You can see it. We can see this so called. I mean i call it like this bush khalifa pattern, where bitcoin was just skyrocketing towards the upside here, actually breaking out out of the w neckline, but immediately without any confirmation breaking down like crazy and, of course not only bitcoin, but also the altcoins were following, even Including elrond all alcons were pumping and dumping with bitcoin and now the question is: is this a bearish fake out right now a glimpse into the future that we are going to see further more downwards momentum, or is this just a shakeout in both ways before we Are going towards the upside? I want to add this with this question. I want to tell you exactly what i am predicting in the immediate short term, with bitcoin, with crypto without coins, but especially also here with my trade over on femax, with almost eight million dollars in this trade. Only one million us dollar left in profits. I will be talking about off. All of that, so make sure you smash up the like button to a new all time high for this very short update video. If you want more of these ones, the second and third updates of today, whenever it is necessary – and now let me go over into the charts and thank you so much for smashing up the like button. Really the last one once again broke all records, and i cannot thank you enough for the support here on the video i know its for free, but it still takes a lot.

If you like share comment – and i truly appreciate it – i know it from my own behavior on youtube. Sometimes it it needs one to push you to do it, and i really appreciate every single one of you doing it now lets go over here into the chart and, as you can see, on the 50 minute, canvas bitcoin was breaking out like crazy. I have to say i was getting myself a little bit excited to be honest, and then we fight out towards the downside and going over here to the hourly candles. You can see that with a small exception. Actually, this still looks like the um, like the whack off pattern, i have to say i made for a phase b, a little bit shorter and just for a quick, um, quick context here for everyone who knows this. Is the bush khalifa beta, look at it for everyone who knows what the um, what the wyckoff pattern is in phase a we break towards the downside, as c is for um selling climax. Then we have alternate return. Then we have the secondary test and in phase b we are zig zagging, creating a new low, with a secondary test in phase b and then going to the upside before breaking down in face c into the spring and building the low, and i have potentially potentially Guys hold your horses good news for you. If this is phase c and, of course, the white coffee pattern is traditionally a daily pattern, its not perfect, but this is what i was talking about.

Actually, in yesterdays video in the wyckoff pattern, we are creating three lower lows: number one number two and number three. So if this is the low end phase c, we have to disregard this rig and i dont like that its there. I have to tell you: this is a maybe a hint that its not a wyckoff pattern, but so far besides this everything is here perfectly playing out and this seems to be the springing facey. However, if we are breaking lower breaking this low here significantly, i will throw this whole assumption overboard and i will not talk about this pattern anymore. So far, we are still perfectly following it here and if this is the truth, lets quickly see what this pattern is predicting from here we should only see upside actually, at least on the four wally canvas. So if this pattern plays out from here, what we should see is actually zigzag towards the upset and then in phase d, the the final breakout all the way up to 40 000 before in phase e, we are breaking out towards the upside, of course, guys take It with a big grain of salt, but so far we have to actually wait and see what the chart is telling us and wait to and see whether bitcoin is choosing a direction. I can tell you exactly how we can do so so number one lets look out for the previous low not to be broken at 44 187, because we had a big fake out to the upside, which is much stronger than the bouncy on the downside.

If we were to roll over again and create a new low and break the previous low likelihood significantly increases that this is not facey, that this is not a wyckoff pattern. However, if we hold this one and the next levels here are going more towards the upside, once again, we would complete phase c and therefore only in phase d need the last breakout towards here, a zigzag accumulation between the forty, seven thousand and forty eight thousand us Dollar levels – and this is exactly what im waiting for – i am not trading right now. What i am, let me quickly go back. I am here in the living room because im having an appointment, basically an amazing dinner with a lot of friends. Davinci is gon na. Come and many others also what i am doing right now, trading wise for myself before i go into the altcoins, my trade here i deleveraged it already. You can see that my liquidation price is now 37 700, but no, i want to go even forward more for what i want to add a few more bitcoin and deleverage myself more, so my liquidation price is below this 61.8, the 61.8 in case this is not A wyckoff pattern is at least a potentially likely level to hit, and i wanted to show it to you. This is my personal worst case scenario and im. Not getting tired of every single time show you my worst case scenario, because sometimes its just up to the exhaust exact dollar happening, as i am predicting it for the worst case, and here the worst case scenario, as you can see it.

If im going over is the for me personally because im in the assumption of this uptrend here, the 61.8, the golden pocket between 37 500 and 38 333.. This is what i want to make sure my liquidation price is below. Let me quickly go back. This is what i want to make sure my liquidation price is below in case we are breaking lower. Now the question is what is happening with the altcoins? Well, of course, you know i am in compound cardano maker and especially – and this is my biggest position in elrond – the reason why i am actually saying please guys dont leverage trade, these outcomes, you can do it, you can make huge gains, but you have to actually You have to know that every now and then you are going to get liquidated and of course, erod is much stronger than bitcoin, even here almost recently, but as you can see, with this rejection, we didnt even hit the 38.2. So please be very, very careful with trading l1 on leverage um on on spot. It is fine, but so far i am not training it here, um with with a big trade on leverage im, just holding it spot, and the same goes for cardano. The same goes for elrond for a compound for maker dao and for all those alcons which i was i was mentioning earlier. Im still holding them, but especially todays fu move was once again signifying that the altcoins are following bitcoin, that bitcoin is still king and it will remain king forever.

If bitcoin goes into a black swan scenario, it will take the outcomes with it. Please remember this always guys be a little bit cautious and, of course, im still holding all my icons and if this changes ever, i will tell you definitely guys smash up the like button to a new all time high for the second video update for today.