Before we get started im going to leave a disclaimer im, not a financial advisor. I am a crypto teacher. I will not leave a comment in my videos having you dial a phone number or getting with a financial advisor. These are scammers and youtube is letting this continue to happen. Gary gensler the sec, needs to get with youtube and get with these idiot scammers and take them off. The streets now were getting rain in texas. There is a disturbance in the gulf of mexico and if you live on the coast in texas be prepared because there is going to be a massive amount of rainfall here in the next several days so be prepared. You know what to do. Texas weve been through many hurricanes before, but today were going to cover quite a few things. I want to cover some articles. Tom emmer, the u.s senator, was interviewed in a live stream just a few minutes ago, with coindesk and im going to cover a couple things. There and lets go ahead and get started. Lets go to We are seeing some red in the cryptocurrency space. We are at 2 trillion, 74 billion dollars were down 6 percent, but you know what its okay. There is volatility in the crypto space and until we get clarity until the united states gets off their butts and these senators educate the sec and the cftc and all the above were going to have price volatility.

Its going to happen were still so early in this space and were still early to the party were at the party, but were early to the party. Uh bitcoin is 44 144.. It is 10 a.m. Central time in texas, ethereum is 3187 cordano. 236 tether is under a dollar uh. Xrp is a dollar four, but have no fear were still over. A dollar have no fear. Okay, uh michael saylor microstrategy has purchased an additional 5050 bitcoins for 242.9 million dollars in cash in an average of 48 000 per bitcoin way to go michael saylor. But i tell you: what have you scooped up any xrp, michael saylor? I bet you have some xrp bags with this ripple sec suit going on. I bet you a million dollars. You have xrp in your bags. Only time will tell baby only time will. Okay. Yesterday, if you didnt watch my video from yesterday, you need to watch it because i went over this article written by rosalind, layton a contributor to forbes, and it is a phenomenal article, its called its time to end the secs clarity charade on crypto im, not going To go over it, but the video from yesterday goes in detail. I read the article word for word: roslyn layton is a senior contributor to forbes. She is very educated. She is pro crypto. She is anti sec. She is stating that the congress u.s congressmen and women need to step up to the plate to provide regulatory clarity for this crazy clown show that the sec is putting out there i mean gary ginsler is well educated in blockchain technology.

He tallered mit m. I tai and uh, you know his hands are tied, but you know something needs to happen. Read this article all right here we go now tomorrow there is going to be a hearing, the united states senate committee on banking, housing and urban affairs, and they are going to be interviewing. Mr gary gensler, the chair of the sec and hopefully tom emmer, cynthia alumnus warren davidson and the educated ones in congress will ask gary gensler of the sec the right questions tomorrow, because the entire community, thousands upon thousands in the crypto community, will be watching this hearing. Tomorrow, this is the link. There will be a live video feed, starting at 10 a.m. Texas town tomorrow 11 a.m. Eastern dont miss it tuesday september 14th. Call in sick to work. Do whatever you have take a break at work. Tell them youre sick to your stomach and youll, be back in about an hour or two do not miss. This. Do not miss this tomorrow, because the witness will be the honorable. Gary gansler, chair of the u.s securities and exchange commission and congress, will be asking him questions tomorrow. All right here we go markets insider. This came out this morning and it says that shark tank star kevin oleary says no. One wants to be cowboys. My investing in crypto, if regular set regulators say its not okay. It says that kevin oleary says he wants cryptocurrencies to be regulated in the united states, because people dont want to be cowboys about it quote.

I dont want to get involved in crypto. If the regulator says its not okay, he told cnbc therell be another trillion dollars worth of buying into bitcoin. If regulators class crypto as a security, he said it says shark take investor. Kevin oleary has called on u.s regulators to set some rules around the cryptocurrency market. Saying that no one in finance wants to be cowboys about it and he is absolutely correct. He is absolutely correct. I mean the show, with the sec suing ripple the sec threatening coinbase the sec, shutting down all of these fintech companies because they are regulating. They are regulating based on every case and thats. The only way the sec makes their money regulation by enforcement, which is total bs. That is the wrong way to do it, because the sec has always stated were here to protect. The investors were here to protect the investors, just come in with your company. If your companys already doing something come in and talk to us and well tell you what you need to do as soon as we sue your ass and take all of your money and shut down your company, you know its stuff like this, that just pisses me Off pardon my language, it just it. It really irritates me to know that a government entity in the united states, the sec with gary gensler, you know they say, come on in come on down well help you out well tell you what the right thing to do is and at the same time, theyre Going to pad their pockets with your money, because theyre gon na see things that just make me just shake my head every day.

Okay, this is total blasphemous blasphemy here and, and what is happening is these major news outlets forbes, cnbc, blah blah blah blah blah blah? Is pushing these meme coins because theyre saying that elon musk suddenly sends the price of one dose coin rival sharply higher and – and why are these news sources doing this? Who gives a damn about eli flesh? He says among very minor tokens, the mean coin. Sheba floki has added almost five who gives a who gives a crap about these meme coins and – and why does forbes and all these other news sources have to shield these meme coins? Because when i went to florida a month ago to meet my buddy mike morath and we went to miami and we went to the beach and we were walking on the beach – and i had my xrp t, shirt on and people walked up to me said. Wow are you invested in xrp? I said well yeah im james rex rp baby and i asked him. I said what are you invested in? Oh, were investing in doge. I said okay, what else oh were just invested in those. I said why? Well, because elon musk told us we need to invest in those and what caused this massive influx of doge buyers and elon musk. It was the news it was cnbc, it was saturday night live, it was forbes, it was fox news. It was all this ridiculousness that gets people to invest in these meme corns, but at the same time, theyre investing in crypto, maybe theyll get smart getting get in their rabbit.

Holes like you and i, and find bitcoin and ethereum and xor p and ada and v chain and xdc and packing all the above, not financial advice. But it is the mainstream media thats, showing the price of doge thats, showing these crappy ass meme coins and getting them out to the masses, because its news, its news, get on the ball. Forbes. Do something right talk about xrp talk about the xorp ledger, talk about things that are are real and fintech companies that are creating ecosystems that are going to change the world tomorrow, because james rule xrp told you so now. Tom emmer, as i stated before, was interviewed on a live feed from coindesk earlier, and he stated why cant we create safe harbors for cryptocurrencies for fintech companies that are coming to fruition and give them a period where they can prove that they are legitimate companies that Are theyre not rug, pools like the ones i just stated, and if we go a little bit further, you know hester purse knows this. Why? Because she wrote the safe harbor 2.0 and it is a github post that actually explains how the safe harbor works, how the companies become come to fruition, how they they have a time period to prove that they are legitimate company and the sec is not just going To walk up to them and say no, you cant do this, no youre security, damn it xrp is a security and it has been since 2013 and at the same time they havent done their research.

They have it its been eight years and the sec is still calling xorpia security im going to leave a link to all these in the description of this video and let you read through it, because this is awesome. Commissioner, hester purse put this on github and she went into detail explaining how the safe harbor rule will help out these new fintech companies and give them a little time to pro, provide their authenticity and show the us government and the sec and the cftc and all The senators that they are doing the right thing, safe, harbor 2.0 – it needs to happen. Hester purse needs to be the chair of the sec. Gary gansler needs to go back to mit mite and and teach blockchain technology because he is surely not doing any us any good at the sec. I vote commissioner hester purse as the chair of the scc. What say you leave it in the comments link to baby link to baby, if you want to invest in a unicorn in a fintech company before they go public on the nasdaq, like coinbase, did go to link to click on the link below and go in, and Research and look at all these different companies that are offering the public accredited investors and linked to is a little more lenient than other companies. When it comes to accredited investors, you have to go in, you have to read all the documentation you have to read of what link2 is going to need from you to show that you can buy some of these unicorns click on the link.

Go in read all the details. There are tests that you could take to become an accredited investor, even though the money is not in your account link to in the description below my name is james rule xrp, im preparing for the storm. I need to go to the store today stock up on some groceries stock up on a couple of 12 packs. You know, because im going to keep creating this content rain or shine baby rain or shine james roy xrp is going to continue to get this news out there to the public, and hopefully all of you out there will take these bread crumbs and run with it. Baby, my name is james rule. Xrp have a wonderful day and well see you soon.