I do believe that we are entering into a war zone like stage of the crypto revolution, meaning that big players know whats coming next and that they are working overtime to get you to become less confident to be shaken and it is getting crazy. Today we have an absolutely nuts story where apparently litecoin published a partnership with walmart turned out not to be real. It ended up with one of the most massive and crazy pumps and dumps, but the resolution and the actual learning exercise here is one that i think everyone needs to understand. Youre definitely going to want to watch this one front to back as im going to be laying out for you the game as it currently exists and how you can get one step ahead. So smash that, like button remember each and every person who comments on this video is entered to win a hardware wallet well give it away this week as well. If you guys, arent, subscribed youre gon na miss the most important updates, you need to have the bell notification on the bell. Squad gets ahead and stays ahead and, quite frankly, some of the stuff. I have planned some of the stuff that im doing. You might already be aware if youre following the cookie crumbs, you absolutely need that bell notification on or youre gon na miss the most important stuff. So with that said, lets dive in so lets just get right to it.

This is what happened in the morning. This right here, what could possibly explain, litecoin going up like 50 60 bucks here uh and then dumping right back down just minutes later well turns out. Walmart apparently was announced as a partnership by litecoin foundation. Now what happened here is apparently litecoin. Had a global press release sent out by globe newswire that referenced a partnership with walmart walmart, quickly, corrected it and said we dont know what youre talking about litecoin withdrew this and made a tweet saying: actually no thats, not what it is. We dont have a partnership with walmart, but for just a moment just a moment, the litecoin family had their time in the light to use a really bad pun. Anyway. The point is here: this is kind of a symptom of a really bad problem in crypto, which is of course, bad information, and this is where were starting to see big big powers that be exert their will on the industry with bad information. We saw it during the collapse and the flood storm around may weve seen it again over the last few days, and what youll notice is that when big uh sort of cataclysmic dumps happen here in crypto land, you start to get crazy, weird news that tends to Sort of be this vulturish exploitative news cycle that essentially is designed to make you less confident in your coins now. This is, of course, triggered a lot of memes here uh, as we can see here.

The memes are reuters checking sources and we have, of course, this classic meme of this bouncer whos, not even touching these people um, but yeah. This is kind of what the feel is. Is that look? Can we at least get a a single solitary, follow up on these news stories before going crazy with them? It really is unfair, especially if people foam owed into this litecoin pump. You know a lot of people got hurt here. What was this now? We have like seven billion dollars of trading volume up from two billion, its just something that we dont need, but understand that this sort of psychological warfare to me it indicates that big players are taking crypto very seriously, not exactly this litecoin news. This is just like annoying right. This is just the the bloody headline, but what were seeing around bitcoin? What were seeing around regulation, which well talk about here in just a few days, is to me a classic example of what is going on to kind of shake the market and, of course, the biggest players want these little retailers not to get ahead. We see this time and time with the way that the laws are constructed to essentially prevent american retail in specific. But you know smaller hands and retail participants in crypto are being in every single way disadvantaged. Just like theyre disadvantaged in the mainstream investing world where normal people cant invest into pre public companies. You need to go through all these steps and really the best investment opportunities.

You need to be an accredited investor to get your hands on, which means pretty much. You need to already be rich and being rich, doesnt mean that youre confident there should be some way to earn your way into this. But again this is a slightly getting off topic, but the point here is, i believe, that were starting to see some predatory stuff. Take place now i really like this image here. This is from two comma popper. Now two comma popper uh put out this very long tweet storm when may 19th happened, essentially saying that everything was super orchestrated and that he actually had been a part of this orchestration and understood it before, and so he was saying. Look like this is made to look like the end of the bull run, and this is absolutely orchestrated fud. Now he also put out this image saying: heres, the big market players heres your support level, and here is the the sort of wick down that makes it look like everything has gone to hell in a handbag now. I do believe that this is kind of what were seeing time and time again over the last several months. What weve seen is that price action starts to look absolutely apocalyptic. Meanwhile, other metrics are starting to look really bullish. Just like we see right here, heres a really good example of this all right. This is a post from will. Clemente will has been doing an excellent job over the last several weeks and months of showing that on chain, metrics have remained super bullish.

That big wallets, keep consuming all of these dips and adding to their bitcoin holdings without taking exit liquidity and yet were seeing what looks like a massive head and shoulders headed down to 9k and stuff like that, and so, while theres, the apocalyptic looking charts. We have the on chain metrics telling a very different story, and so we have here will clementi saying look. This was a post thats been circulating, saying actually the supply of whale holders has been decreasing, has been at a two year low or a 15 month low. Now big players are preparing for a continued bear market and thus cutting their exposure to the markets and hes. Saying that this is the bitcoin holdings and hes, showing this chart of what looks like a horrific sort of pump and dump chart. But what will says is actually this showing the number of whales hes completely leaving out the amount of bitcoin supply in that the whales hold which has been increasing for almost two months now, and he shows another chart here. This is why we had will on the channel showing that the actual red is the number of whales, and you see this is kind of like decreasing little by little here um. It does look like its starting to bottom, though, and then you see the green here is actually there holding. So while the number of whales is going down, the actual holdings of these whales is going up, meaning less coins in the hands of weak holders, and that is very, very bullish, of course.

So of course, surprise surprise. Crypto whale blocked will because he doesnt want the truth. Nobody wants that smoke when on chain. Metrics reveal the truth, but thats the beauty of this particular ecosystem of crypto. Is we actually get to dig beneath the surface beneath the headlines beneath the charts and see where the money flow is happening, where we dont get that visibility in other markets, its actually pretty amazing and super super? I guess investor friendly by that particular metric again. I wanted to reference what will said over the last few days, which is this was the on chain data, just like other, unidentified whales, weve been tracking whales have increased by 103 000 bitcoin in the last three weeks. If sailor bought 5 000 of those coins who bought the other 98 547, i guess well find out. Of course, this was on the heels of just a few hours ago, michael saylor, announcing that microstrategy has just purchased another 250 million dollars worth of bitcoin and hes. Not stopping, and so what we see is that the institutional and corporate land grab for bitcoin is reaching in apex. It is moving, and, quite frankly, this is going to continue, but whats not going to stop is the actual press, manipulation. The psychological manipulation of making people feel like theres an apocalyptic situation just around the corner. This is part of the one two punch of institutions getting into this market and the more things look like theyre ready for prime time, the more that theyll try to absolutely shake the foundations to get bigger and bigger mine share to get bigger and bigger share of The ultimate coin supply, which is limited – and this is where you start to realize that were entering into quite an unfortunate but quite a necessary sort of war zone like atmosphere here where they dont want you to win.

They dont want you to have disproportionate wealth that you didnt have in the old system. So, of course, the big money bags which own the press, which own the publications that are putting out fake news that are putting out essentially fud that are trying to spin things, create environmental narratives, create all kinds of narratives to stop people from thinking this stuff is Going to work, and then of course, meanwhile, what are they doing? Theyre, gobbling up more and more of the supply, and, quite frankly, we dont actually know who those whales are. I would assume that financial institutions are hard at work right now. Now i did want to show this image. This was the cascading liquidations wick here, where we got a wick down to about 44 1099, and you can see here that this kind of established the range we were showing this range – and you know a lot of commentators – said sweeping the lows would actually be most Likely and that its very common after cascading liquidations to sweep the lows again to essentially you know double bottom or essentially, a form a range. Now we even had will say this on the channel several times. Obviously it was a very long piece of content, but i encourage you guys to go through that carefully and so a move down here was not completely unexpected. Now, of course, what we want to see here is bullishness once again, but again, im very much.

So open minded here because i do believe crypto wants to go much higher by the end of the year and i also believe that many big, predatory, wallets and predatory players dont want you to be part of that ride. So there will be some massive volatility here. Now that said, i did preach a little bit of caution here with the ada launch. This is normal selling. The news is normal, but of course ada has a very long future ahead of it. So this really doesnt mean anything a 10 drop, especially as the whole market dropped. I dont even think this. You know over indexed on the drop, so this actually did even better than i thought it would again. Ada now has smart contracts, so big shout out to all the ada holders and cardano holders out there youve entered into a new era, and congratulations to mr hoskinson himself for making it happen now. This is something that i have on my radar, which is us treasury, is talking about stable coin regulation. Now this really connects well with the topics weve been talking about about, of course, the fud around coinbase getting sued for lending usdc, which, of course the us treasury and the sec are all trying to figure out whats going on with stable coins. So i think this is a big topic and stable coins. Pretty much are the backbone of crypto right now its how people are really sort of storing and saving their funds.

So its going to be interesting to see how this regulation plays out over the coming days, weeks and years, but just know, in my opinion, im very very strongly convinced that crypto makes it into the citadel here that the regulators eventually play ball with crypto. But theyre. Just trying to figure out how to do this without making mistakes, theyve got a lot of pressure on them from banks and traditional institutions from know nothing, politicians that truly dont understand this stuff. They also know that they dont want to kill the next big thing. So theres a lot of sort of push and pull here and thats. Why youre seeing this very slow path to do anything by the regulators? If anything, i think that what youre seeing is a lot of talk around wanting to regulate and provide clarity, but theyre also kind of actively pursuing a non action strategy, which is pretty interesting. Because we saw this with the the internet that the lack of action actually allowed the internet to thrive, and so far there really hasnt been any action. Right and theres been a lot of like sort of fear and fear mongering. But theres kind of a policy of non action taking place here, its very interesting to see, and if anything, i think that the less action the better so that we can see a maturing ecosystem here. I personally am very very excited that we will see proper regulation that provides clarity and a path for innovation in the near future.

Right the regulators want to know that theyre making the right decisions and theyre scared. I think i think theres a lot of pressure on them regardless. I do believe – and i have to believe im a relentless optimist. If you guys, havent figured that out that we will make it into the halls of valhalla and that these countries, these sort of leading economies, will figure out how crypto works well within certain guidelines. So we will see that come the big projects that are out there and existing and that many investors, tens of millions of americans, already hold these coins. Well, they cant just make that illegal, theyre hurting investors way more than helping, and i believe that there will be a resolution thats happy for everyone. So to me all of this fud all of these psychological games. This is all part of the same ball of wax that makes it really freaking hard to hold your coins, but holding your coins, especially in very exciting new ecosystems like the avalanche ecosystem, i think, did actually pretty well on the drop given how hyped and how much Its pumped recently – and i do believe that those new, exciting ecosystems will have a very strong end of year. Again, i told you guys during that video that altcoins are very, very risky, and some people took issue with my tone, but the fact is, i think that if im too, you know soft handed with the way i introduce some of these high risk high reward opportunities.

You wont understand what the real stakes are and so ive been making it a point to be very very, i guess, like a little bit more intense when i talk about altcoins than i had been before, because i want people to know that they could easily get Completely crushed here in this market and that, if youre new to the game, then this is probably not the place. You should be playing its very, very advanced if youve been doing this for years and youve been through the cycles before then youre not going to be surprised and youre not going to do something silly when eventually things do fluctuate so thats. Why ive been taking the tone ive been taking again, i want my audience to win bigger and more often than any other audience in the world, and so in order to do that, i need to communicate properly the way the game works and one of the things That ive been seeing over the last few days is the return of idos going. You know, 50x plus in on the secondary market within the first day. Let me just tell you guys, because theres gon na be a lot of fomo over ideos over the coming days and weeks when ideos happen. The best thing to do is just not buy them on the secondary wait, not just for days but for weeks really, because, eventually the tokens will unlock and eventually the price will come down.

There might even be a you know, a cycle fluctuation where we get like a mini bear market, or maybe a macro bear market either way these new hot sexy coins that hit the market. The best thing to do is to stay away from them until they completely dump because thats usually what happens so allow these coins to dump and then, if you like them, buy them when no ones talking about them and youll get these amazing entries and thats. The absolute secret sauce here to investing in these ido coins. Now, of course, we just came out of a bear cycle where anyone could have picked up any coin on the market at a massive discount, but as we move into this bull cycle, i just want people to be prepared that were seeing ideos pop up again and Even in this massive corrective move, we still have tezos up. We still have cosmos up. Remember i was telling you guys it was pretty bullish on cosmos, um, also polka dot, polka dot feels quite big brain right now, because mover moon river is actually live and functional. On kusama and were gon na start, seeing more actual, live and functional tech on polka dot, which will be very interesting and i think they will start to catch. You know they were absolutely the the darling of defy over 2020 and so seeing them catch. Another seam here getting live, getting their ecosystem out getting their pair of chains out.

I could see those early movers doing really really well again. You need to dig in and do your own research here, but seeing this much sort of you know widespread green, even on a day like today. It gives me hope that were not really entering into a true massive bear cycle. So now you understand, the stakes are high, the psychological warfare is just beginning and you can expect massive scary news articles to come out with consistency and meanwhile i also believe that crypto will continue to eat the internet, that we will see six figure bitcoin and that We will see five figure ethereum and a healthy five figure ethereum at that over the course of this year. I also see a massive massive trend here: weve seen it with bsc mania, weve seen it with solana season and well continue to see it with avax tezos harmony, one and it goes on and on and on the l1s are going to absolutely be gigapump and the Main ecosystem projects will move probably even more aggressively than they will again. I see the money moving from those l1s eventually into d5, eventually into nfts and doing it by market cap as well, so understand that i do still think that nfts represent this kind of plutonium. New asset class, we saw it pumped during the absolute bearish period in may and june, and i wonder whether nfts will sort of have this alternate rotation or whether nfts will just kind of get this late tail end pump.

I mean its so new in the nft cycle. Like i said a million times 99 of these will go to zero. Some of them will be a massive store of value and, quite frankly, im watching with some popcorn at the ready im very, very well allocated into nfts just kind of holding wondering whats going to happen here, because i do think that well see over the next few Months, how nfts interact with the larger cryptocycles, if at all right, they might start forming their own market structure? Its very interesting to see what we know for sure is that astronomical gas prices on ethereum are very, very bad for nfts, so thats, why weve seen nfcs take a home on solana and avalanche and cardano at any rate, i hope this has been helpful smash that, Like button and as always, were going to be coming out with some time sensitive information over the next few days so make sure youre subscribed. With that bell notification on im, elio trades, you can find me on twitter at elio traits and ill see you very soon.