Thank you so much for that, and without any further ado i wan na go straight into the content, because today it is an urgent one. Today were looking at a potential pattern for vidcon called the diamond bottom. The diamond reversal pattern with a huge wick in the uh in the middle here and a breakout which is extremely imminent today. Is this breakout going to be towards the upside or towards the downside? What are my price targets? What am i doing with my 8 million us dollar trade right now on bitcoin, eight new us dollars, industry, 1.25 million us dollars in a profit. I will be talking about that. I will be talking about the altcoins. I will be talking about price targets and much much more. My game plan special specifically here, for you so make sure you smash up the like button to a new all time high. You leave your favorite icons in the comment section down below with that being said, lets go straight into the content, guys! Thank you so much for tuning in here every single day in the mm crypto family and if youre not part, yet go down below press subscribe. Press the bell and press on all to not miss out on all my future updates, which im giving you here almost two times a day. Every single day now lets go over here into the chart and what you can see is on the hourly canvas before im.

Going over to the wyckoff pattern, i have some news and that we got before im all going over into the altcoins as well. I want to show you here: you have uh support and resistance actually on this diamond pattern, a big big shake out in the middle, which is very very characteristic for a diamond pattern actually going into it here. You can see here a on the new york stock exchange, electric utility, whatever kind of stock here, giving us this. This example where we have c a breakdown. Then we have the reversal here on the diamond pattern and then we are breaking up towards the upside and we are seeing something similar to that here. Actually, a diamond pattern usually is a pattern which is a diamond bottom or by diamond top, and this is not a perfect one, but we are having one here, and this seems to be a diamond bottom, with the trend leading into it from the upside to the Downside and then potentially reversing towards the upside. At least this is the higher likelihood. I will show you exactly how we can spot what scenario we are going to see here, but we are seeing the print bearishly leading into it, and now that its bearish, leading into it when we are closing an hourly candle above the resistance, closing it with significant Resistance with significant volume likely to decide that we are reversing towards the upside, and now the price target is.

Of course, i will show you both scenarios, because in the end of the day, its very important, where are we going to close above support or above resistance? But look at this if we are breaking out towards the upset. 48 800 is the price target and the nice thing about that is we always need confidence. You know from the bottom to the top lets see if we find conference and yes, ah, there was a pop up coming. You can see. There is confluence right now with this price target at the fibonacci golden pocket. Whenever we see confluence likelihood, even more increases that this pattern is actually going to pan out, this conference is something i love to see, of course, just for the records, the less likely much less likely scenario is here a breakdown to the downside, but it is still Possible this would still bring us a higher low for bitcoin, even though we would be breaking down. This would be a higher low for bitcoin. So still not the apocalyptic scenario which many bears are looking out for. So this is what im looking out for bitcoin on that specific regard, and if i am going over to our very famous wyckoff pattern here, you can see still see wow. I mean right now, after this bounce, at the breakdown to the downside, we are zigzag accumulating towards the upside, and this is actually exactly what i was talking about yesterday. Let me quickly go back here.

This is exactly what i was talking about yesterday. I said this breakdown is the third breakdown, the third lower low for bitcoin, and what i am expecting here is a reversal in if we are following this pattern, zigzag reversal towards the upside um, as you can see it also right there in the wyckoff pattern. Here we have in phase a the cell and climax, then the secondary test in phase b and in phase c we are having the spring the low before we are zigzag accumulating towards the upside, and you know what guys. Let me show you this little clip here from yesterday, where i was predicting this to be the bottom end and afterwards vidcon to reverse towards the upside look at this breaking down in facie into the spring and building the low, and i have potentially potentially guys hold Your horses good news for you: this is the low end phase c. So far, we are still perfectly following it here and if this is the truth, lets quickly see what this pattern is predicting from here we should only see upside actually, at least on the four hourly canvas. So if this pattern plays out from here, what we should see is actually zigzag towards the upset and, as you can see, this is exactly what happened at least so far guys. Let me quickly go back into the chart at least so far. This is what was happening in zigzag accumulation towards the upset and now, of course, it remains to see whether we are going to face d here in that specific pattern and then reversing towards the upside here uh in our accumulation zone here between 47 and 48 000.

Us dollars very, very interesting to observe. Of course, people are asking me: what are you doing with your trade? Well, i already told you where im gon na scale out of my trade, because theres always the chance of me being wrong here, obviously, but so far we are following my pattern. So far we are following my prediction here on bitcoin in regards to the wyckoff pattern, and hopefully also in regards to the diamond bottom pattern. Now, of course, many people are asking me what is going on with the altcoins. I am still holding all my alcohol, and especially here on l1 im, still holding it im, not training around ive actually bought 2 million us dollar spot. But what you can see here is that also on l1, on the hourly canvas we are actually right now, consolidating between support and resistance and the breakout is in within today latest tonight we are going to see a price direction. We are going to see a decision for elrond and this decision is going to take us more likely up than down but still possible down. Obviously, and if this breakout towards the upside is happening, 380 317 us dollars, the breakdown should bring us, and if we are breaking down im, not going out of my position to 215 us dollars for l1. I am personally looking out for the break towards the upside, but the same thing goes for all the altcoins. In the end of the day, we have to wait for bitcoin to choose the direction if bitcoin breaks out favorable for the altcoins and if bitcoin breaks down, we saw it yesterday with this fake down.

This will fake out. This will not be favorable for for the icon. So far it looks much better than not for bitcoin and therefore also for the altcoins. Let me know what you think about that smash up the like button to a new all time high. I truly appreciate your support. Every single day, two times at least here, and i think we are just a very fast growing lofty community which is extremely profitable. If im looking into the comment section, thank you so much for watching guys. We are going to teach diversity in the next. The next one of mm krypto, and if you want to trade, bitcoin ill contest. Well, you know i have for you the biggest bonus in the history of mankind. I was almost ready to say, but now we have a 3200 u.s dollar bonus for you, a 1 600 us dollar bonus on the femax exchange alone. So go to the pin comment down below press. This link make your own account if youre an experienced trader and after your initial deposit, you get these bonuses for free, three thousand two hundred dollars at a 33x leverage, its almost a hundred thousand u.s dollar trade for free. Thank you so much for watching.