I said this looked like a pretty good area to accumulate, and so far we are bouncing. So lets talk about the market. What is up, welcome to the crypto funnel well cover the hottest news in crypto, so include the theorem analysis. Bitcoin cardano chain, look like one feature: polka dot and everything that you need to follow into crypto. The right way so make sure to smash the like, subscribe and turn on notifications to get the huddersfield crypto before everyone else. Now, on the day the market is pumping. I thought he was going to zero thats. What everybody was saying right. The the chicken broccoli was saying that on twitter, but here we are bouncing so pretty funny to talk about that and joking inside the market does look pretty bullish. Things are looking very nicely: polka dots continuing to pump. We covered that on the channel. The polka dot was actually looking very good as well, and you can see that the theorems are four percent on the day you can see. Swan is up, seven percent on the day and uh overall were cooling off pretty nicely. Now, honestly, man, the chart, looks bullish to me. Um, like i said, were just seeing these higher lows and whenever were dipping into this order. Block over here were just leaving those accumulation wicks here again and again. So this is definitely a bullish structure to see, and the ethereum is looking to me like were going to continue higher from here, like i said, very similar to structure what weve seen over here, its pretty much repeating, in my opinion over here, just a smaller in A quicker way so were just having like a smaller correction kind of retracing, roughly like the upper third of the previous rally that we had right from like a 1700 dollar ethereum.

All the way to like 4 000 were pretty much retracing a third before likely continuing higher im, definitely bullish. The market right now is very fearful as well, 30 out of 100, so im greeting when others are fearful and the fundamentals look really good to me. So i know people like to complicate things, but so far i mean were just seeing those accumulation wicks and it looks like were going to yeah just make a lot of money. You can see here on the weekly as well. You just see those wicks to the downside. I mean just very bullish. You can see that we got a lot of red weekly candles but notice how theyre taking us down very very little. You can see here that this green weekly handle is much bigger than the following red weekly candle, and you can see that those three other red weekly candles are much smaller. The body is much smaller right, so you see here. The body is much smaller on the red candles right compared to the green candles. Where you can see, the bodies are actually much bigger right and this is showing that basically selling is getting absorbed by buyers showing that buyers are actually still in control. So, whenever an asset is much easily easier for it to gravitate up rather than down, thats bullish and the opposite is true, as well, when an asset easily dropping. Instead of rising its very easy for the price to go down its very hard for a price to go up, when you see it kind of gravitating upwards, uh excuse me downwards its also better, so right now, ethereums, definitely looking bullish and then ethereum versus bitcoin um Same thing as well were currently on support as well.

Here uh were just leaving those accumulation weeks as well so less strength than the us dollar pair, but im bullish on it too. We did have the reversal sign on the 12 hour. This is actually very, very strong going to talk about it a bit more in a second and then bitcoin same thing: accumulation works on the daily looking good, we are seeing some res were currently resistant, though we have the previous daily open so in the lower timeframes. Well see if it kind of cools off but im, leaning, bullish too im seeing a lot of smart people that are worth eight nine ten figures actually being bullish on the market here as well, so we got pentoshia, we got zoo. We got cal davis right from three hour capital, so um yeah, some smart money is looking uh bullish to me as well, which is always something for me to check right. I want to make sure im on the right side of the trade, and one of the things i like to look at is im looking at like what are the smart. Rich people are thinking and what are the less intelligent, less rich people are thinking as well. So i can counter trade that too kind of funny how that works. When you look at ethereum on the lower time frames, we are seeing a lot of red, though so yeah. We are starting to see some reversal signs on the four hour we can see here.

A reversal sign here, a reversal sign here, kind of showing that its like low time frames, accumulation in my opinion, but the daily chart in 12 hours still not looking the best still didnt, see the official reversal and then also ethereum versus bitcoin, currently is just hovering On the middle of the boeing bands, currently around the middle, we did have the reversal sign here, which is very, very bullish. Um yeah. This is a strong sign worth noting and then also bitcoin is starting to rise as well. You can see at the reversal sign on the four hour and they were starting to see some blue candles on the daily. So this is another bullish sign over here as well um. So yeah things are not looking that bad actually and then also on ethereum youre. Also starting to see the blue candles on the daily and the 12 hours and then also next up, we got a very exciting project called scallop, which is the worlds first d5 powered account so thats. What theyre introducing its an innovative fintech ecosystem for users that want a faster and more efficient way to securely manage their crypto and fiat in a single place. So what i like about is theyre integrating the best from crypto and the best from fiat in one platform. So they got nft banking, they got d5 banking, they got a lot of cool features, the d5 exchange. They got their own cards, they got their own hardware wallets and just making it easier for the everyday user to shift between the world of fiat to the world of crypto, i mean you could buy nfts with your fiat.

You could, you know, use uh d5 with the with your fiat as well, so banking as a service. The way it should be kind of creating a more free and open financial system, which i think is something we definitely need and their mission is to bring digital assets into mainstream use and bridge the gap between decentralized and traditional finance. For the first time, store, crypto and fia in one place your crypto, your keys, so it looks like they have the crypto native values as well, and you can see here we got the d5, we got the entire crypto stack on one end and you got the Fiat attack, on the other end that theyre working with and uh, and then also they got here. Okay story, kryptonite in one place, md5 rewards and fiat deposits as well. So i think this could be really cool. I mean, i know for a lot of people right now going from into crypto, and vice versa is really complicated and i think so using something like scallop is gon na make it a lot easier. Trade nfts with fiat for the first time ever as well. So bringing nfts further into mainstream adoption, fiat currencies meet native tokens and you got the scale of coin at the core of the ecosystem, um empowering the scale of ecosystem. They have multiple use cases like receiving trading bonus, payment payments and much more. You could stake it to open accounts and access services, thats, pretty interesting, uh, payment of transaction fees and then transaction fees, exchange fees and monthly management fees, discounts, im guessing thats what they meant and your global fiat accounts.

Okay, so you guys get the idea they got. The the scallop cards scale of payments, um their hardware wallet and more and theyre, also regulated, secured and insured. So this is really good to see they are insured by their partners against the loss of up to 100 million dollars and they are stored under fca regulation. With all money safeguarded by licensed banks, so this is really good to see as well and um yeah the next generation cross chain banking platform. So i think this is obvious, something that we really need in crypto, and then they have a lot of legit founders and team. The team have a lot of experience in crypto and then also in traditional finance and banking sectors outside of crypto. So they understand both worlds, to kind of create that mix that they scale up to help them work and then also the advisors are really impressive as well. We also got lester lim on board. We had really impressive investors, including cool coin labs, bitcoin.com exchange mahadao. We also so that mahada actually incubated them. Now we got x21 magnus capital, we got um basics capital. We got oracles investment group and uh more so really impressive. To see this and um honestly, i kept hearing hearing about them again and again from multiple sources. Over a few weeks at first, i was like im, not so sure, but then i heard it a few times and i was like okay.

This project is really just really impressed and theyre also doing really well. They just completed their um early adopter community pre sale. They completed in 37 minutes. They raised a hundred thousand dollars, uh bought free, so they get a lot of hype. Im gon na link to them below this video, so you guys can check out more information about their twitter about their website and what theyve been up to, and i think its a good project to watch out for and i think they honestly have a good shot Of gapping uh filling the gap between traditional world and the crypto world, so im excited to see that happen and then also liquidity right now for bitcoin and ethereum is sitting above and just like. We said here at the bottom im saying we have so much liquidity sitting above. This is pretty bullish and, as you can see, were pretty much gravitating upwards from here as shorts are getting liquidated and then the same thing with ethereum as well. We had a lot of liquidity over here, and people opened a lot of shorts and then they got liquidated as the price went higher and then also the market right now is really fearful. Im like bro. Why like, when, when it didnt crash to two thousand dollars, i i saw the market was an extreme fear and i had the same feeling i was like. Why is the market so fearful? This looks like an awesome opportunity and i still think its the case right now and then also funding rates across the board are neutral, uh, which is slightly bullish and then also we got news from anypad, so theyve been continuing to build and theyre going to have Their exchange listing on pancake swap um 15 september at 1 pm utc, so this their token address will be released.

So, congratulations for them about their upcoming uh launch and all of that, and they also got the proof of participation ticket claiming for zero, swap uh happening as well. On that day, and also we got some moonsheets here showing about all their potential on how high they could go and yeah their potential is really high its a good project. They have a really small marketplace: market cap when launching so, if you get into the idea, youll probably do very well and theyre. Also, the first decentralized multi chain, ideo, launch pad and multi chain, amm decks, so theyre doing something pretty differently, theyre doing something that was never done before. They also are going to be one of the main launchpad platforms for two of these blockchains um. So this is really cool theyre, going to support bc, solana, hobiko chain, matic, kucoin and more so really excited about them, keep up the great work. And then we got pentoshi saying that this could be the macro higher low for bitcoin. It acted as a support before and also as long as we are above, 41 000 bitcoin. I am bullish. Bitcoin is a way of looking really bad and then surprising, everyone and i agree, thats, why i say on this channel right and never the bottom at the bottom. It always looks so bad. It looks like oh no, its going to see all right. You see that its like. Ah right, you hear the screams of everyone and then it goes straight up.

It goes up in a straight line right, so i wouldnt be surprised if this is going to be in the bottom, and we continue higher from here, and this is just the higher high that we just had and the higher low and then also. Let me see we got pentoshi, saying also that polka dot is looking very bullish. Like we covered on this channel, we got the reversal here. We got pretty much like the reverse head inverse and the shoulders and all that and hes just continuing to pump and im glad to share good projects with you, i mean sure its, not my analysis, im covering pentoshi, but im glad that i picked the right people To have a good track record and this is working for you guys. Well so i hope youre making money and enjoying this i mean its pretty simple i mean pentoshi – is like super rich. The dude is worth more than 10 million dollars, so hes like thats, a lot of money man, so uh yeah pretty easy to find the good traders. Sometimes if they tell you like yo, i have more than 10 mil. You know theyve done something right and then also of course, some people are fake, some people are lying, but you can tell also when the quality is good like his and then also hes sharing here, that we are in a bull market in his opinion, and he Thinks that this is the bottom of ethereum confluence on both bitcoin and us dollar pairs.

A lot of historical confluence from 2017 2018 are high and higher lows intact and below is all of the above. So you can see that the structure here were starting to pretty much go with the higher lows and the higher highs, and also when you look at ethereum versus the us dollar. You can see here that we have support resistance flip over here when acted as resistance. Before is now acting as support and were just bouncing from that again and again, and you can see that versus bitcoin same thing, we had this resistance level. Here you can see. We got strong rejections from this level before and then right now, its actually acting as support hinting that ethereum could have a 50 rally versus bitcoin, which i think it will and we got zeus saying we got strong layer, one price action here showing the way in My honest opinion saying that he is bullish on the market as well, and then congratulations to avex launcher for actually getting listed today on mxc, global or a couple of days ago. Excuse me and um. They are having some very exciting news. They got a new idea. Announcement so they got two ideas that are coming on: avex launcher and participation on ideo will be based on an afx xl steak, the avex launcher token diamond hands for them. So congratulations on them. So if you guys want to participate in their upcoming ibos – which i guess will be pretty good – they got really strong backers and all that, then you might want to grab some of those av xl tokens and some congratulations for them for their successful launch.

They also announced partnerships with x21 digital um, mxc global and more so theyve just been at crushing it, and what i was really impressed about with avex launcher is that initially they were a launch pad platform for another blockchain, and then they saw that things werent going Their way wasnt really working out and what they did is they actually pivoted and they completely reinvented themselves and their name before it was even different. When i invested in them their name wasnt avex launcher, it was a different name, and i can tell you that something that ive noticed is that the most successful companies are those that are able to pivot and change and adapt to the situation and see what works And what doesnt work, so i was really impressed with them and now seeing them successfully. Launching like this having those two projects coming up is really impressive, and i can see why they got a lot of really impressive backers as well. We got x21 digital x network. We have mxc and more. We also got magnus capital so excited about what theyre doing and whats yet to come, and then we got microstrategy buying a quarter billion dollars more worth of bitcoin, so those guys are going into crypto the right way, although they should have bought ether. Like weve been saying on this channel, they would have more than double their money, but hey im, not judging. They made a lot of money.

Their average price of buying btc is actually twenty, seven thousand seven hundred and thirteen dollars pretty interesting. Theyve been accumulating a lot uh, pretty interesting, theyve accumulated roughly three point: one: six billion dollars worth of btc and uh yeah, its cool to see them having balls of steel and then uh getting rich at the same time, and we got walmart saying the crypto famous Announcement is fake, so we got some uh. We got some fake, fake news today, with like coin there was an announcement that litecoin was going to launch um theyre gon na have a partnership with walmart, which didnt really make sense, and then you can see that the price of litecoin actually pumped and then dumped You just have to pump and dump here, as you can see over here, just happened yesterday and some people got wrecked. It was a fake announcement, so you can see it pumped and then it crashed as they said that it wasnt real and then the price pretty much reverted. So other people got wrecked on this pump and yeah just be careful out there with those uh fake news. We do see it uh, sometimes in crypto pretty often you got to be a bit more careful and think in a bit more critical way and then shout out to monsters clan having their igo countdown, so theyve been continuing to go absolutely ballistic. I was really impressed with their entire execution everything thats coming up for them.

Every time you check out their website theres something new. Their artwork is fantastic, they all are really impressive investors and they got their idea. Um so theyll be listed on pancake swap on the 15th of september, so this is happening real soon. After launching on cd5 pro starter and red kite, own train and battle monsters, clan really excited to play the game. When it comes out, we got some beautiful artwork as well, and if you guys want to check them out, make sure to go to monstersclan.com and we got really strong partners and investors and they got a lot of cool features for their game. You could create monsters, speed, monsters, you can trade, your monsters, you have battle modes and you can collect and own monsters. So i think this is a really dope buy, sell or rent on their monsters, marketplace and uh and more so, if you just scroll down on their twitter feed everything every time i see them im just really impressed with everything theyve done so they concluded here their Raise their ns partnership with banter capital and theyve just been growing very very quickly, so this is another one of the hottest projects uh. That is launching right now for sure and theyre going to launch on redcat, which is one of the best. I think they have the best roi as well like red kite, launch pad platforms, im pretty sure i have the best roi so thats it for this video hope you guys enjoyed that much love.

Thank you.