I dont know what the time is over there guys we got a huge video, stop crypto, stop crypto right now, so you know we we all talked. We all know about gary gensler. You know he was uh on the hill. He was uh talking to the banking oversight committee and you know hes still pretty adamant that uh. You know that that crypto is a security and that a lot of exchanges are are dealing in crypto and if he says this is a security and these are unregis securities, this could be really bad for the crypto space looks like hes going after you know. He looks like hes going after coinbase directly uh were going to jump into that. Also well talk about the dogecoin price were seeing a golden cross and that diamond patent that form for bitcoin. It seems that were breaking out exactly exactly as i predicted. So this is really bullish news. Our theorem is going up and we can see that the total market cap right now is up almost three percent, so it looks like things are coming back were also going to talk about solana. Solana had a huge 13 dump im going to tell you why that happened, what caused it and its going to be mind, blowing guys and some other news. We had some micro strategy news, thats going to be really bullish, guys remember this. Video is for education and entertainment purposes. Only this is not financial advice.

This is o.g in the house. Remember, do me a favor guys, you got to please smash the likes because it tells the youtube algorithm that you like this content and it helps get the word out. Help spread the message: help spread the love, help spread the love for the og in the house. Guys and with that being said, dont forget theres a little icon down there. That looks like that, and what that means is you got ta smash the likes, not this one, but that one so go. Do it right now take your finger and gingerly go down over there and cling and youll feel better trust. Me youll feel a lot better once you smash that likes guys so lets get into the content right now without further delay. Lets do it do it do it so guys dont forget to go back and take a look at some of my other amazing videos. You dont want to miss it. You dont want to miss a beat. You dont want to miss a trick guys so lets jump into the first piece of newsy woozy whizzy. So we got gary getzl in the house and he was there with uh elizabeth warren. He the you know the angry granny the whole dynamic. You know dynamic duo in the house, so sec, chair, uh coinbase lists dozens of tokens that might be securities, so garys really hes. It looks like hes just going to town uh on coinbase and i think they they want to use coinbase.

As a test case example. Uh and i think that theyre theyre, going to ratchet up something against coinbase and gary ganzo has hinted that many of the assets currently listed by coinbase, maybe securities, that remark comes as the sec and the coinbase are in are in an ongoing fight over crypto regulation. So we all know about the brian armstrong thing he tweeted up his storm and all that time. So you know the stakes. The stakes in our ongoing battle between securities and exchange commission coinbase get higher on tuesday, as the agency chairman gary ganza, suggested that the biggest crypto exchange may be breaking the law ooh, so some other some other gary against related news is that you know gary hes Going after stable going, he really wants to regulate things and listen. Oh my takeaway is some regulation is good. Lets, protect joe public joe nancy and lets protect them from from you know, scams and and and nefarious players im. All for that. I have no problem with that, but when we overly regulate what it does is it is, it kills. Innovation ive been saying this all along, so some of the key takeaways from this meeting with the the meeting that gary had on the hill gary against the sec attended a senate hearing on crypto exchange regulations. Today, nothing came out. There was no playbook, he didnt say: okay, heres heres the regulation. Here you go a to z, that didnt happen, and then we had senator elizabeth warren.

Angry granny asked cancer about the difficulty with drawing crypto during exchange. Outages. Well, of course, hello. If the is, if the exchange is down, you cant withdraw crypto. You need to ask that question. Hello and senator pat toomey ask answer about secs unclear stance on whether stable coins are considered securities, so i think pat toomeys on our side. You know elizabeth warren shes not on our side right, shes kind of a debbie downer when it comes to crypto so and then guentzel are saying that you know stable coins may be securities. Okay, maybe, but you know, but early in the in the the meeting. Pat toomey criticized secs unclear handling of stable coins as securities and toomey argued that the dollar peg stable coins do not fit the definition of securities, and i agree with that. How can they be a security when theyre just pegged with a dollar it? You know because they dont carry any promise of returns exactly pat toomey in the house. Youre a stable coin is not uh any return, so how can it be considered a security right? So i i think pat toomey hes in our corner, but this whole regulation thing its going to take a long long time before anything actually comes out its going to be regulation by litigation. Absolutely its going to happen, and you know that we have a lot of people who are anti cryptocurrency on the hill, so this is going to take a long long time.

Remember a lot of these. A lot of these players on the hill are in paid to play guys, so you know they have to protect their paymasters so thats all i got to say about that all right guys. So you know this is unwinding. Lets see what happens with gary gensler and the sec, i mean im saying some regulation is good, but lets not overdo it and uh. You know also lets not over tax the crypto space because thatll, just you know, if you, if you tax central, if you tax, crypto and remember the only way to kyc or know your customer is going to be through centralized exchanges, and i keep saying that if They start ratcheting up the tax, then what a lot of people are going to do is theyre, going to move to hardware wallets theyre, going to move to custodial services and theyre going to start to use decentralized exchanges and d5 to change their coins and thats. All there is to it, and you know theres a lot of you know, centralized change, exchanges that are offshore, and so you know what will happen is if this gets regulated. People will move to this. You know theyll always find a way to find a solution. Some other news, new york ag shuts down crypto uh shut down, crypto exchange on accusations of unlawfully converting user funds for dogecoin, so thats kind of a its kind of this is a kind of weird story.

There was this exchange in new york called coin seed and they allegedly what they were doing is they were nefariously changing peoples. Crypto on this exchange to dogecoin i mean i guess, the the ceo of this exchange must love the douche, because hes uh, you know nefariously uh exchanging. You know, peoples, uh, accounts and wallets to those. So the new york attorney general has secured a court order to officially shut down the exchange coin seat for charges related to defrauding customers. What happened? According to the report from bloomberg, new york attorney general uh elita james ordered crypto exchange currency to close down operations and pay 3 million in fines amongst a series of charges. Coinbase had reportedly been converting its customers funds into those going without their consent. So this is not the first time that coin seed has been in trouble, so you know, for example, one users portfolio had like forty eight thousand dollars in there and it, and then it got turned into 31 000 in dose coin. So its kind of weird. Why would you do that, if youre in exchange, because as an exchange youre making youre making money on the on the spread between the actual price and the buy and sell price on the fees, so i kind of like dont get that its weird way way. So its a its a weird and wacky one, i mean this is a bullish. Is this bullish or no or is it i dont know its just weird or wacky? I thought you guys would get a smile out of that now.

Heres, some other big news. You guys all have seen that the solana price recently, the solana price – has you know its been going down, and you know one of the reasons its been going down. Guys is because we, the exchange the exchange, has been down. So one of the reasons that that solano price has been going down is because the exchange was out for almost 11 hours, so uh the solana price dropped 13 over 24 hours amid solanas outage and this whole the whole blockchain network was out for 11 hours and Network validators are currently working on to restart the network, so thats pretty normal guys if, if a blockchain goes down, theres no traffic, theres no throw throughput and that can cause a price to go down. So it looks like it looks like that. The network is back up again, so the network stopped producing blocks this morning and solano labs and the community of transaction values have been working to get the blockchain network back online after the writing of this uh article. So we really dont know: according to the solana, account on twitter, solanas downtime has been uh attributed to a flood of transactions sent from bots with as many as 400 000 transactions per second that apparently crashed the network to being to begin forking into different paths which Overwhelm the memory of some of the nodes causing to so it looks like it looks like this was an attack on the blockchain by bots, who are sending huge amounts of transactions and, and it brought down the network, so thats kind of weird right.

You know we had we had the we had the uh the twitter about walmart and litecoin. Then we had this attack on uh solana to try to bring back the the network. Thats kind of weird guys so lets keep ill, keep an eye that keep you on updated. Some other interesting news, thats coming out right now is new data, reveals bitcoin could be nearing a certain price shock after 300 billion uh crypto crash, and what theyre really saying is that the new data revealed that bitcoin exchange reserves and the amount of bitcoin held on The likes of coinbase beans have dropped to lower than they were in november last year, when bitcoin began its price price, surged and a whole upside remember last year in november thats, when the whole bull market really started to take off and that what took us up To 64 000 so were seeing that again, and i believe guys, i believe i believe you should believe it. You should believe it that this whole debbie downer september month is all about regulation, flood and right. We got salad and blockchain being attacked right. Weve got the fake news from walmart, so all of this is a coordinated effort by some nefarious groups to keep the crypto down in september, because people want to keep the bitcoin down, they want to keep things down, so they can start buying up and believe me, You that in october, things are going to absolutely explode and go to the moon.

Some other news is morgan stanley right now, investment bank standing launches dedicated crypto research team. So this is also very bullish. News that morgan stanley is is 100 behind crypto right now, theyve got funds, theyve got their biggest clients getting into btc ethereum and now theyre, just launching a dedicated research team. So this is similar to what standard charter is doing. So this is just the beginnings of the global crypto adapt adaption for mankind guys. So this is the beginning and were witnessing history right in front of us microstrategy. They they spent another 240 million on bitcoin. So thats really good news. So you know they just spent about five uh five, five thousand bitcoins like a couple days ago and now theyve jumped in again and theyve bought some more so thats, really good news guys so lets take a look at the bitcoin price. Good news is, bitcoin is still above the 21 day ema. So this is bullish, news, guys and right now, bitcoin is trading at 47 000, so it looks like were going up guys, so this is really good news. Uh, you guys. Also, we have this golden cross and i talked about this diamond pattern and golden cross and exactly exactly as i predicted it looks like were starting to go up, guys looks like things are, moving on up for a bitcoin, so its looking pretty okay for bitcoin. Right now were were well above our 46 000 level and our next resistance levels are 48 000.

. So if we keep on moving uh in this direction, things are looking good, but this golden cross and the diamond pattern is a very bullish plan. So im pretty pumped im, pretty psyched about that in the next couple of weeks, were gon na definitely be seeing crypto markets and bitcoin going up guys. So this is where i anticipated us going. This is a diamond pattern. We can see ourselves going all the way up to 47 thousand uh 500. Then we can get a little bit of rejection. Go down the downside back to 46.5, then we can go all the way up for target number three to 49 and then hopefully we should see ourselves back up to 50 000, not to in a not too distant future. So, according to this, we could be looking at uh, bitcoin being back up to uh 50 000 around about the 18th. So around about the 18th, we should be back up to 50 000 for bitcoin in the house. Lets take a look at uh, the wyckoff here. So i still believe that were following a white cough patent uh for bitcoin, so thats, no doubt in my mind. What do you guys think smash up? The comments lets take a look at the fear and greed index in the house right now. So the good news is the fear and greed index its moved from 30 yesterday, so now weve gone up to neutral. So this is a really good sign guys.

So this is a good sign that things are starting to pick up. Things are starting to come back, so this is really bullish. Guys lets jump into ethereum price right now, so our theorem right now is trading at three thousand three hundred and ninety four dollars. So thats really good. As i told you guys that we need to break out of this descending triangle – and we have done exactly that and right now uh, you know we have this. We have this light resistance right here at uh 3400. So we broke up, we broke above it today. We got as high as uh 30. 34. 4 9. We got rejected a little bit and right now, as i said, were trading at 3, nine, four, so almost at thirty four hundred dollars. So i think if we can keep this momentum, we can see ourselves uh going back up to thirty six hundred dollars pretty soon, but just keep an eye thats not confirmed. Yet we still could have some downward trend, some downward pressure for ethereum, and we got some really big news to talk about lunchtime ethereum network. There was attempted hack on the ethereum network as well, so we got solana and we got ethereum networks attempted hack. So this is just kind of weird that were getting all this stuff happening at the same time, its kind of its kind of sketchy right guys so lets take a look at cardano in the house.

Uh cardano right now is uh trading at two dollars and 38 cents, and i told you guys that were probably going to break down on cardonal to 2.16. You know weve got the london, we got, we got the we got, the alonzo smart contracts have been deployed, but remember all the decentralized applications they still not 100 been deployed on the network yet and its going to take some time before the amount of activity on The blockchain increases once we get increased, blockchain activity, thatll definitely drive the prices higher and higher guys. So lets take a look at uh solana in the house. You guys all know that solanas uh right now, its trading at 157 and thats because of that network attack that uh made to solano dropped 13 because of the uh network allergies, because it was under attack by bots okay. So the next thing were going to talk about is matic in the house looks like matic. I told you guys that mattock is looking pretty good, pretty bullish. So weve got this really nice patent here and uh. Matic is trading at 1.30, uh, 33 cents. So im pretty optimistic, pretty bullish on matic right now and we had this really nice patent forming on the four hour. So keep an eye on that guys now lets take a look at the doge in the house so right now, doge is uh trading at 23. 93, its been kind of going sideways.

We had we had this huge descending triangle. This whole descending triangle goes all the way down here: the purple descending triangle – and i have my elliott waves – weve – got uh wave formation, one two, three four five, so i think in general the pattern that does going to take over the next couple days is: we, We went up, we got rejected here. We went down, we kind of consolidated around the 23 level. Now were starting to make a move up, i think were going to be able to get ourselves all the way up to 27.9. Soon, then, were going to get rejected and were going to bounce off this purple. Uh purple descending line here at around about 20 25 ish and then were going to go back up again were going to test the 2786, probably stay around there for a little while and then, ultimately, we we should be able to, by the end of september, head On up to 30 cents, so thats, where, where i see things going guys, lets take a look at the market marks right now and lets take a look at the total market. Cap right now is 2.7 2.17 trillion and were up almost three percent, so thats pretty good guys. My bitcoin dominance is going up a little bit so theres been some selling of all coins right now and more money is flowing back into bitcoin and not flowing into old coins and right now our volume is at 79 billion guys.

So with that being said, lets jump into the actual markets. Right now we can see that bitcoin is powering back its up 4.18 and thats 47 000 and 73. ethereum is at two is up two point: six six percent guys and thats three thousand three hundred and ninety seven dollars in the house. Ada is down zero point. Three three percent and thats at two dollars and thirty nine cents and b and b, is coming back its up three point: one: six percent thats four hundred and thirteen dollars. Guys solana is still down thats because they had that attack from the bots and network outages. For about 11 hours, as i said, and thats a hundred and fifty seven dollars and ninety six cents, whoo and polka dots still on fire, guys its up twenty eight point: six percent in the last seven days. So that looks pretty good and were still up. Seven percent today and thats at 36.87, and my doge in the house is coming back guys were at 24 cents and were up 1.56 percent so guys this is a great time to be live. Dont forget to check out my twitter. Follow me on twitter. Do it now guys follow, follow, follow, follow and dont forget to smash the likes. Do it right now smash the likes and dont forget subscribe? Do it right now guys check out the links in all of my videos that can be found under the description go to the zen music attic if youre chilling, if youre stressing out you need to chilly, really go right here, go right now and check out zen Music addict, you know, you want it and guys become.

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