Is it time for cheap cryptos in september, weve been checking september for a market pullback? Yes, weve seen it over the last few days. Do we have further to go well, look at bitcoin ethereum and one of the trades that ive been talking about on twitter, so make sure youre following over on twitter and on instagram for daily crypto updates, like the video up share it round? If you find some value from it and, of course, subscribe to the channel, if you want to see more of this content, all right lets dive in to the first piece and were looking at the market. Caps got to keep an eye on where that money is flowing. Market cap is at 2 trillion, bitcoin 45 000 eth 3300. Last 24 hours has seen most projects down, except for a few of the outliers cosmos, which is what well talk about later in the video, and we saw a little rise in tezos and also monero, oh and for the hbar guys. Your coin is doing pretty. Well too. I always say that in the comments why arent you talking about hbar? Well because i dont trade it moving on were looking at the bitcoin values, so bitcoin is obviously zero and the rest of the market is holding up reasonably well. Some are moving up a little bit. Some are down a little bit. Some are down a lot, so this is against the bitcoin value, which is what i see is one of the most important metrics to look at when you are investing in cryptocurrency long term and also trading in cryptocurrency.

You dont want your coin to be going down against bitcoin, otherwise youre better off holding bitcoin, so the cryptos that are up over the last 24 hours, uh slightly polka dot slightly litecoin because of the fake news, which well look at cosmos up nicely around four percent. Weve got tezos, monero and, of course, hbar im going to leave ecash here, but h bar is also up about eight percent fear and greed is on a downtrend were at 30. Today yesterday was 44 and we can see lower highs and lower lows. So the fear and greed is on the way down. We want to see that this break back above around that 44 45 46 level to start putting in higher lows again, so the market is still quite fearful. Celina is a crypto that weve been talking about and trading on the channel. At any point, this is a tweet from yesterday. If you sold at any point from 155 to the peak of 216, you could technically buy in cheaper again. So this is just something from yesterdays video i was. I did a video last week taking some profits on solana. Some people got triggered and they just do exactly what im talking about in the video. This is not financial advice, its not trading signals im, just letting you know what im doing and why. So. Hopefully, you can learn from that and if you do want to learn more about trading and investing check out, the investor accelerator keep an eye on these, because sometimes one or two pop up – and if you want to get in at the ‘, do that otherwise grab To grab on to the early adopters 50 left out of 100 getting a few of these going per day, and then we move up to this bracket here so get into the early adopters.

If youre interested in more around trading and investing in cryptocurrencies and being a full time long term investor, so this is the tweet on solana. If you sold out – and you were pissed off at yourself – keep an eye on the charts, because you can always get back in so weve got several days down on solana, and the main thing here is just to keep track of whether we get a push up To new all time highs or whether it tops out some of the resistance at around that sort of 180 to 200 level, making a lower high that is going to be a critical area. If you see a lower high on solana, possibly some more downsides so obviously well. Keep tracking that now on to the fake news, walmart and litecoin news deemed fake walmart, litecoin payment news debunked by walmart spokes person, ltc price, shutters from fake news. So litecoin put out a post saying: theyre going to get payments with walmart walmart to accept litecoin payments. The tweet is now gone, ltc price had a spike and all the way back down, as you can see from the open and the close. This is on a weekly chart and ive. Just posted on twitter so make sure youre following over there. If you were a holder, make sure you are checking out the bitcoin chart litecoin absolute downtrend over the entire life of litecoin. Do this with your cryptos that youre, following too check them out against bitcoin, because youve just lost a ton of bitcoin value by holding litecoin, terrible, terrible long term investment, but for trading different story youre in and out over the course of maybe weeks or months, so Make sure youre, following that, if you are investing in any cryptocurrencies, is the best way to figure out whether you are holding something good or something bad, because long term bitcoin is going up against the us dollar.

Ethereum solana, nft market cools off following late summer surge. So were keeping an eye on this, as ive got here, nft sales precursor to market dropping off just a bit of an idea, maybe were starting to see a bit of a slowdown. Yes, we saw some falls on solana. Weve seen some falls on ethereum. The market for nfts hits new peak in august, so the wider market momentum has eased up so far in september, so peak coming down in september. This is the nft sales. Nft trading volume has fallen sharply over the last week, plus data shows, as top marketplaces cool off. So this is the likes of crypto parks. Up and art blocks have seen significantly less movement. Current market activity is still well above that of the early summer lull, but the recent downturn may suggest waning enthusiasm for pricing digital collectibles, particularly amidst surging ethereum transaction fees and sinking value for leading cryptocurrencies over the weekend, openc recorded nearly 107 million, so that was over Saturday and sunday combined compare that to 274 million worth of trading in the same span the previous week. So it comes and goes super quick in nfts, and i guess, if youre, a serious nft, flipper youre, going to be keeping note of all of these sorts of metrics. Just to give you an idea of whether the market is still hot or cold and whether youre going to be risking everything on these nfts hedge fund dan tapierro has invested more than 650 million into cryptos largest companies.

Another piece here institutions continue building on ramps while piling into crypto. So this is where im getting all this idea. The idea here from were seeing september fall, but there is so much buying going on or at least on ramps and interest of coming into the market. So time for cheap crypto in september is that here im going to check this out on the bitcoin chart to give you an idea where i think will be even better or even cheaper prices, and then the bitcoin bullish news is this here as well. Weve got a few of these, so 650 million into crypto currencies t10 has invested a wide range of crypto firms, including uh kraken, ledger etoro huawei and figure theres a clear appetite from investors for exposure to these types of funds. It launched a second fund invested more than 650 million across the two funds, and the firms second fund has deployed about 80 percent of its capital. So in total the firm manages around 750 million sbf, whose firm ftx raised 900 million earlier this year, told the block in a phone interview that the crypto private markets are out of balance. So it looks like theres just so much coming into these markets because they just want the gains here. The way i read this is im not going to get married to my coins, especially when these markets go haywire as they begin to break through their resistance levels. These guys are piling into the markets and they will leave the markets just as quick theyre not going to get married to any of these ethereum solana, cardano killers or colorful jpegs by such and such on a solana ecosystem.

I dont believe theyre going to be doing that, especially with their hundreds of millions of dollars, and they are obviously going to be pushing the market up and pushing it down. We know from data that about 90 95 of the money in cryptocurrency at the moment. In the big stuff is from the big money and five percent is from retail all right, thats known out there in the space. So if the majority is looking to make money, they dont have any married ties to, like i just said, nfts or eth killers or any of that sort of stuff, then theyre not going to be holding on to this stuff long term. They will be looking for the returns, especially when theyre not getting it in other areas and then getting out again. Tapiro definitely sees old friends from wall street interested in what he called crypto money. So even spf is talking about that they want to get in. They want to make the money they want to give it to good companies, im not saying theyre, going to put all of it in and then pull all of it out, but you can bet your bottom dollar. They are here to make money. People say to me: youre really doing crypto for boomers its a little bit of that. He remarked: okay, grayscale, more uh bill, uh, bullish, bitcoin news, grayscale and i capital partner to provide 6 700 advisers. Access to crypto investments. Digital currencies are at the center of the conversation right now, so this is following on from hedge funds getting in its just over and over and over again.

This is more more money. Coming into the space i capital services, more than 80 billion in client assets across more than 780 funds globally. As of july 31, according to the company new york, headquartered firm has offices in zurich, london, lisbon and hong kong advisors and their clients have expressed increasing appetite for uncorrelated return potential in their portfolios. I only think its uncorrelated at this point in time. If the market continues up more money is printed. I think its going to be pretty similar across the board were seeing stocks go up, but not at the same rate and, of course, like we just saw with this article. The wall street guys theyre interested in getting their crypto money, theres more money, uh coming into cryptocurrency, but the gains are bigger in cryptocurrency at the moment, so they want to take some of those gains as well and thats why these projects that are 500 million plus, Can still get massive returns, 500 million thats, what the valuations are looking like, they cant get into the small stuff, theres, no point for them to get into a ido. That might be a 70 000 market cap. They need to go for the big stuff because thats what happens when youve got big money? El salvador wont tax foreign investors on bitcoin profits, so if youre looking for somewhere else to go after some of these tax laws come into the us, maybe even into australia, maybe el salvador is on the cards for you, legal advisor to the salvadorian president.

If a person has assets in bitcoin and makes high profits, there will be no tax. This is done obviously to encourage foreign investment. So i think this is going to be a competition as time goes on, and this is going to come down. Well, i guess the u.s might come down hard on these sorts of countries because they want to keep tax in their country and if other countries are making it look more favorable to go there, the smart money, the big money, are going to find ways to get There to obviously pay less in tax all right, if you guys, are looking to pay less in tax. Why dont you get yourselves an smsf. This is a self managed super fund in australia, check out the link down below new brighton capital book. Your free 20 minute consultation, so you might have your super fund with something traditional earning you, four percent per per annum. Taking fees and everything else off it, smsf call them to figure out whether it is something worthwhile for your super fund, whether you have enough funds in there and then you can figure out how you can structure yourself from that point. Use posino when youre signing up there. This is for your free phone consultation and when you complete your smsf application, 150 bucks of free credit. First up, i want to look at bitcoin, so i mentioned here time for cheap crypto in september. Bitcoin leads the market im following the bitcoin price and we see lower usd prices for bitcoin generally that spills across into the rest of the market.

So, if im following bitcoin, that saves me a lot of time to not have to worry about so many other cryptocurrencies bitcoins down boom ill go for the cryptos which have my alerts going off. So i can see stronger setups, which ill show you one off in just a sec bitcoin. This is my zone here this purple box. If we drop back into this, then i like this as some cheaper bitcoin. Obviously, i dont want to see it in here for too long if we get some spikes into this zone thats exactly what im looking for just come into here. Push back up some wicks so for bars, were looking at. Spikes for candles were looking at those wicks to come in here. This is probably my last resistance level. I dont want to see the market break any lower than that 37k 37 and a half k. That is the swing low, so anything in this zone is great. If it does fall beneath this, then i just think were going to be churning in this area for a lot longer, so therell be more buying opportunities, but patience will have to increase. So as for september, this is what weve been waiting for. Weve been waiting for a turn. Weve been waiting for a bit of a correction. I dont think its going to be too long, considering we were up for nearly 50 days so im looking for about one. Two three weeks in this period before we start to potentially climb our way forward, of course, were going to keep looking at that on the charts but thats just my rough road map for my cheap cryptos in september, ethereum similar sort of thing, but it is stronger Than bitcoin its still holding above its, this is the correction zone, so its holding above its correction so 50 at 3, 000.

bitcoin, on the other hand, has slipped under the correction zone, so its slightly weaker at the moment, ethereum in this zone above that 24 to 29 ish 100. That is the area that i think ethereum looks a lot cheaper and ill be definitely buying up bigger bags than what i was buying at on a breakout or on these correction bars. But for now just waiting to see its back into this churny zone of 3000 to about 3400 so again, ethereum slightly stronger than bitcoin, because its above its 50 so 3000, whereas bitcoin slightly weaker doesnt, mean its going to crash beneath its previous support levels. This is just what we look at when were looking at the 50 zones, so thats my zone there, looking in the purple for more eth and for bitcoin thats, going to tell me for cheaper cryptocurrencies overall, but the crypto that ive been looking at and ive posted About this on twitter and also to our patreon group, if you guys are interested check out the link down below for patreon exclusive content, i update the guys about the trades regularly and also weekly video updates on the entire market over to atom cosmos. The main chart im trading here is the btc pair. The breakout was just above 60 000 satoshis thats what it should be – not 6 000, 60 000 and weve spiked out into some resistance at the moment, so its at about nine thousand, eight to nine thousand.

Approximately these levels here all right, so this was a little congestion zone before the breakdown in 2019 and were just trying to hold above these current levels at the moment, so weve broken out. Hopefully this is the break to take us to the next stage. So ive got a few targets here mentioned these on twitter, so make sure youre following over there as well. There were some recent positive news on adam which we could see in the charts earlier, so it just goes back to the old saying. Show me the charts and ill tell you the news. So the breakout through here was these levels about 55 and if you wanted, the extra confirmation above the higher was about 6 thousand. So i saw that news come out, probably in the last couple of days. So the breakout has already occurred. I believe, prior to that news being known publicly by a lot of people, so just always check the charts, if youre getting yourself involved in some sort of longer term or short term trade, you can start to see these breakouts occur, especially when youre factoring in these 50 levels for support and another support, and then the breakout so thats adam well continue to follow up on that as well, but make sure you follow me on twitter because its much easier to update you with these sorts of trades over there, just like ive, been Doing with solana ill see you guys at the next video so until then have more fun to get more done.