways or down, and solano, just you know, did this huge move so yeah i mean where we are in the cycle. I think that was probably a wave three um and uh. Now we can be shopping around in a way four triangle: uh, possibly um or maybe uh. Some other corrective move its too early to tell um but uh yeah, the show isnt over for um solana. Its just uh taking a bit of a breather and uh, think uh. It will continue um to uh outperform in the coming probably im. Just not too sure. I think we might. We could shop around for like the rest of this week, maybe next week, so um yeah, but well wait and see, but definitely more upside um towards 300.

I think uh and uh because because were in a wave three now, if this is a by four triangle, then you know um based on the feed projections. Uh. Let me just pull this up real, quick, so yeah yeah say thats the lower the four um. Then you know yeah, i mean 300 uh yeah, it seems more than more than reasonable. It probably goes higher to be honest, but um yeah. I dont want to throw out just insanely insane targets, but 300 seems yeah reasonable, which is you know i mean were at 202 now so um thats. That would be a nice move and if it goes higher, then you know happy days so thats. What were doing with celina um were still long in the group, as i mentioned so yeah dont lose sight of that one just because its not pumping um and its still looking very bullish overall step finance um also on the solano salina ecosystem uh. I think if thats mentioned this at around these levels, so just 50 cents or just below were now at dollar 30 uh still looking good um. This was an absolutely savage uh correction, the uh darth maul candle here um, but were still looking good. This daily. You know its pushing up against you know um above these sort of resistances, so its looking like um its looking like uh continued upside for step as well, so uh yeah, i think uh. These are good to um, keep on the radar but uh.

I think for the next for the week ahead, i think uh avalanche and uh and its uh various tokens on the avalanche. Blockchain are going to be the ones to uh, take uh center stage and and steal the limelight, so uh thats it for uh. This update guys its uh step, finance, solana, um joe on the avalanche ecosystem, blockchain, yak, pangolin and zava and, of course, avax itself, so guys. I hope this was a helpful video um. I think uh next week is gon na, be an interesting one. Um and uh yeah stay tuned for more and uh trade safe. Thank you guys for watching make sure you do like and subscribe for more videos just like this and to also stay updated in the latest in the market, but yeah guys ill see you guys soon. Crypto is possibly entering a massive bull market and guys, if you are serious about making life changing profit in the coming few months, you do need to check out crypto in minutes. The best way to make money in this market is to have a team of genuinely famous world class traders, giving their exact trades and also analysis daily on the markets. Uh yeah, the time of this bull run is limited.