Always an exciting one, so, but right now, crypto news today lets get into it and uh the crypto market as a whole. Right now is down. Uh crypto market loses a hundred billion as bitcoin solana and cardano see red, although we know when we see red. These are good opportunities or just opportunities to hold hold your assets and um be patient right after a decent period of consolidation, uh most major cryptos, including btc saul and ada, were trading in the red on monday, as the crypto market fell by a hundred billion. Excuse me, furthermore, the total volume in d5 is currently 18.’ billion, that which makes up 16 of the entire crypto markets 24 hour volume. How about stable coins, though they make up 77 of the total crypto market 24 hour volume at 88 billion, as many traders appear to leave money on the sidelines, uh waiting for these dips right, they leave money in stable coins, so lets see here if we scroll Back down elsewhere in the market over the past 24 hours, solana has lost over 15.29 percent of its market value. Following a substantial rise over the previous week or two, which uh suggests solana is likely to be heading into consolidation territory shortly. Uh so well have to watch this closely. I have entered some positions in solana. I look to be adding some more especially right now, where these prices are at lets. Go. Take a look at some of these prices: real quick uh, bitcoin down to 44 6.

cardano under 240. I, like that uh for cardano heres solana, down at 158, its down about 11 and a half percent right now uh. I was adding at 180 170 and 160s um. I guess i got a hat at 150s too, and im okay, so im, basically just kind of dollar cost averaging right now, at this point im buying, you know one at a time essentially uh. What ive done is ive put money into um the die coin and im just taking from the die coin and buying us all every time you know kind of dips further and further, so ill continue to kind of dca into solana right now, uh in case we Do get into a consolidation period, thats, okay, ill kind of wait through it, but right now i want to do. I want to slowly add to solana uh as i as i can, because i did miss the opportunity to load up early uh, but now the best bet for me is to dollar cost average, so thats just im kind of taking you through my my thought process. There lets get back to this article here, real quick. Indeed, since the adoption of bitcoin as legal tender in el salvador on tuesday september 7, 2021 bitcoin has struggled to get back over the critical 50 000 level. It really has, and the market has experienced a dip as a whole, of course, because of bitcoin not being able to perform um over uh that fifty thousand dollar level.

Nevertheless, though, the ukrainian parliament approved a measure enabling the existence of digital currencies last week, bringing the country one step closer to legalizing cryptocurrencies in the nation very interesting, now, im going to take a look at the crypto fear and greed index here in a minute just Want to quickly plug our supporter and insider levels over at the patreon come on over and join our community wed love to have you ill? Take a look at your portfolio for you. I love helping people. Uh talked with two new members yesterday, totally new to crypto its so exciting to help them along in their journey, and you dont have to be brand new weve got something for you over at the patreon links down in the description now lets hop over to the Crypto fear and greed index. We are in a fear period right now at 44, so there are some great buying opportunities, as i mentioned. So if we go a little bit further down the line here, tara luna has pulled back. Uh avalanche has pulled back 14. 15 percent. Uh lets see here ftx token down about 10 polygon down at 124. What else do we have here? V, chained down to 11 cents, cosmos still performing pretty well uh. What else is down? Big tazos is looking good right. Now uh lets see any other big declines here. Lets see: oh phantom down at 130 thats a good opportunity there on ftm phantom okay, so some interesting uh directions.

You can go here with this market revame down 18 a lot of different opportunities here. So let me know down below in the comment section where youre looking to add on or open up a new position in maybe youre just holding, and i think thats a good strategy too right now, you know september is usually a shaky month for bitcoin and its Proving to be that right now, this past week was huge for crypto. We saw uh bitcoin become the legal tenor in el salvador, cardano smart contracts, but keep in mind im getting a lot of uh comments. You know in these comments of videos, saying youre wrong. The price didnt go up. Price is not a direct correlation with big news. Okay youve got to be more patient than that youve got to let these things play out its not about the launch of smart contracts. As much as it is what the developers now do with the ability to build on top of the cardano network, so the real test is going to come months down the line. So i just wanted to throw that out. There be patient. A lot of people want to make this money quick overnight. It just doesnt work like that: okay and ill take the heat. Thats fine im, not worried about that im. Just trying to inform you give you the best possibility to do well, and the best way to do that is be patient, be a long term holder and buy the dips.

Okay, because you know that one day, youre gon na look up and realize that you made a good decision: okay, uh, so thats kind of where im at right now with the entire crypto market. Again, crypto market loses a hundred billion, but everybodys in fear mode. That means its time to go back to the well and add on to our highest conviction place or if we dont have a lot of money on the sidelines, just hold just be patient alright.