Please dont forget to like comment share and subscribe, and our sponsors are for claims and higher birmingham. The leading and best accent management company get a replacement car anywhere in one hour. I really appreciate you joining me today. This story comes 80 miles off the coast of plymouth. Two days ago, the national crime agency seized more than two tons of cocaine, that they estimate a street value of 160 million, which is inflated, but this is definitely the biggest seizure ive ever covered on the channel. Two tons of cocaine on its own is two thousand kilos. One of the men arrested is from britain and hes from stockton antis in county durham and five people from nicaragua. They were arrested on thursday evening, just off the coast in plymouth, in an operation led by the nca and supported by the australian federal police and also border force. The suspects were aboard a yacht called the kahu, and this is a luxury jamaican yacht. That was previously a navy vessel, it was sailing from the caribbean and he was escorted back to the uk mainland, where a team carried out a deep rummage and found a massive hall of class, a drugs, the men aged between 24 and 49, and were arrested for Drug trafficking and are currently in custody a waiting interview. It says the nca worked with the afp as part of an operation with evidence from operation ironside. But what surprises me is that no newspaper has actually gone bothered to research.

What operation ironside is and how important and big a discovery? This really actually is operation ironside. It comes from anarm, which is a encrypted mobile chat, similar to encore chat that the australian police put into the community. This wasnt hacked similar to encore chat. This was actually planted, it was given to a crime boss and he gave it and recommended it to other people and before you knew it, everyone in australia was using this one service that was being monitored. Then they started to arrest people from all over the world. Ive done two episodes on anam in australia and thank you to all the australian subscribers and everybody that has purchased merchandise off the website from australia as well. So this means that australian police worked with english police and the nca to break up a smuggling group. That was bringing drugs into the uk in a massive amounts. If this is what theyve caught now imagine how many other times that they havent caught them and as were coming out of luck down now, two tons is definitely symbolic of an increase of demand for drugs. But this would definitely have a massive effect on the street and people across the country being as the english media have not elaborated on what operation einstein is ive gone to the australian government website to be able to get an explanation as to what it is and Also check out the other videos, ive done ill leave a link on the website for them.

The australian federal police opened the operation and charged over 100 criminals in australia after they used the encrypted communication to monitor their movements similar to encroach they found plots to kill and drug trafficking and also gun distribution that was covertly run by the fbi. So the fbi worked with the australian police to create an arm. Then drug dealers in australia use that phone all over the world, and this is how now were getting english involvement. They say during the operation: theyve arrested, 224 people, 526 charges in australia alone, 3.6 tons of drugs, 104 weapons, 44 million dollars in cash that have been seized since 2018. The australian police have acted on 20 threats to kill and save the number of lives with intelligence that was obtained from and um even three years after theyve hacked this encrypted mobile. They are still making arrests and also getting seizures. They said as well in the official statements that the australian police were going to seek extraditions of a number of people living overseas. They say there were links to the australian mafia, outlaw motorcycle groups. Asian crime syndicates and also albanian organized criminals have all been arrested in operation ironside. The fbi was running the app without any knowledge of the underworld and the australian police provided highly skilled technicians, with the capabilities of decrypting and reading encrypted messages in real time giving law enforcement agencies an edge that theyve never had before they say globally. In this operation, 9 000 officers have taken part and been deployed to be involved in efforts to arrest criminals and on was an influential communications application and bigger than some of the encrypted platforms that have come before it.

And after the objective of the phone was to flood australia with drugs and guns and to undermine the economy by laundering, billions of dollars similar to encore, chat as well. Adam could only send messages. No calls or emails could be used on the device and they grew in popularity when certain high profile organized crime figures vouched for their integrity. The fbi said they will work with international partners to continue to adapt to criminal behavior and develop novel approaches to bring them criminals to justice. This has never been done before, where theyve actually deliberately installed a fake communication network into the underworld and crow chat was definitely done differently and in the uk that wouldnt actually be legal for them to be able to create the chat to then intercept it in real Time so this is a massive story and i cant believe that the mainstream media have not gone into the fact of the the significance of the anom involvement, and this means that there was big connections between australia and the uk in relation to drug importation and definitely A big reflection of the amount of drugs that are being consumed in the uk two tons of cocaine is a ridiculous amount, but it just shows that there must be a demand because they wouldnt be supplying it if there wasnt. So i really appreciate you joining me for this episode and ill be back again very shortly. Dont forget you can get the latest updates on the website and follow me online at tik, tok, facebook, instagram and twitter and ill be back again very shortly with some more news.

Peace, operation. Ironside is a covert operation that the afp has been running together with the fbi. Since 2018., we introduced a dedicated encrypted communications device into the global criminal marketplace. These devices have been modified, so you cant make normal telephone calls, send text messages access the internet. It even had applications bogus applications installed on it to look like a normal telephone. What they do have is an application. In this case it was hidden behind another application, a calculator. The thing i guess is surprising about this is how implicitly the criminals have trusted this platform. If theyre talking about cocaine, they say cocaine. If theyre talking about weight measurements, they talk about weight, measurements, theyre talking about money, they talk directly about the exact amount. So these are not coded conversations theyre, black and white. I think that this will shock organised crime to its core that the afp and its partners have been able to capture all their communications, theyre, plotting and scheming to traffic drugs, murder, people launder the proceeds of crime purchase assets. All those things are now in the hands of the police. You cant go to a shop and buy this thing. You have to know a criminal with access to it and then essentially you go and buy it on the black market. Everyones gon na be trying to think of how they can actually create something like this and implement. Something like this into the market. Music for the first time were actually getting a real behind the curtains look of how these criminal syndicates operate and how they actually exploit.

Our vulnerabilities, we have seen crates of money coming from perth to sydney were talking, millions of dollars being transported physically across the country as payment for shipments of drugs for every 20 kilos of meth that you guys are stopping off the streets. Youre saving a life for every threat that you extinguish on the platform. You save a life, so we look at the resolution of operation ironside in some respects its not the end.