Huge sell off! You wont want to miss this so watch this video until the very end guys, but lets get started so were currently seeing an overall global crypto market cap about 2.08 trillion. So taking a little bit of a dip compared to yesterday a 0.49 decrease over the last day, so we are seeing ethereum actually up. Nearly one percent of the green, but you know bitcoin cardano – are are both down and b and b down as well. But you know seeing a mix of red and green today more red than green though, but now for shiba news so on the most visited tab on corn market cap were currently at. The number 18 spot were at 6.7 satoshi units down about 1.69 for the last 24 hours, but now price action so mark cap is currently looking to be about 2.65 billion dollars down two percent 24 hour volume, 210, 211 million down about 10. Now we did go um green here for a bit if we take a look at the one day chart currently in the red, though new record ship reaches an astonishing 650 k plus holders current holder count 650 111, so ship reaches 650 000 holders guys we did It celebrities accused of betraying fans with paid cryptocurrency ads, so that is why we wont pay any celebrity, slash, crypto influencer, to read a script or post some shilling messages regarding our project. If you have ever seen a celebrity endorsing or mentioning us, it is by their own will we dont want fakes, but lets check out the articles so stars in the dock.

Over cryptocurrency adverts celebrities, including kim kardashian, are accused of betraying trust of their fans with paid posts on social media. So watchdogs say that celebrities are betraying fans by touting high risk online investments kim kardashian singled out for promoting a cryptocurrency to her followers. Boxer floyd mayweather is also a promoted, eutherian max and accepted it as payment for a fight. Of course, we saw this during the logan paul and floyd mayweather fight where he had ethereum max. You know on his on his uh pants. I think not just meme tokens anymore. Our growth is now based on the shiv army and our constant development of the ecosystem, including new listings and, of course, tokens like leash. Do you think this can help us get back to an all time, high ath and beyond? We sure do and for that we keep building so ship pop quiz, lisa leash edition of leash. We reached a half a ships, peak market cap. His price would be a 10 000 b, 20. 000 c. 50. 000 d, 70. 000. So what do you guys think? Well, it is d over seventy thousand dollars per leash, which equates to a seven point: five billion dollar market cap or half of ships, fifteen billion dollar peak market cap. So you know if more people bought leash like they were buying she, but you know we could see this. You know coin. Go to the moon bitcoiners plan to smash by thirty dollars worth of btc to commemorate el salvador, bitcoin law, india, coveted a relief fund wallet.

So you can keep track for yourself, showing 10 trillion trib um 10 trillion ship in their wallet. Currently, so you know we can sort of see. You know the value of shiba inu in their wallet here. Only 10 trillion left yes very excited, but they transferred the other 30 trillion to another wallet, so actually 40 trillion left new 2 trillion ships buried at ss or shiva swap by black hole capital three hours ago. So after reading some comments, this address might not be a black hole. Capital address either way 2 trillion was, you know, staked yesterday. So what is black whole capital ltd? Well, black hole is an investment venture capital firm founded in 2014, making equity investments in the internet of mobile internet high tech, smart hardware, consumer goods and services, healthcare and other sectors. So if we actually go over here to ether scan, we can see. You know that these um, this wallet address black hole. Capital has been. You know um staking a lot of shiba inu, like 1 trillion here 1.3, there 1 trillion 1 trillion 300 billion and then 2 trillion just recently taking profits. Thats harder than anything else in crypto huddling is easy or holding dca is easy, taking as easy, but when does one take profits when btc reaches 60k 100k 200k ever and how does one even take profits? 10 at the time 20. At the time, do you keep at least 50 or so in case of bull market continues full force, and what do you do with these profits hold them in a stable coin until the next bear market hits cash them out and buy something nice? I think about this a lot and im sure im, not the only one who has this problem.

Any helper insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance for any feedback you lovely people can give me this cant be said enough. This sub is awesome edit. Thanks for all the feedback really appreciate you, people are the best well send in your replies. Things people you people are amazing, never expected this much. Many replies. Sorry, if i did not reply to your post, i love you, though, so obviously a lot of people agree with this btc markets taps licensed neobank vault for integrated banking features. Fintech companies see an opportunity and the negligence uh and reluctance of traditional banks toward the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Crypto exchange ftx launches nft marketplace for us based customers, crypto exchange ftx has introduced a native nft or non fundable token marketplace, designed to capitalize on the sectors parabolic growth over the last year, us sec or securities, and exchange commission releases, fresh investor alert against crypto investment Scams, a rising popularity of initial coin offerings or icos is considered the main reason for growing scams and exploits among retail investors. Senator elizabeth warren calls crypto the new shadow bank. The massachusetts senator said that its worth considering banning us banks from holding the reserves to back private stable coins bitcoin tops resistance at 51k, as golden cross, nears bitcoin looks set to continue to rise after clearing a key resistance level with charts hinting at a so called Golden crossover, a long term bullish indicator on sunday, the biggest cryptocurrency printed, a utc close well above 51 109 marking an upside break of the 61.

8 fibonacci retracement of the april to june, sell off. The breakout could bring additional demand because charts traders, um chart traders, often use fibonacci ratios rate ratios. I mean such as 61.8 percent, 38.2 and 23.6 to identify support resistance and trading opportunities. So we have the bitcoin chart here with the 50 day ma here with this uh white line and then the yellow line with the 200 day mma so theyre, referring to a golden cross here trend following traders, can um consider the golden cross as a buy signal. It may hit the market with fresh bids. The previous instance of golden cross in may 2020 was followed by an 11 month climb that saw prices rise from 9 000 to over 60 thousand dollars. Its not, however, a perfect indicator having um trapped traders on the wrong side of the market in february 2020 and july 2014.. Still, the latest golden cross is backed by bullish on chain data showing renewed accumulation by large investors and a um declining bitcoin balance on exchanges. Bitcoin is currently trading largely unchanged. On the day at near 51, 800. digital asset manager monochrome valued at 15 million dollars following a series. A funding round, um samson mal, charlie lee wayzal and kane warwick were the main contributors to the monochrome private sale which concluded last week. Regulatory and privacy concerns trail. Secs securities exchange commissions threat to coinbase sccs notice of coinbase over its lend product might indicate incoming federal regulations and decr um, aimed at crypto lending across the seven seas.

Retail institutional investors, keen on bitcoin the bitcoin bull market, led by institutional investors, is pushing retail investors from countries like russia, vietnam and india towards cryptocurrencies. Finding a new home bitcoin miners settling down after china exodus countries vie for cryptocurrency minor business as chinese miners move to greener pastures heres, where they are ending up miners will move mining will remain less than six months after the chinese ban. Miners have found a new home, perhaps even better than the previous one and bitcoins hash rate is predicted, predictably recovering. So this is good, so chinese miners will not disappear, but will only change their location due to the impact of changing policies or regulations around the world. The bdc mining industry is currently in a phase of transformation. Cal said: adding the outdated mining machines in the industry have been retired, but at the same time, more advanced new mining machines will be introduced to the market to make up for law supply, but now for price analysis, price prediction, cheapening on trading view. So you know recently guys sort of just been trading sideways. You know going up a little going down a little going up a little going down a little and looks like were going to start to go back up, but really you know not much. You know going on here really just seeing some consolidation, but you know, hopefully we could pick back up to over seven satoshi units. I think it is a definitely you know a good possibility that could happen guys but then again remember im, not a financial advisor.

There is a video for financial advice, remembers always doing. Research were investing in cryptocurrencies anyways. That is going to bring this video to an end.