So it just takes away a ton of time and if im, not freaking working, im sleeping ive been trying to nail lives. Weve been following me on the lives: ive been falling asleep on the lives, but i got ta stay in touch and i missed a ton of news. Ive been watching the percentages as we go, but i just wanted to say i apologize for being so distant. The videos will be back up and running here shortly, even better than before. Im almost done, i got a qc, a couple things and then well be right back at it. So for that i thank you appreciate everybodys patience. I know some people got upset that i havent put a video out a little bit. Sorry for the delay, its not i didnt cause the hurricane. I just got to fix all the damage that came about it. That being said, this is the 10k challenge and if youre new to the challenge were taking a hundred dollars and were trying to swing trade it up to ten thousand dollars. Normally i start with 1500, but we wanted to make it a challenge. That being said, it does take a little bit longer because were swing trading, a hundred dollars each time even on 10 gains is maybe eight dollars nine dollars right. So it does take a little time. Please be patient. I know a lot of people are super impatient with the challenge because its starting with a hundred dollars – maybe maybe we should have started with a thousand dollars, but you know what they said.

It couldnt be done and were gon na. Do it. So as long as it takes, the seasons will keep going and we will get it right now we are in an audience. I do like the project a lot im, not only in audience with 10k challenge im in audience with my other swing trade bag as well. So i do have a ton of freaking money invested in the audience, all right, the its down, all right, so sometimes when youre in a ban when youre in a swing trade this happens. Now i will i want to. I want to reflect on a few things that what we things that we should have done right so check this out when youre in a swing trade. What happens? Is you normally you call it right if youre, if youre trading a pattern, we called it, we got into audience because we saw the uh the the five million users, and that was a big deal for them and it ran. It ran to three dollars and 98 cents. It was unfortunate that was 2 43 in the morning, and i missed it. I would have definitely traded it. No, no doubt about it. I probably would have sold at like ‘0 and just beat that that subconscious level of uh of four dollars, but we missed that one right. So then audience pulls back hard and then runs for 360.. That 360 was considered if you, if youve been following the live.

Youve heard me talk about this before thats your bailout, all right, typically, typically, when youre, when youre just solely swing trading, what have you in and out the second run, normally pulls back at a 30 discount from the last most recent all time high right. So if we were at ‘8, it pulled back at 360., just as we would have called it. That was the bailout. I was literally getting ready to push the buy button and i didnt do it because i keep getting messages from audio saying that theyre increased in user ability. They got over six million users now, so i decided to wait. I decided to hold on to it and just hang out because who knows right now were fast forwarding a couple weeks. Yes, we could have sold audio, we could have applied the strategy and we would have made more money because we would have applied a winning strategy to to whatever, even if we sold audio and whole and held out and bought back in at a lower entry point. We could have went for another ride and made more money, so its all about applying a strategy. I didnt do that some things came up. Life gets in the way. It is what it is. I cant control mother nature, but im still holding audio and, like i said im, not only in it with the the the challenge money im in it with a big swing bag as well so im down on both sides of it.

Its okay im not worried at all im, not selling there. You know ive looked at different percentages to see if i should sell audio at a discount, take a little bit of a loss and try to jump into something else, even if i nailed a 30 percenter. I would be back even to where i was so im just going to hang on the audio, because what happens is were playing catch up right, so audio is just getting more and more and more popular. The the user ability is increasing substantially and the price isnt reflecting it yet so what im hoping for, hopefully, is we we ride this lull out? We get through the storm, we weathered a storm. It is what i could be completely wrong, its not financial advice. I could be completely wrong ride the storm and wait for it to take off on the next run, because if, if, if i am right, the next run should be higher than four dollars. Thats all im saying thats the only reason im holding out it is what it is at this point uh if you dont, want to you dont, want to play a challenge anymore. I i completely understand its definitely definitely a bonkers crazy game. I love it. It keeps me motivated, it keeps me watching it keeps me interested. It keeps just my brain turning it keeps you watching the news, it keeps you memorizing patterns, you know what i mean youre constantly going through and checking your favorites or your watch list.

So i mean i just think: swing trading is awesome. Sometimes you see things or you find things that youre, like you know what i didnt think about that before, but im gon na go long in this one now or i didnt think dot was gon na gon na go go to 40. and dots going to 40.. Okay, where does that go from you know? I mean you just find different things that maybe you wouldnt have seen before just going long and holding and everything so i mean thats for another video i know were getting into a ton of stuff, but im still on audio. I love it. I love the project and im just waiting for that next run, because if were right, if we play catch up with the price, it should reflect, i believe, easily over 350 all the way we should nail that four dollar mark and thats what were looking for thats. What im holding out for have patience? I know a lot of people want to make a like a million dollars in in a week. I get it im with you uh, but i will uh. I will make a video well make a video right after this. For the top five money makers right now, because things are on sale right now, right so ill make another video well go into the top five and well see what we can be taught. We were talking about, mask and went for a run already.

We were talking about play were talking about a whole bunch of different things, ill, throw it in another video check it out, itll ill, just ill, just upload two videos today: how about that, but still holding audio, i think its gon na moon. I think itll go its its just a ton of utility thats getting adopted and utilized so im riding it out. If you want to join me, join me. If not, i completely understand its a crazy ride. For that.