So just like the thumbnail suggests september is gon na be a pretty rough month, but there is good news on the horizon, so were gon na quickly? Take a look at uh four years of september and what happened immediately after. I also want to take a look at a couple, different stories as far as micro strategy and mr wonderful from shark tank. Also, some glass node data as far as long term holders and what theyre doing with their bitcoin, also a little stock to flow action and, finally, to finish all up a little story about nft recur and fidelity. So today is not a great day. Uh were a little bit in the red were at 2.05 trillion. Uh things are down uh. The daily sentiment is a little bit uh recessed as far as like average, but bitcoin sentiment is still pretty high, because i think that the people whove been here for a long time, know whats going to happen in q4. So real quick bitcoins at almost 45 000 ethereums 3200 cardone is 2.45 and everythings down across the board, except for polka dot up a whopping two percent watch out and uh thats really about it. Oh eleven percent for cosmos, congratulations, cosmos holders, so really what it comes down to is lets just break into it and see what this good news is because we all know septembers gon na kind of suck, so to take a look at that theres, these uh monthly Calendars like to pull it every so often over at trading view, and just so you know in the last bull run, uh in 2017, great year, great year, 2017.

uh over here. We see this little red monthly count candle. Yes, we were in a bearish month, but ever since, after that actually uh in october november and december, look at that fantastic, look all the way up now that was in 2017, the last major bull run after the having 2016.. What happened in 2018? Well, we saw a little bit more of a dip uh after september. Here it is, but it was uh winter bare winter for cryptocurrency, then we go along a little bit more and then in 2019 uh, somewhere around here july august september, a red candle, yeah, a green red red green. But then again in 2020, when we had the having uh look, what happened here after september, green grain, green, green, green and then whats going to happen. Usually uh in the uh big bull, the big bull year, which i think is uh 2021. Probably green, green, green. But again, this is not investment, opinions, investment advice. This is what has happened in the past. We could be in elongated state. Maybe we see it uh in january february march, but again i think q4 is going to be, if not the big quarter, a run up to a very big uh surprise as far as crypto, so that is the 12 uh years of september. So lets take a look at some some good news because uh you know its always good to see whats going on as everything drips down to the red part.

So this was a great article. Kevin oleary came out and uh. He went through an interview and he had eight quotes from the whole thing: im not going to play the whole interview, so its good, but we dont have time for that. Time is money and a lot of things going on. So this is what kevin oleary says from shark tank. He goes look ethereum is slow. He says i find ethereum as a user, its too slow and so theres going to be other chains that are going to emerge. Another thing he says is that the regulators have pushed back on the lend product from coinbase, and that is a slowdown. I totally agree. He says we want the regulators to actually make some decisions about crypto. I agree with them here. We want them to make some decisions about crypto. However, what i want, what i would like is that we all have a voice in what is going on so to um, help us out and to expedite that process. We actually had uh done a video yesterday about the sec and whats, going on theyre, going to have a hearing between all the senators who are in the banking committee, and we talked about how uh the honorable as they call them. I know some people dont like that word, honorable, whatever uh gary gensler was going to be there, and i talked about do two things. First of all, reach out to your senator whos on the committee uh.

If youre in those states, i showed you exactly how to do that and then just write them a quick note, uh or an email or send them a message or or call them it. Doesnt have to be grandiose, just say: look genzos going to be there tomorrow. I would like you to ask him: if theres going to be clarity, we need clarity. Asap, you dont want to make it super long, just tell them. We need clarity and have him put his feet to the fire for petes sakes. He was a uh professor at mit, and he taught blockchain theres, no reason why we cant get clarity now, theres, no reason why hes giving everybody else a pass as opposed to other different types of products. That was the whole video right there. So that would be great if you could do that and then also to finish up on this one, if the regulator finally allowed financial services companies to call it an asset, put it into an etf in the united states like they have in canada and other countries. I figured thered be another one trillion worth of buying in the bitcoin. I have to agree with mr wonderful here. I think we can squeeze out another one trillion if the people get comfortable with putting it into an etf. Why cant? We just do that. Doesnt make a lot of sense. It seems like all the other countries are leaving the united states behind just do what you are paid to do.

Government you work for us and then to finish this up these states. All the institutions are coming to the conference to discuss this very topic and apparently there is a salt conference. This is going on from yesterday to wednesday in new york. So when he says all the institutions are coming to the conference, maybe this could gear them all up for q4 and what has happened to cryptocurrency? Maybe they can all come up with a great plan, which i believe is this and uh. I said this in the video yesterday: we can wait for the sec to do their thing or we can go on the offensive and just go. You know what, if youre going to sue us lets, go into court and theres a lot of money behind crypto and digital assets. If you have a crack and a coin base of binance, a gemini uh voyager and everybody else and different projects that just come together, go you want it. You want to do this lets do this, lets, get it on the open and lets just go to court and and go through the whole process. I know some people say its a bad idea. I think its a great idea and uh mark cuban did it and he won in 2013 for insider trading. He beat the sec like a drum, so the only reason they get away with this nonsense is because of the sec and theyre afraid of them.

So go on the offensive everybody i think weve got enough. Money cost mark cuban 12 million dollars to to beat them. I think we can do that. Anyhow. Let me know what you think about that in the comments section and lets move on to our next piece. Well before i forget uh, we were going over a lot of different material today. As far as the news, if theres some more news, i think, is pretty uh newsworthy, one of those being uh fake, litecoin news lighting things up and some different fight articles go over to alex masculis, show and uh check that out. I watched it was pretty good but whats going on links in description and then check that out all right. So the next piece uh as far as good news is this is very quick – is michael saylor for microstrategy microstrategy. Essentially they not. Essentially they did this. They purchased uh another 5 000 bitcoins for 242.9 million. So when we talk about buying the dip, there is no better master of this than michael saylor and michael strategy and um. If youre, looking for good news about whos buying up and and big companies get into the game there, you go michael saylor, so if he can buy the dip, why cant – i – which i did this morning with a couple of different things, so more good news on That point, and on top of that lets, take a look at some glass node data which uh this is from dylan leclair and uh its pretty interesting little graphic, uh, very basic.

It says bitcoin supply held by long term holders. Can these continues to break all time? High so right here this little uh squiggly chart as it goes up. I cant see my mouse, unfortunately see where it says 60k and the things that are going uh, you know up and down down. That is essentially the price. So right, here in september, were looking at around uh, whatever it was uh 45 000. What not! But these gold bars right here. These are long term holders and how they are holding on to bitcoin and, depending on how um glass node defines, i think, its for people who held it between six months and a year, maybe long term holders look at this mountain of long term holding ever since We had that massive dip uh back in april and may people just holding it waiting for q4, and that is what is surprising to me. Also. I took a look at glass node quickly and i just want to take a look at uh exchange, inflow volume versus outflow and if you bring it over here, you can see that outflow volume is 13 791 uh for uh bitcoin, and i was like well and Of course, if we see a lot of inflow, that means that people are going to sell potentially well lets, take a look at outflow from the exchanges and see how that measures up. So again, we had the 11931 for the uh inflow and for the outflow.

People probably going in cold storage, thirteen thousand uh 268 as far as bitcoin goes so theres a little bit of positive news and then what i want to take a look at was uh, uh, long and short term holders as far as glass node. But my account is limited in what i see. I pay a monthly account. I have to upgrade that, but its kind of pricey its like 800 bucks a month for glass, though kind of crazy but um. Apparently what were seeing here like it. We just said over on this way long term holders continuing to hold and thats good news for us anyhow, let me think about that in the comments section seems like its pretty good uh, but on all good notes, lets take a look at the flip side. As far as what is going on and that is stock to flow so stock to flow, if you dont know the model pretty basic stuff and um, what we have here is this was from plan b on june 20th. Let me blow this up, so you can see it, and i always a good rule of thumb is that models are great until theyre not, and that is essentially what it is here. So this is what stock to flow states as far as like price picture goes. Uh, there is more a fundamental reason that we see weakness in june and possibly july. My worst case scenario for 2021 is this august 47 k all right september 43k.

Well, were almost there october 63k november 98k december 135k, which sounds pretty good right. Lets. Take a look at august and hes saying that august about 47k right, so we come back here and we take a look at august so 47k in august 2021. Well, not really because we were at 38 000 here, 37 000 here, so the 48 really doesnt hold true. So does that mean that uh everything that stock deflo says is incorrect? No, a little bit of a hiccup and uh theres been different things, but the big thing i want to make mention is that uh dont put your your faith into any kind of diagram, any kind of data analytics uh theres. Nobody has a crystal ball and no one can predict everything, so will september be 43k yeah. Maybe maybe itll go to 40. heck, maybe go to 38., nobody knows, but i can tell you this uh. If we take a look and just do what uh my man diddy says, which is when in doubt zoom out just take a look at this chart right here – 2015 bitcoins 232 and look at this massive run up in 2017. We were just talking about look at that big, huge pump, it wasnt anything and now look at this and then back here in 2013. You cant even see the pump. You cant even see it because its so small, and that i think, is what its going to look at like in 2021 and in 2026 and 2020, whatever else you want to go for, and that is the big thing about crypto and digital assets all right, let Me think about that and lets move on to some of our last pieces, which is recur and fidelity.

So this was a a quick tweet that i found its pretty interesting. Uh billionaire new york, mets owner steve khan cohen, excuse me led a 50 million investment into nfc platform recore, which already has collegiate licensing deal and the whole article can be summed up in just these couple of paragraphs, which is this recur recently completed a deal with The pac 12 conference, if youre not in the united states, thats all for sports college sports recurve, will create nfts based on highlights of memorable pac 12 moments throughout the years. Thats a lot of money, the pac 12s nft will be part of a new website. Nftu.Com that recur developer. The company hopes will someday house nfts for every college sport in the u.s and just to be sure, i took a look at recur. What it is and its not launched yet, but it had a pretty good white paper and there was two things that i thought was interesting. First of all to get the white paper you have to go to the website, sign up for an email and then theyll. Let you download it and its a great resource to figure out what nfts are different kinds and how theyre going to fit in and just so youre wondering yes, recur is going to be built on ethereum. So that is how theyre going to do it and they had this really good chart which made a lot of sense, which was kind of funny how they did it.

But it says valued settlement, ethereum versus transaction fees and on the right hand, side. You can see here like heres the volume of the of the nfts, i think thats. 0.5 trillion. 0.1. One point one point: five, two point: zero and two point: five um and then over here heres the transaction fees. So, yes, we always complain about the transaction fees of ethereum. They go. You know what those transaction fees arent worth squat compared to the value of the nfts whats, going on and thats how they uh deride it from that. But in all honesty, if you have invested into any type of platform with nfts, if youre on avalanche solana cardano any of those ones phantom, whatever else, i think thats, where the money is going to go. And we see things actually go into those platforms because they have nfts. So when we take a look at this, if were looking at where the next big play is, that is potentially it not financial advice, just financial opinion and then, lastly, to finish this, all up. Uh there was a great piece here from fidelity digital assets and they just did a quick study about what is going on in the crypto market from december 2020 to april 2021.. It was 1100 respondents, and just so you know those were they was broken between financial advisors, high net worth investors, family offices, pension funds, crypto hedge funds and so on and so forth, and the barriers to adoption was this.

I found this most interesting. 54 of survey. Investors believe that price volatility is one of the greatest barriers to investment. I think thats incorrect. I think the thing as far as volatility goes, that is an asymmetrical return and thats what you want to see, because there is a lot more gains, as opposed to putting into some blue chip stock in the s p. 500. Also, 44. Investors surveyed share the lack of fundamentals to gauge appropriate value as a barrier to investment. I dont see why just go to dan teaches I show you how to do this in module. Uh four reviews just go over there ill show you exactly how to evaluate each project with examples. They should just do that. Super simple. I mean for what it is and then to finish this up, 84 of u.s and european investors survey indicated they would be interested in institutional investment products and 27 of us and european investors survey. Believe real estate has great potential for tokenization, which is a 12 point slide, and the big thing also was that there is a ton of asian investors and thats who gets into it. So look that is whats going on quick down and dirty. I know theres a lot of things happening, but we try to go quickly, theres, so much going on again check out. Alexs uh uh youtube channel a lot of good information over there, and that is it. So if you found value here, go ahead and give it a thumbs up a like um, that is it for today.

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