Let me get you the app. You know you can gift it to them. They can buy it themselves. Its three bucks, three bucks for your app well, i think id prefer to be prodded with a pointed: stick: Music Applause. I was watching mitchell from australias flat earth school the other day, but when i say watching, i dipped in for about 30 seconds and was fortunate enough to come across something very special something thats going to make me a lot of money. So it turned out that, between all the stupid d i t r h made an offer an offer so valuable. I dont think i could possibly pass it up. You better tell us what it is. Dr trh go ahead david and say just watch the daily video. Every day for two weeks and then lets talk again and i offer three bitcoins for one proof of the globe, how many david three bitcoins for one proof of the globe: three coins and a fountain each one seeking happy. You know theyre seeking happiness. No, not the song david offered this three bitcoins Music for one proof of the globe. Well, it seems very straightforward, david three bitcoins in return for one proof of the globe: earth thats a deal, a wager, a contract, a very real and legally binding sense. Okay. So here we go prepare to pay up. Mr weiss, oh youre, not going to accept that one right im going to give you an assortment of other evidences that prove the globe.

Well, ive shown evidence one heres evidence number two, depending on the time of day and the angle you look, you can see the sun shining from underneath the clouds impossible on a flat earth number three. If youre on the ground in dubai, you can see the sunset. If you race up to the top of the burja khalifa, you can see the sunset for a second time again impossible on a flat earth but possible on a globe number four: the sun lights, the top of mountains first at dawn and theyre still lit last at Sunset: easy to explain with a globe earth no explanation for a flat earth number: five: the sun casting a shadow of mount rainier upwards onto the base of the clouds, because the sun is at a lower elevation in the sky that works on a globe. Cant work on a flat earth number, six, the bottoms of ships and other objects gets cut off and hidden by the curve of the horizon. No amount of zoom with the p1000 is ever going to bring the hull of that boat back. It works on a globe earth. There is no explanation on a flat earth number seven satellite tv dishes, each of which point to fixed points in the sky which are the locations of the broadcast satellites in geosynchronous orbits. You cant have a geosynchronous orbit above a flat earth number eight satellite tv dishes again when you near the equator, they point nearly upright the direction.

They point depends on your latitude around a sphere number nine polaris, the angle of polaris above the horizon, drops by one degree for every 69 miles. You travel southwards. This conforms to the shape of a sphere and doesnt work on a flat earth number 10 radar. There is such a thing as a radar horizon because of the shape of the earth objects that are below that. That line cannot be seen by the radar number 11 height above the ground. With regard to radar, the higher an object is the further away it can be and still be picked up by the radar, because its above the radar horizon number 12, the aywax early warning system, its radar mounted on an aircraft so that it can see objects further Away because it has a view, in effect around the curve, you wouldnt need that on a flat earth as the radar would be virtually limitless, number 13 p waves and s waves, they can be picked up from earthquakes on the other side of the earth and the Time they take is based on a sphere number 14, the explosion of krakatoa in 1883, when krakatoa exploded the sound wave traveled around the world four times. So cities actually heard the explosion. Seven times number fifteen bob noddell. What we found is is when we turned on that gyroscope we found that we were picking up a drift Music, a 15 degree per hour drift thanks bob number 16, the tropic of capricorn on a globe earth the tropics of both cancer and capricorn would have the Same circumference on a flat earth, they cant possibly be number 17.

The iss, as can be seen here, is a man made object. Anybody can go out and see it as it travels in its orbit. Its predicted down to the second number 18 photos and videos from the iss. There is just no way you can fake all of that number 19. Mr sensibles mage project. You can see the curve number 20 stellar parallax. There would not be such a thing as stellar parallax unless the earth was a globe orbiting, the sun 21. antarctica its thoroughly mapped and measured, and in no way is it a wall of ice around the entire world, 22 lunar eclipses. You can see the curved shadow of the earth as it passes over the moon, 23 actual photos of the earth taken by the apollo astronauts on physical, film, 24, northern and southern storm systems, rotating in opposite directions due to coriolis as it works on a globe. 25. Two points of stellar rotation in the night sky, its absolutely required for a globe earth and absolutely cannot work on a flat earth. I asked mitch from australia for an explanation. What did he say, still youre keeping away from stars mitch? I want to hold you to that theres still, no explanation for two rotation points in the sky, because my yeah, i dont, have an explanation for two rotations: okay yeah. I dont have an explanation for two rotations yeah. I dont have an explanation for two rotations. Excuse me: could you tell me how we could have two points of rotation in the night sky above a flat earth? You know what i dont know anything about that, but i do love fluffy little kittens 26.

The seasons absolutely explained by a rotating globe orbiting the sun, no explanation at all for a flat earth 27 day and night yeah. I think we got that one covered 28. neutrino detectors like this one, a cameo candidate detector. It can detect neutrinos streaming from the sun. Even in the middle of the night, when those neutrinos are coming from below your feet, 29 tsunamis, the waves propagate around the world – in a pattern that equates to a sphere the timings, do not work on a flat earth number 30 toe tanks. This tank at southampton university is 138 meters long. They have to allow for the curvature and the surface of the water that curve. The hump, if you like, is 0.6 millimeters along its length and finally bonus evidence number 31. We got a map, you aint and those are my evidences david to meet your three bitcoin challenge in the interest of fairness, though, i think its only right that i counter present the flat earth evidence. It looks flat, doesnt it so um. How many evidence was it? I had to provide just one just one thats all. We need just one well excellent, i provided 30. and you only need to yeah thats one, and then i can be done with this. I can go back to my slave job and uh. You know, and we can stop, we can stop doing this whole charade, if only you would mitch, if only you would stop with this whole charade.

Well, david, we better check out and see exactly what it is. You now owe me well here we are david bitcoins, one bitcoin, 44, ‘4 dollars and 30 cents, and you owe me one two, three of them hundred and thirty, three thousand one hundred eighty two dollars and ninety cents. Im, a nice guy lets round that down to a hundred and thirty thousand dollars, because i dont want to deal in fiddling small change, you better suck it up princess. You owe me a lot of money. Please contact me at once on this email address up here. David because, if i dont hear from you, i may just open this up to any lawyers out there who want to take on the case and just split it with them. 50. 50..