I know you guys, thats, pretty cool were gon na see, though theres some speculation that it is fake, so well dive into that. We got our coffee, we got a monday video smack that subscribe button and that, like button and lets just get right on in it. So jumping in here guys were gon na go over some articles first well get into the price action well get into. Why this matters and how this actually is incorporated with the whole shiba thing with coinbase, how they end up robbing a lot of customers and how you can protect yourself in the future. So we got an article right here that says thats titled walmart says it intends to allow shoppers to make payments with litecoin update. This might have been on. This might have been one of the all time great cons. I think their grammar is terrible here, but you know we got this litecoin thing. Walmart announced this major partnership with litecoin. Look at that this tweet has been deleted. We go over here, walmart crypto payments announcement refers non working website. Litecoin gives up gain wow. What is going on there litecoin just giving up those gains over here. Walmart announces major partnership with litecoin. We can get into the juicy details, but it does seem like its actually a scam because look at whats going on here this price action. We are currently on the hourly chart right here. So every candle is an hour for becky in the back room.

Look pump from the bottom of the candle to the to the wick up here, 36 in one hour, wow and then, and then what happened well were still working on. It were so far were down 36 percent in the last hour, so guys it took everything back. Its not really going there there. It seems like its actually fake news, because look they claim that this tweet was deleted, its actually fake something like what, if somebody hacked the right coin, because you know litecoin is the right coin: what if they hacked the right coin? Twitter account right there and uh. Somebody like oh, were going to put this announcement in. You know like full. Everybody, well pump the price up and then well dump on them, hey that that that definitely could happen but uh. We we do want to pull back here since were looking at like, like let us just see whats going on there. Besides the whole little pumparoon ski right. There right here were on the daily wow. Look at that wick on the daily, showing a lot of selling pressure. I wonder why. I wonder why theyre showing a lot of selling pressure did we? Maybe we might have gone over that um, but yeah just check that out guys lets see. Was there a golden cross? Was there death cross? Yes, we had a good old death cross right here, uh june 29th. Look at this. We bounced right off the 50 right off the 50.

Just like bitcoin did too so well see if bitcoin can hold that. I, like it and da da potential golden cross, looks like more towards the end of um september, but well see, though, if the price hacking action continues pumping getting back above the 200 ma, i mean, of course, its going to happen sooner rather than later, but if We fall below the mas thatll happen later rather than sooner, and it falls so far below it just wont happen. So just keep that in mind, but while looking down the daily thats kind of thats kind of intense right, there thats massive wick right there, but of course thats what like good old, fake, new shows and just to show you guys. Mr whale uh crypto whale on the tweeter says fake news now circulating that walmart, the worlds largest grocer is partnering with litecoin litecoin has surged nearly 30, and many reputable reputable news. Blogs are reporting on it. Be careful with buying into this wmt is that world mobile token, or does that mean walmart? You guys, let me know down below what does wmt stand for world mobile token or walmart and like on interest in fake news litecoin it pumped. It definitely made some massive gains. We just went over that and pop. You know the little bitcoin maxi himself says: walmart press release when coin is fake, dont fall for the nonsense and guys. Why am i like beating this with a dead horse like? Why am i going over the same thing over and over again its because this right here is? This is a similar thing that happened with google coinbase we saw with shiba look.

We saw the ship, the announcement, you know it pumped really high on coinbase. It actually pumped lets get a good measure move for becky in the back from wick to wick its 13. Oh, my goodness, 1300 almost 400, and the issue is, though, columbus had issues and guys we tweeted about this. We literally tweeted about this. It was about 12 hours before this massive dump so go. Follow the tweeters, the crypto homie homie underscore crypto. The problem is, though, if you guys look the price action here: theres, four: zero, so zero point: zero, zero, zero, theres, four zero, so five, so four zeros and then a five. But the real price was all the way down here: theres, five zeros and like a seven, so people got wrecked because of course, theyre like they bought on another exchange and tried to transfer it over it. Didnt work because coinbase said you know they suspended deposits. They had issues, i dont know exactly what happened guys. It does seem a little fishy im not going to lie. It does seem like things pumped theyre like oh guys, lets head it there because its like you know something like weirds going on and then you know they kind of just allowed everybody to start selling them kind of weird. I dont know im sorry to hear a lot of people did get wrecked, but guys this is where you need to go on research. You need to look around, you got you got to.

You know youre your own financial advisor. You have to be responsible. You know self sovereignty, you have to do what works for you, and we mentioned this the night before on the live streams like. Why would anybody buy shibba on coinbase its like really freaking expensive, to create anywhere else? So just keep that in mind, thats, something you want to take self sovereignty over guys, thats, what bitcoins all about, maybe youre, not into bitcoin, maybe youre, not into the ethos of bitcoin and thats. All right but uh i mean guys, you definitely youre investing in the wild wild west, the wild wild west. You have to do a little bit of research same thing with this litecoin. As soon as you just see a headline like this, you dont want to just go buying it. Oh lets, go lets, go like you, know, sell everything and just buy a good old. Like coin you dont want to do that. You want to see like whats going on guys. It was especially this was so fast and things you know turned around so fast, just looking at the good old chart here i mean look at this hourly, i mean bam, bam, shabam its right back down. Man so well see whats going on there, but i just want to emphasize, though, like with good old shiva its unfortunate seeing a lot of people getting wrecked. Ive read a lot of the comments. A few people did make some bucks the one guy made 80 000 off this and congratulations, but i think more money was lost, and that is definitely disappointing, but guys do a little bit just a little bit of research.

If you would have saw the price on coinbase for something else, you would have saw that hey its definitely off. So just keep that in mind. Um just want to put that out there guys fake news on walmart now, looking too hot. All that great stuff lets go check out. The btcs see whats going on there, btc good old bitcoin. Only hourly, i mean look thats pumped kind of with the good ol like one as well, and we have a we have the the bitcoin cat right here. We call we call our kittens the bitcoin cat say hi shes running around. You probably heard some noise in the background. Bitcoin cat shes, not camera shy, um yeah so like regarding the good old bitcoins, so were currently at 44 thousand dollars were kind of falling down. A little bit um, we did talk about golden cross incoming. Where is that at what we got on this one? We got to change it. Get that 50 up. There bam bam. Lets see! Oh look at that guys. What do you see right here? Golden cross? I said middle towards the end of september and its the middle of september right now looks like its going to happen very soon, but, of course we want the price action to go up, though um. Maybe this will be one of those fake out golden crosses where it actually doesnt happen, where we actually dont start pumping, so you know well see how that ends up playing out well, go from there lets both the macd.

What do we got going on? There guys negative momentum? We still have negative momentum were still building more negative momentum. Currently on the daily, not surprising. I wouldnt be surprised to see this come down at least re test that 42 000 43 000 region. I think but homie. Why do you say that why why would you say were gon na go down why? Why would that happen? Well, this right here is kind of looking like a dead cat bounce. You dont know for sure if its going to be a dead cop bounce so afterwards, but its looking like its a possibility to play out here and look. We topped right here around the 42 000 region back in january of 2021, and then you know we got rejected there rejected there hold held it there, and i wouldnt be surprised if we come at least test this. The thing is, though, when we come down to this region and like its not exactly 42 3, guys in the 42 to 43 000 region, when we come down to retest this region, you know like write it right like right in here when we come down to Re test that i want to see his bounce, i want to see us hit it and bounce off. That would be nice to see. Maybe we fall below for a couple hour, lates or maybe a couple four hours, but i want to see on the daily hold it at support, so tonight on tonights live stream at 7 p.

m, because the candle closes at 8 pm. I want to see us hold this support. Bounce off well, go from there. Uh like well see how that plays out um. You know guys that would be bullish if we break it, we can get into those scenarios as well were not going to do that in todays video or this video right now, but just watch that happening guys golden cross incoming. What do you guys think about this? Fake news about litecoin the massive pump and massive dump. What is going on fake news – and you know, do you agree or do you disagree that it kind of correlates with shibbo where people need to do some research, or do you just think that coinbase is liable because theyre theyre, the ones that froze the trading theyre? The one that froze the transfers whats your thoughts on that id love to hear your comments down below and just a quick shout out to the homies out there.