s senate candidate is actually publicly endorsing sheep. This is probably the first time ive ever heard. A u.s politician publicly talking about sheep and also being a strong advocate of sheep, and this holds some interesting complications. Ill talk about in more detail and elon. Musk has bought a shiba on his own stick around because we have some photo evidence near the end. Well be giving away 100 to a random subscriber to kick start their crypto journey to enter this giveaway simply like and subscribe and comment your favorite crypto in the comments below and we have another one. This is amongst one of the larger transactions ive seen so an ethereum whale just bought 321 billion sheep worth 2.23 million usd ranked at number four on whale stats. Now the first thing that came to mind was whether this person was the same person that bought. I think six million sheba yesterday so ive actually bought it up here. So this is the transaction details of the ship by yesterday. So we have this one transaction at around 1.2 million usd worth of sheep and this other transaction at 5.11 million usd worth of sheep, and these are actually the same wallet. So if you look at this wallet here, it ends in 8489e and this transaction again. It ends in a4a9e. I thought it was the very same wallet, but it turns out to not be the same one and at first i was a little bit disappointed because if you see someone adding to their position continuously and in large sums like this, its typically a very bullish sign.

So you want to be on the same side as this particular person, but then i saw this ranked number four on whale stats and i was converted because the number fourth biggest whale – the number four largest waller holder, largest ethereum waller holder – picked up 2.2 million dollars Worth of sheep and, of course, being the number fourth guy on the top 1000 lithium wallets, i did wish it was a big bigger, maybe just an extra zero on the transaction, but this is nonetheless still very, very good. Now, before we move on, you can support your favorite crypto projects such as sheep ethereum and more by getting your own physical crypto coin. To add to your collection, you can find a link in the description and going from very good to quite unexpected. We have mr shannon bray, who is a us senate candidate, and he says i have purchased 100 million sheep tokens and will donate the entire wallet to shelter our homeless veterans. Once the value is at or above 0.01, you may never happen, but what, if it does so? First of all, i want to talk about him and, second of all, i want to talk about the complication that revolves around the us senate and publicly endorsing sheep. Now, if mr shanimbre is publicly announcing and publicizing his donation tweet, i would wager an old wage of big money that he has a huge bag of sheep for himself too. Yes, 100 million is an awfully large amount of sheep, but if hes giving that away, then surely he has a bigger sum somewhere in his wallet and if given thats the case, thats a strong ally to have in the sheep army.

And now i want to talk about his position in the u.s senate. So do correct me in the comments, if im wrong, but from memory uh, the majority of the us senate and the us congress has a distaste for cryptocurrency as a whole, and this is because cryptocurrency as a whole is largely unregulated and thats. A thats an entire topic for another time, but a lot of these folks in the u.s center in the u.s congress are a bit older and, as a result, theyre not a strong advocate for a cryptocurrency. Now, if we have a politician that sits in the center, that is a strong advocate for sheep, we can see a lot of adoption within the state that this person is a senator in, and that is probably one of the most untapped exposure angles that we can Have for she right now and if she makes herself into these political parties and also guys keeping in mind now, sheep actually has utility in comparison to other memphians like doge, who isnt actively pushing for utility on the road map. So shibu in a sense is actually further along the utilization roadmap than a lot of other coins, and if the political parties recognize this and drop ship and it gives it the okay in terms of its regulations, that is going to be, that is going to change. The entire atmosphere in which sheep is going to be playing in so ill keep a close eye on here.

On mr shannon bray, he is a candidate for u.s senate north carolina in 2022, which is next year, and if you made it this far, sorry – but not sorry here – is a picture of elon musks, shiva flaky or flocky very cute anyway. Guys have a guess in the comments how much sheep i picked up this week and, as always, take care well catch.