Music. All right all right lets pull up the screen here. Oh, my favorite, you know this is my favorite crypto cardano ive got a few of them, but cardanos my number one and cardano launches today. Theyre smart contracts were going to get into that and there will be fud. You can expect that and were going to talk about when cardanos going to hit 10 bucks, in my opinion, so lets get into cardano today, and here you can see on twitter theyre really talking it up. It says today, as smart contracts go, live on cardano. Take a minute to appreciate how hard at iohk, charles and the team have worked and the criticism they have taken for so many years to make this happen its a huge day so heres one where they retweeted uh todays a milestone that cardano ada will be the First crypto in the top ten to achieve smart contracts, proof of stake and being the most decentralized all at the same time, huge achievement so obviously theyre very excited. This is a epic moment in the life of cardano, the ecosystem and all the hard work done by the cardano foundation. Iohk amir go charles hoskinson and his whole crew theyre uh, getting ready to fulfill a long time dream to have a cryptocurrency that has the smart contracts and its proof of stake and thats. The difficult part is the proof of stake and its been years in the making. Let me assure you i mean they have really worked at it and, of course, adas concept is to not only eliminate the middleman, but to do it without having to do mining.

This proof of stake is a different animal. It requires a whole ecosystem of people to verify these contracts and to do it in a way that doesnt require all the use of electricity and all the mining power thats required. So, like i say, theyre kind of going at this in a totally different way and politically, i think its going to be great long term. The other big issues are number one price. The gas fees will be so much lower with cardano as opposed to ethereum and i own ethereum and like aetherium and theyre, working on proof of stake as well. So you know theyre the number two crypto and i think theyll be the number two crypto for crypto. For quite a while, i dont know if cardona would be able to catch up to him or not, but theyre a distant third right now id love to see them get up to a close. Third that would be fantastic. We also know long term theyll be faster. So its really going to be ideal for a lot of the smaller contracts and the many contracts that are going to be going out there that cant afford to pay huge gas fees, because, if youre doing a contract thats, maybe a few hundred bucks, you cant pay. 70 80 90 100 bucks in gas fees and make that work. You need to pay a very small amount, cardanos going to allow people to do that and thats one of the things thats exciting about its the blue collar crypto ive been calling it that for months i think theres a huge opportunity for a blue collar crypto using Proof of stake and cardano is going to be first mover on that plane, so its very exciting now heres the thing when youre starting to compete with a major competitor like ethereum thats done that that has been so successful and theres other cryptos that want to do The same thing, theres going to be a lot of fud, which, as we know, is fear, uncertainty and doubt you can just go ahead and prepare yourself for it.

Its coming and its been its been out there for a long time. Theres definitely going to be a lot of this Music yup just go ahead and count on it. Its gon na be and heres the thing theres gon na be reason for it, because this is the first time doing this theres gon na be hiccups. Theres gon na be problems theres no way. Theyre gon na be able to launch this perfectly its impossible. Nobody can do these kinds of huge herculean efforts and expect it to just oh well its going to go just as well as it would if it was 12 months from now or six months from now its not going to be that way, theres going to be Difficulties theres going to be things they hadnt thought of people are going to throw curve balls its just the way it is doesnt mean its not going to be fantastic long term. I think it will be, but theres going to be some issues and theres going to be people play that up, so just go ahead and steal yourself to it its going to happen and theres tons of news articles talking about cardano its really all the rage. Right now it talks about cardanos, big alonzo upgrade will bring programmability to the blockchain according to founder, charles hoskinson hes, going to wear a ghostbusters costume to mark the occasion, because a lot of people have called it the ghost chain, because it didnt have anything on it.

So thats the whole play on that. So, instead of getting mad about it, hes just playing right into it, which i think is funny. It says: cardanos big lonzo upgrade rolls out on sunday and i believe its going to happen at 5 45 eastern time. I believe which is not long from now, thats well wheres, my watch thats only about an hour and a half from now so pretty exciting. I think thats right. I think i got that figured out right. So sunday marks the final and most important stage of the alonzo series of upgrades, and this is all part of the gogan era, so its currently the biggest blockchain that can run applications other than a native cryptocurrency token. Smart contracts will enable the network to run des centralized finance applications. For example. This is one of the magical superpowers of cardano is that we built it up with upgradability in mind. It means that cardano now supports programmability thats, like when javascript came to the web browser. So you go from static, boring web pages to facebook and google and youtube and of course, itll get used for nfts. A lot im sure says. For example, nfts were essentially like digital collectors items that represent real world assets like artwork. Video, even virtual real estate have been booming, endorsed by celebrities, sports stars and luxury brands. Accessing these digital assets often requires a cryptocurrency. The prospect of having to use a blockchains native cryptocurrency to buy an nft take part in an online game or make a payment has been a big driver and some of the tokens whose networks offer or will offer these capabilities.

Cardano, being one of them and cardona is going to be doing a lot of things you can use it for personal identification. You can use it for educational achievement, theyll be able to use it for nfts theres, a lot of things coming down the path that that cardano is going to get used for and the fact that its going to be fast and cheap. Its going to be pretty obvious that a lot of people are going to want to use, it makes a lot of sense and we started really covering cardano. I think it was back in here about a dollar 10 and some of you may have bought the same time. I did i i guess you could say: weve come to the party a little late, itd been great to got it back here, but right here, wasnt bad at all. I mean at one point we were almost triple so its been its been great and where i saw this going was to jump from here, then it was going to jump up to here and then we thought it would jump up to this third face, which is Exactly what its done, the reason i thought thats, because it had already done that here where it jumped up, and i thought well it. It certainly seems like its going to do the same thing here and eventually thats what its going to do again now. Heres the thing its not surprising or unexpected that you might have some sell the news or there could be some problems and it gets people nervous.

So you know you may see a pullback. I wouldnt be shocked by that at all, and certainly if bitcoin pulls back, everything does, but i think, long term. I see this thing going up to the next level where it jumped from here to here to here, and then i think eventually it will be up into here, and i think over the next 12 months were probably looking at about 10. Bucks is where i see cardano headed, and i wouldnt be a bit surprised if it got there a little bit earlier than that. But 12 months is my calling point on this, and that would be a real nice more than triple from here and, like i said at one point, it almost triples where we start first started looking at it at a dollar ten, because it hit a little over Three bucks at one point i think, got up to about 303 or 304, so pretty exciting, to watch this cryptocurrency and heres the important part. You know this is not a meme coin. This things all about use case its going to be a very useful cryptocurrency and useful crypto currencies have a tendency to do this, and if you dont think that look at bitcoin and ethereum both use cases, one is held for primarily value and you can buy things With it and then, of course, ethereum being the smart contracts that has been great for nfts and more, but this thing i just think its got a fantastic future and i could not be remember, im very bullish on cardano.

You need to take that into account when you watch this video understand im about as bullish as you can get take that, but take that for what its worth all right. Folks, thats, cardano and big day today and, like i said, prepare yourself for some fud. You know dont be shocked if it has a little sell the news over the next day or two or three but long term. This is a great crypto, so i think its a fantastic day personally, very excited about it and if you like, this content, be sure to hit that like button that lets me know to continue to cover cardano and if you havent subscribed hit that subscribe button. Id.