The question is: is this manipulation for our best or not? Is the bitcoin and also outcome price is going to go towards the upset in the immediate short term or towards the downside? I will be talking about that. I will be talking with you about my price targets on bitcoin on ethereum on the altcoins and everything whats going on right now in crypto guys make sure youre watching this video until the very end, because today i have prepared something crazy for you make sure you Smash up the like button to a new all time. High lets crush 10 000 likes because you are the most lovely community in the world and, judging from the comments in the last few videos, probably also the most profitable community in the world. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for joining them. Encrypt the family by pressing, subscribe, pressing the bell and pressing all and now lets go straight into the content. I will be starting with bitcoin, then i go over into ethereum and i will be talking about the outcomes as well. So watch this video until the very end, guys and first of all lets talk about the bitcoin price and what you can see is actually on the hourly candidates. This potential, why card face? And yes, i did withdraw the lines just slightly because its just very hard to anticipate where the phases are ending ex ante. However, you can see, bitcoin is perfectly following actually the the pattern i was predicting since days and days.

I was telling you right here: hey guys, this can be a wyckoff pattern and, as you can see, we created here, another lower low went higher than had this um. The selling climax in phase c creating the low here before zigzag accumulating towards the upside into our accumulation zone. You can see. This is exactly what actually. I was predicting with the help of this wyckoff pattern here and, as you can see, since i was also telling you guys, this is probably the bottom from here. We should only see upset and zigzag accumulate into our accumulation zone. This is exactly what happened, and the question is what is going to happen next well. First of all, i wanted to show you this little clip here from. I think it was yesterday where i was exactly predicting this specific movement. Look at this from here. We should only see upside actually, at least on the four wally counters. So if this pattern plays out from here, what we should see is actually zigzag towards the space d here in that specific pattern and then reversing towards the upside here uh in our accumulation and as you can see, this is exactly what happened. We created the low here we zigzag accumulated towards the upset and went into my accumulation zone. So now the question is what is going to happen next for vidcon? Well, if this is the accumulation zone in phase d, then, today or tomorrow, it might be also tomorrow.

Obviously, no no um guarantees here, but after this accumulation zone here we should break out towards the upset and should break out to higher highs. So now the question is: what are these higher highs? Let me go over into my diamond pattern. Some people might call it a coffin pattern because its not a perfect diamond pattern but, as you can see ever since i was calling the breakout right here, we went higher and we are getting closer and closer to my specific price target. Approximately at 48 700 us dollars still being in this rising channel, which obviously we have to break before. We can see these higher price levels, so my first price target at 48 600. However, you always know before the price target is uh after the price target is before the price target, so zooming out here a little bit and taking the fibonacci extension level from the bottom all the way to the top. Then you can see not only that my price target is in perfect convergence with the fibonacci golden pocket, which you can see here on the right hand side. No, you can see that actually, the next price target would be already in alignment with the 50 500 us dollar price level, which was surprise, surprise, big resistance. Earlier these are the price levels i am looking at for bitcoin right now and obviously, if we are breaking be significantly here below our accumulation zone, this is where im getting more cautious, and this is when im for the first time for the next uh last few Days, saying hey, maybe this is not going to pan out exactly as i predicted, but so far it is going very well now i wanted to go over into ethereum and also into outcomes.

I want to show you one specific outcome position where i have almost 2 million us dollars in a profit, not in a profit, 2 million us dollars put in invested in and also some other outcomes. Here i wanted to talk about so watch this video until the very end, but before i wanted to quickly big shout out to carl who is which um, which notification is flashing in the video quickly jump over into ethereum. So lets go over into ethereum us dollar and what you can see here on ethereum. We have something which is called a w pattern, its not a perfect one, but its much more beautiful than on the bitcoin chart where we have a low and a lower low. Unfortunately, usually in a w pattern, i want to preferably see a higher low on the second low. However, it is a beautiful one. It is a nice one, so this could be panning out actually for ethereum. So the the the conservative price target would be here, among guess what the old but gold price level of the 3740 us dollars. What we need for that, because, right now, its still speculation, its just a call. We need a break of the 3450 us dollar level. We actually need a four hourly close above and volume support. If this is happening, this trade could bring us up all the way to our price target, which would be unleveraged, eight percent, with 10x leverage, already eight point: eighty five percent um like within a day or so or two days if this is playing out, but please Wait for the confirmation signs, of course, also before im going into the altcoins, do remember that i have in the pin comment section down below 3 200 us dollars in free bonuses at the 30 x level.

This is a hundred thousand us dollar trade for free with which you can actually trade on bitcoin on altcoins. You can withdraw the profits from this free trade and add that to your holding portfolio so go down below use this link. If and only if, youre an experienced trader and now lets go over to the outcomes, but before im doing that, i want you to show you this unchained chart here, which is showing us from all exchanges on glass, not the bitcoin balance on exchanges, which is right. Now, reaching an historic low, actually, the last time we have seen this little bitcoin being on exchanges. Expanding the circulating supply being available to be sold was in february 2018, more than two and a half years ago. This means three and a half years ago. Sorry, three and a half years ago, this means people, whales, institutions and retailers are continuously pulling bitcoin from exchanges and exchanges. Where is where the price is being found, exchanges is where the prices are being pumped and dumped and the fewer bitcoin we are having on exchanges. The higher the potential pumping pressure actually on bitcoin – it has always been like that, and it is going to continue to be like that. This is something i am personally bullish on when it comes to on chain metrics and also the fee and greed index. You can see here we were breaking down right now, basically, finding a double bottom, its, not ta, but you can see here we are going towards the upside again.

We were shaking out the weekends and i think the next few weeks are more likely to be bullish than bearish here for bitcoin and for all coins, of course speculation. But this is my statement right now. Also, i wanted to show you one thing here. People ask me what is going on with your outcome positions. Elrond. You can see here, 1.5 million us dollars on this account alone. True fight its just a small gamble, guys. So, like honestly, you can lose it all if you put it in, but its a small gamble of mine here, also uh jamie from stock guru. Who was recommending it to me. So i was actually pumping a little bit of money into it here, but my main position is around actually one point: five one point: six million us dollars on this account on another one. I have another through three hundred thousand uh, so almost two million us dollars in this outcome alone, still holding cardano, still holding my head out still holding compound um, but these ones are something for the longer game here, especially the last two ones. Here i was mentioning and um. I was, as i mentioned earlier, selling a big big portion of my solana actually in favor of elrond. I was mentioning many times why this is the case. You can see my trade over on by bitcoin 7.7 million us dollars in this trade, 1.6 million us dollars in profit and honestly guys, im happy about my gains, but whenever i see my trades here going higher, this also gives me the understanding how many gains you Guys are doing so.

Thank you so much for sharing your gains in the comment section. I always love to go down and i see like people in the hundreds and thousands thanking me everywhere on whatsapp until not whatsapp on telegram on twitter, not on twitter anymore, because my chat is deleted on telegram and on instagram i see so many people actually thanking Me – and i am truly appreciative for that – thank you so much for sharing the good vibes. Thank you so much for making so many games and for smashing up the like button to a new all time.