I show you how to make money in crypto if you like money in crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe button uh guys today, i want to talk about cardano ada people are giving up on it. People are saying the smart contract launch is a disaster, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah coming to you live today by the way from the uh, the jeep rubicon ‘2.. I got the top up, lets get it um. I feel, like it kind of looks like im driving in a semi truck with no top its a weird angle, but were gon na go with it. So listen guys. Cardona weve been waiting on this forever. The haters have been all over it. Theyve been talking about kaidana will never let you never have an ecosystem that never has my country blah blah blah blah. Well, today is the day the most exciting day in cardano history. Think about that hope. Its not too loud up. There were going to roll with it the most exciting day ever. This is the day where we finally get to tell the haters to shut up, but they are out once again in full force. Tweeting about one of the first daps had some issues – oh yeah. God forbid and adapt were to have an issue. I mean my gosh. It took ethereum basically two years to get one that would even work correctly. So look we love ethereum, but it is what it is so heres the thing now that we have the smart contracts.

Uh launched, i am estimating it will take three months to become the second largest ecosystem in crypto behind ethereum, keep in mind, polkadot still not fully launched, but we do have solana which is launched and has an ecosystem polygon, even though its on ethereum. It also kind of has its own ecosystem. Tezos has its own ecosystem, eos, tron iost. All of these projects have their own ecosystems and yes, a lot of them suck, not all of them, so on obviously doesnt, but a lot of them are terrible, a lot of them suck um. If youre wondering i got all this stuff in my bag that this is my cowboy bed spread from when i was a kid, you guys know, ive been a cowboy for a long time putting some in storage today, but uh shout out to my dad for holding On to this, for my entire life uh, but just like i tell him to hold on to that xrp for his entire life. Now, look you see the way that relationship works, but when it comes to cardano launching, i think this ecosystem is going to get very full. Very fast were going to see. Awesome d5 plays were going to see awesome uh, you know i, i dont know what theyre calling them on cardano. I dont know i dont think theyre gon na call them ideos for uh dex offerings im, not sure what they call them on card auto, but basically were gon na see, launch pads like card starter, uh launch pads, like auckland finance, all rising up to have some Of the best projects on cardano launch on them were gon na have wallets were gon na, have basically everything you can imagine dapps games nfts.

We are gon na, have it all on cardano. Within the next three months, there have been people just chomping at the bit to develop in this ecosystem, and i, for one, cannot wait now what happens if we have a big problem? Well, you know, i think, thats, just one of those things that uh well have to see. I dont think that were gon na have a massive problem. We might have a line of code here or there that needs to be adjusted and whatnot. I mean youre going to have bugs on anything that launches anywhere thats, why they have bug testers for video games like a, but this is whats so idiotic about these ethereum people, which i am an ethereum person, but these ethereum holding ada haters, the ethereum holding ada Haters they act like anything out there in the world when it gets launched, has no bugs. I look. My kid has the glitch back by demarini hes. Not this thing is incredible. If you want to see pictures of my kid pitching yesterday, which he three innings no hit ball, you guys uh can go check out. Uh dad jokes ftw on instagram see some uh pictures of me coaching yesterday and my kid pitching, but he has a bat called the glitch from denmarini. Now, every year, demarini launches these uh demarini launches these new bats. Okay, now they launched them at the college. World series now i know what youre wondering how in the world is this relevant well im going to explain to you how even real world products when they launch they have issues so what they do is add the little league or another lilly world series at the College world series they hand out the next years version of the demarini baseball bat, the travel bat.

Basically, and what happens is? Is they give it out to kids at that college world series, and then they let them play with it for a couple months, and they always find that there are problems in the bat that need to be fixed. You dont want to get one of those initial bats, see the same thing with cars, the same thing with cars, you the the first c8, the first corvette c8, so the 2020 model. It had all kinds of problems, its better to wait for the next year to get it when they all have their problems worked out. Cars baseball bats code. It all has to have issues and bugs that gets fixed. So, im not concerned about any of the things that people are saying right now about cardano. I think these people are just holding on to their last straws of air before theyre all made to look like absolute idiots. I that anthony wasano, i think, hes i dont, even know who this guy is never heard of him until he started attacking cardano, um hes, probably a nobody, i would say, but the point here is this: what can we expect from the cardinal price over the next Few weeks and months now, you guys know, i think, its going to 10 to 15 10 to 12 somewhere in that range. But i think this week we are going to see as more and more positive stuff comes out of these smart contract launches were going to see more and more um.

You know positive price movement. We saw it yesterday, even though everything else was down. Yesterday, you saw cardona go back up to 2.70 cents, only 30 cents from its all time high. It went all the way down to i think 230, so thats a massive rise in a short period of time. So i do expect we will see cardano start to blow up this week as more people commit to building on it. Its more of these projects weve been waiting for for a long time, start to actually come out and uh. You know develop and be used and gain users, but this is not going to be an overnight thing. I mean its not going to be like tomorrow. The cardano ecosystem is going to be full, but i do believe it is going to be the fastest growth of an ecosystem in history, and i think that we are going to see uh. We we are going to see within three months. This become the number two ecosystem in crypto, and that is really insane to me got good news today. Just on the world of bitcoin, i mean bitcoins up back above 46 000 at the time of this recording was down and it went down to 44 8. I think yesterday so were seeing the the number we need to watch. Like i mentioned in last nights, three minute: uh crypto wrap up. Video is 45 500 and right now we are above that number.

As long as we can stay above that number, it looks like this golden cross could print and we could be in for some good time gains or bitcoin and lets face it while bitcoin goes sideways, its good for all coins a lot of times as long as It doesnt have that real detrimental drop, but what i would say is this: to get to the numbers we all want: cardano or xrp or ethereum to get to. We have to have bitcoin lead. The way we have to have bitcoin dominance go back up a little bit as bitcoin takes some time in the sun, and i think that is going to be this week. So let me know what you think down below in the comments rise up no falcons gon na rotate the family to the uh first falcons game in the suite today. So super excited uh lets see if you check out the dad jokes ftw on instagram ill put.