What am i talking about? Well, of course, i will be going into the bitcoin chart and i want to tell you exactly what is unfolding here right now in the bitcoin chart, not only in regards to the immediate short term, but also to this wyckoff accumulation pattern, the wyckoff accumulation schemata, which Is potentially here still panning out for bitcoin? I will be talking about that. Of course, i want to be talking about the altcoins as well, what im doing with my 2 million us dollar l1 spot position and, of course, also about the other icons. I will be zooming out on the outcome market and tell you exactly what has to happen for us to stay bullish here and to find new. All time highs here for the bitcoin and for the altcoin smash up the like button to a new all time high. My yesterdays nighttime video was getting so many views, so many like so many comments. I already thought youtube youtube is cracking down on our channel and then you came back and you showed it to us. Thank you so much for all your support. This is really awesome and you are the reason why im doing this every single day. You are the reason why im standing up. You are really the reason why im taking the phone every single day into them into my hand and making these videos for you – and i want to thank you for that now lets go straight into the chat here.

Lets go to bitcoin and what you can see here on the four hourly calls is by the way we are still in phase b. If this is even playing out here yesterday, we had this rising wedge bitcoin broke down and hit the bearish price target right now. It seems like we are recovering exactly here at the previous highs for bitcoin, and if this is important, if bitcoin is turning around here, this could potentially be a beautiful w pattern with a low here and a higher low right there. And if we are breaking the neckline at approximately 46 200, let me quickly show you the price target, guys if im zooming out a little bit and taking out the measurement uh price target and stick with me. I know you want to hear about the altcoins. I know you want to hear all complex and the price target stick with me until the very end. The price target would be approximately 48 300 give or take. Why? I personally think that this is not going to happen. Very, very quickly is the reason that here we are still in this wyckoff pattern, and if this is panning out, we need to wait a little bit longer here. As you can see, usually in the wyckoff pattern, we are creating a low, a lower low and then another lower low in phase c before we are eventually breaking towards the upside in phase d and creating new higher highs.

New. All time highs here in after phase e, so if this is the case, then of course we should expect a few more days of bitcoin, ranging in between approximately forty four thousand and forty seven thousand two hundred. This is what im personally expecting for bitcoin, or at least to say what i think is the most likely scenario for bitcoin. If we are creating soon here, a new low below the law, we had to create it earlier, then i would say we are entering phase c the moment we are creating a low below the forty four thousand two hundred. This is when i think we are coming into facie, so personally, i think that we can. We shouldnt expect like new, all time highs within the next week. I think bitcoin is going to chop around for a little bit longer, but this usually means that the alcons have time to shine when bitcoin goes sideways. This usually means the icons have time to shine and now talking about the altcoins, let me quickly go over to the total market cap. Then you can see actually not a lot here on the lower time frames, but what i wanted to do is go over to the weekly and if we are going to the total crypto cap, this is the total crypto market cap. I mean honestly the the fact alone that we are already at 2 trillion. This is like the amazon market cap. Guys people still want to tell us that its a small ecosystem.

We are actually growing on a yearly basis, and even if we are going into a bear market like every single time, those people every year, they are telling us its a bubble, its a bubble when we are going higher when we are going lower, creating a higher Low they are telling us, i told you its a bubble, then we are going higher and they say look at this. Its going parabolic its a bubble, its always gon na be the same, but now here on the higher time frames on the weekly. Of course we have to ask ourselves the question: what is going to happen in the immediate short term, and this is still the pivotal point i was talking about earlier. We had a high and now bitcoin is still creating a lower high here on the weekly. Can its not bitcoin but the total crypto market cap, including bitcoin? So if we are not seeing some bullish price action anytime soon within the next few weeks, likelihood, of course is at least it is at least very possible that um. This continues to the downside and we are creating this dangerous m pattern, so i want to see the crypto market cap bitcoin, including altcoins, breaking the previous high. Finally closing a weekly candle above 2.4 trillion us dollars, as you can see it right here. The moment we are closing a candle above this, i am expecting many more weeks of insane upwards price action, not only for bitcoin, but especially also for all cuts.

As you know, the more we are developing into this bull market – and i am actually saying that we are pretty much mature in that bull market – that we are coming to an end that there may be just a few more months. In this case, we can expect insane outcome gains, but only when we are breaking and also closing a weekly candle above that, of course, before im going into the altcoins. I wan na uh, of course show you also here my trade on bitcoin. This one is still on a million dollars in a profit on the bottom right corner, and you can see seven point: seven million u.s dollars still in this trade. The reason why im not actually increasing the position or decreasing this the position is because bitcoin did not choose a direction yet and as long as this is not happening, im not getting weekends, look at my hand very calm and im only changing my direction when the Market is changing the train and this is not happening yet. If you want to be trading as well on bitcoin on all cons, you can trade bitcoin, you can trade everyone, you can trade with whatever outcomes you want with phoenix with buy, but with binance in the pin comment down below, you will get actually not a 4100. You will get a three thousand one hundred dollar bonus on femax alone. One thousand six hundred us dollar bonus for free phoenix has one one of the most outgoings.

You can trade on leverage. Do it only with as an experienced trader, but if you wan na, do it with the free max link? In our opinion, comment, you get 1 600 us dollars for free, so now wrapping it up for the up for the outcomes before im. Doing that guys, please support me here a little bit if you take at mmcrypto and also at twitter support over on twitter, our account is still suspended. All followers gone everything gone here, so please help me to get back the twitter account if you can make noise on twitter, so the twitter uh support finally sees that we are getting cracked down here. This is um. I dont know how it happened. Its a manual correct, also someone from twitter, someone whos working. There probably has a friend who was um trying to do something against us, so please make some noise over there so still quick update about elrond. Thank you so much for all your support, guys. I am holding my 2 million us dollar spot position on elrod still and, as you can see, with the market, breaking down l1 is holding strong and its just awesome to see that you guys are making multi millions. Tens and hundreds of millions with this, and, of course i am holding this and im very happy to be part of that as well. Um im holding this position and, of course, im also holding my other position, its getting very, very hot here, im going over for lunch, but i will come to you with a second video on um on our channel here.