As always, this video is for entertainment purposes only so lets get into this lets talk about the overall state of the union, so whats going on right now, with ethereum proof of stake, moving to being delayed being tilled, probably toward the end of 2022 and high gas Fees there are some definite cryptos that are evolving as superior and good alternatives uh for projects to be launched on on them, specifically in the d5 in the nft space theres, there are particular block chains like solana, phantom things like that uh polka dot. These are all that have evolved and are just crushing it as of recent, in fact, this is a trend that im seeing that i think is going to continue to go up and up and up, and so one of the ones that i want to spotlight in This particular crypto is breaking out right now and i think its going to continue to go up and has the strong potential just to keep keep rising and that particular one is avalanche. Okay, so avalanche right now is currently trading at 61.31. Yes, i know its up. Uh dramatically overall, in fact, its basically one year high right now is 64.87, so its trading pretty pretty close to that one year high. But i think that this one has a tremendous amount of room to continue to keep going up and up and up because its going to benefit from the delay of ethereum 2.

0 going into place and thats coming strictly from, like vitalik buterin and some of those other People uh that are saying that hey you know the full ethereum 2.0 proof of work to proof of stake model is going to be delayed to probably later 2022., and so you look at all these d5 and nft projects that are currently being developed and being deployed. They have to go somewhere besides ethereum because of high gas fees and you know, and and uh performance, etc, right and so thats why you have solana, phantom and now obviously avalanche taking. You know stepping in and taking uh taking over, where that you know the opportunity right so right here, right now, um there is absolutely a bull flag being presented for avalanche. That shows that we could continue to go as high as 80 to 85. So that is absolutely something thats in play that i wanted to make you aware of also need to make you aware of the fact that i have my patreon links are in the description below. If you want to check in on that, you can get access to me, ill, show you and give you help with your portfolio. You can see my inner circle portfolio. In fact, i made a massive major move. Yesterday i saw an opportunity in the market and liquidated and moved a bunch of uh money into some particular different cryptos for some very specific reasons, and i and i let my um all my patreon members, my inner circle members right here at the 20 level know About that, so by the way you can join and cancel at any time and id love to have you by the way is twenty dollars worth it uh to get some guidance and some help on your crypto journey probably might be okay, so lets go back to Avalanche basically, so you got avalanche, you know stepping in and being one of the major blockchains as it relates to d5 nft, really more.

The d5 space, okay, and so speaking of that youve got uh. Theyve picked up a major major deal. This is a a excuse. Me uh binky, avalanches, first and only unicorn its a very intriguing company: okay, with nearly two billion in total value. Lock, the d5 protocol is getting noticed by many people. Algorithmic liquidity will play a crucial role in the future development of d phi solutions and products. Okay, so this goes on to talk about everything kind of about binky, but my point to showing you this is, that is that avalanche is starting to knock down some of these major big, huge projects that are out there, and i just think firmly its going to Continue to do that its going to continue to roll, and i think that this is a good one that you might thats algorithm. I like that. One too, that you might want to look at that. I think is going to continue to roll up and keep going up and up and up so i wanted to make this real, quick video for you just kind of let you know these are my thoughts on this, so if you havent already done so check it Out, as always, i appreciate you and if you havent already done so, please consider subscribing like the button hit.