This is meaning and crypto wealth. Ks real wealth analysis is about a life trend direction. Just like crypto has a trend. Also, everybodys life has a trend as well. Inside our community were focused on real wealth, real wealth is much more than financial wealth. Real wealth is all about inner and outer peace, fulfillment and meaning determination, courage and honor purpose and fearlessness, and so much more literally you can have it all. Rule 964 show yourself forgiveness. This is an incredibly important rule, not just in life but also in trading and investing when we talk about the word forgiveness its because something has done wrong by us or weve done wrong by ourselves. Weve made some kind of mistake. Forgiveness is always associated with pain, generally past pain, theres. A little quote here – forgiveness releases past pain, for example. You may have pain about your parents, how they treated you or some other factor. You may have pain about friends. An intimate partner failed relationships, a feeling of not being good enough forgiveness isnt, actually for other people, its always for ourselves. When we forgive were releasing the pain of the past, it can take a lot of strength to forgive others and ourselves. Its really important to be gentle with yourself life is hard. Mahatma gandhi said it really well, the weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong when many people think about forgiveness. They think its incredibly weak to do its almost like.

How could you forgive that person? The truth is forgiveness, is never external, its an internal trek, its all about us moving on as individuals. The strength forgiveness requires is the peace it brings. This is a really critical understanding, the harder it is to forgive yourself or someone else, the more peace it will bring. You, when you do so without forgiveness in our lives, its easy to become defined by our pain when we become defined by our pain we hold on to that pain, because we think it is our identity. Pain is never an identity. This is why it takes so much strength to actually forgive to engage in the act of forgiveness. Luis hay said it very well. Forgiveness is for yourself, because it frees you it lets you out of that prison. You put yourself in louise hay knew what she was talking about. She had a very tumultuous upbringing, a lot of pain and it caused her to look at life through different eyes. She brought healing to millions of people what an inspirational person all because she moved into peace through forgiveness. Forgiveness allows us to be free from the past, so we can live in the present moment until we can forgive. We cannot move forward and take advantage of new opportunities. We talk a lot about real wealth, inner and outer peace, inner peace flows from forgiveness of yourself and others. Its also incredible that forgiveness instantly improves your health. You think about resentments that you may hold anger that you may hold when you engage forgiveness that anger that resentment literally disappears.

It may take some time to get yourself into a position to be able to forgive, but forgiveness requires strength, and it is only done for you. No one else stress is a definite killer. Stress can ruin peoples, lives and it does stress, can result in people ending up in hospital. You dont, want stress. Unnecessary stress by holding on to the past is unnecessary if you can find it within yourself to forgive the things that happen to you in the past, you will immediately become healthier, but also youll become a lot happier now. Weve had a look at life direction or life trend lets get into consistent profitability. Chaos zone analysis are the four stages that all investors and traders progress through to become consistently profitable and attain real wealth zone. One is the fear zone zone. Two the blame zone zone. Three through probabilistic fearlessness is the patience and rule zone. This is where people become consistently profitable zone. Four is the meaning zone thats, where life becomes meaningful rule 138, all investors become traders anytime they buy or sell now. What does this mean? You can think of investors versus traders like this. This is price going up and down up and down up and down. Investors generally get attracted to the market through the news thats. Why keeping up with the news can be very dangerous to your financial health? What happens? Is people tend to buy at the top, then the price goes down and they get very freaked out and they tend to sell at the bottom.

As price goes up again, they tend to say. Oh, i was wrong. This thing does have legs i should get in and they tend to buy at the top and when it dips very heavily, they tend to sell at the bottom. This is a very unfortunate thing, but it comes with being an investor. Traders are very different. They have a science to this traders typically buy when price turns around. On the other side, they tend to sell when price repairs they tend to buy and they tend to sell when the trend breaks, they also love to buy falling knives. This is called capitulation and they love adding two positions. The trader mentality is very, very different from the investor mentality. The concept is, all investors become traders whenever they buy or sell as an investor. You would probably not like to buy at the top and sell at the bottom youd, probably more like to sell near the top and by near the bottom thats. What trading and this channel is all about? Getting back to forgiveness. Forgiveness starts consistent profitability when people trade, that means theyre investing mistakes are not mistakes, theyre, learning its all about gaining insight into what the market school is teaching you, you literally take an exam. Every time you buy or sell when youre trading or investing its really important to be gentle with yourself, the markets are very difficult, especially crypto, but there is a way to make the market work for you, instead of against you thats.

What this community is all about. A very important way to move from the blame zone zone 2 into zone 3 and gain probabilistic fearlessness is through forgiveness, its important to rephrase losses away from being mistakes and simply being lessons when you understand that the markets just giving you an exam and youre. Just learning you will become stronger and stronger when you depersonalize the losses, its very hard to do. Of course, thats real money thats been lost, however, its critical to do that to get into zone three oprah was obviously talking about trading and investing when she said this. True forgiveness is when you can say thank you for that experience. She was obviously talking about trading good on you oprah its incredibly important, not to be a prisoner of past mistakes. Theyre, just simply lessons its not a life sentence, theyre just learning experiences you can see why real wealth requires forgiveness, theres, so many things for us to forgive in our personal lives, things that maybe weve never told another person its really important to let ourselves be free Of the past, that is how we open up new opportunities and live in the present moment, its important to understand that, when we dont forgive, we actually hold on to a feeling that is not good for us feeling unworthy is very dangerous to the health. It can also harm relationships and create intergenerational problems. Forgiveness is a really important skill to master and its literally a skill.

This is quite a sad story, but one, i think, is really important to share. Jesse livermore was the pioneer of day trading and an incredibly successful person from a young age. He made his own way in life. Unfortunately, jesse committed suicide at age 63. He wrote a suicide note. I am unworthy of your love. The problem here, of course, is what a horrible way to end alive feeling unworthy unworth or feelings of lack of worth stem from a lack of forgiveness. I come from a mathematics, financial and actuarial science background that means im pretty hardcore on numbers and mathematics. Yet i understand the importance of emotional wealth. I do so because ive touched death many times through illness. Unfortunately, the thing to remember here is when we get to the end of our lives, its not about counting money, its about counting love. When we turn the focus away from ourselves, forgiveness becomes possible, unfortunately, for jesse livermore. He created an intergenerational problem. His son also committed suicide and his sons son committed suicide. These are not legacies. Anyone wants to leave, especially for those they love. Forgiveness literally releases past pain. You deserve a beautiful life. One thats got financial abundance and also emotional abundance in a good way. Having real wealth is all about inner and outer peace, fulfillment and meaning. All of these components that are real wealth are what we focus on every day inside our community lets. Do a quick, bitcoin update bitcoin is continuing to repair from a technical level.

It got above the 45 000 830 mark that we were talking about in previous episodes and its made its way above the 46 566 level. Theres not much resistance between here and the fifty thousand mark. We would expect some turbulence around the fifty thousand dollar mark. We may also see a long tail. Rejection coming down just be aware of that. The markets love to pull the rug out from people investing in the market. What we can see the current price is forty, seven thousand and ninety seven dollars. We have support below forty six five, six, six, forty five, eight 830, 45, 268, 4500, 44, 602 and key level 43685. Turning to the ks model, which is a crypto technical trading model based on institutional price. Psychology from the unchained data were about here in terms of the previous cycle were going through. A decrease like we did in the past cycle. After the past cycle, decrease price came up. 87 then went down 20 percent up around 40 percent down 40 percent up 40 down 40 percent. This is realistically the path of bitcoins price action. It is incredibly volatile what were looking for to end the bull run is an exponential blow off top its possible. We may get one or two of these well just have to keep our eye on it, zooming into the current price action, with an overlay of where things could go. Based on the past cycle and an alignment of on chain metrics, we can see.

Price is expected to go up this month were above key levels of support at 44 356.. We have a very nice level of support running through here, which will activate around the 43 900 mark. We also have very strong support at forty thousand four eight nine dont be at all surprised if the markets tend to push price down before pushing it up. There are a lot of reasons for that. One reason is to attract shorts into the market. That, then, will be liquidated. Its really important to understand were in a bull market right now. The price bias is in the upward direction. Fidelity investments put out an estimate of bitcoins price theyre, expecting around a million dollars per bitcoin from 2026 onwards and around 10 million from 2030 onwards, its a very turbulent ride and has been since bitcoin since bitcoin was developed. But that is the nature of crypto. Crypto is incredibly volatile if youre caught on the wrong side of this volatility, you may feel that youre not worthy to stay in the market. You are worthy its just a lesson. We all taught those lessons when we enter the market through the tuition fee, that the market demands, which is losses, its very normal, completely normal staff. Just look at the losses as a lesson you took an exam, the next exam you will do more effectively on especially hanging with us on our channel crypto trading ks were all about giving hints and tips and rules to save you basically ive spent over three decades.

In the markets, ive learned thousands of rules, and i share them all with you. The important thing to take away here normal stock market action is nothing compared to crypto action, literally the stock market. When youve been in crypto for a while, the stock market is like watching grass grow, it moves so slowly. It will put you to sleep, but when you get good at crypto, you can use the volatility for your favor and create life, changing wealth and, of course, meaning thats. The most important thing you can have a lot of money and if you dont have meaning realistically, you might have comfort, but you dont have meaning, meaning is really really important. Id like to say thank you and show my appreciation for the very generous community members who have reached out and bought me a coffee on, buy me a, slash, crypto trading chaos. I really appreciate it its very lovely of you to do that. I dont expect it. Thank you, everyone. I hope you found this content useful, please consider, sharing and liking this video. Thank you to our moderators for keeping our community safe from scammers. Please say hi and let me know where youre viewing from and if you have any questions or you would like me to cover off various parts of real wealth. I always love to hear from you. If you would like daily updates on price movements in the crypto market, please subscribe to youtube.

Ive left helpful links in the description of this video. Please remember: crypto is volatile, always prepare yourself for the best and worst case scenarios. Reality will likely be between them.