Now today were going to be talking about something special uh. We already saw the coinbase pro listing now. Coinbase pro released a major announcement for a ship inbound transfer. It will now be available in the region when training is supported. Once sufficient supply of ship is on the platform, ship, usd and chevy usdt or books will launch into a three phase approach and its really exciting to see that that coinbase finally stepped up. They got and got their issues fixed because if you do not remember they never canceled listing shibainu. What they did say, however, is that theyre going to be fixing the issues they had. So there was such a big demand for ship that they did not expect, and the same thing happened for binance, which never happened for any ethereum coin. We are seeing such a major adoption happening for ship right now that i do have some exciting news for you. Thank you so much for dropping a like today as its a really good day. So far, robin hood coming up next, robin hood. Up as a slow and steady approach for crypto investing and requiring purchases for coins and seems like robin hood is going more into the crypto market than stocks trading and from what i can see so far. Theyre, preparing for something bigger, robin hood is on a rolling out a new feature that lets you automatically invest in cryptocurrencies on a daily weekly or monthly schedule, and this is where theyll be probably listing.

Shivering next to dogecoin the investment app says this service will let out the balcony investigates in like bitcoin but dont cryptocurrencies without a commission fee and thats something really exciting. But before we go any further, though, i should warn you that nothing in this article is qualified or expert financial advice, its probably wise to talk with an expert who can help you overcome with an investment strategy. Thats right for you, robin hoods approach here is automatic. Investing not trading, it wont, sell a crypto for you whether algorithm decides it does make financial decision to do so, but basically theyre working on a holding feature and the concept of holding has been a long meme of the crypto and wall street bad communities. Those subtypes encourage people to keep their stocks through, whatever losses pick up in hopes of selling them for profit in the future, but from what we can see so far, you know they have been working on making a new platform. So this is definitely a tease for robin hood, as were gon na, be seeing a lot more updates. Now there are a lot of cryptocurrencies that the right reward users for holding in different ways. You know – and we saw so much of that, but the most different factor here – what this article is saying that robin hood – and this is something i was talking about before – is working on getting shipped listed, theyre first, improving their platform and their factory, though having engineers Improve their platform going through all sorts of regulation and then theyll be listing.

You crypto currencies, and this is next level. As you know, robin hood, just adding a holding feature, means that more people will be able to buy ship when its listed, and this is definitely happening. I definitely do think it would be almost impossible from a financial standpoint so from how much robinhood would make money off ship to not list it and its something really important for that matter. But the company says the future will be gradually rolling uh users through the month, so its gon na be coming pretty much soon. That means robin hood is seriously expanding with whales buying and wales knows something that we dont from what i can see so far and its going to be a huge hit after that happens, so theres going to be a lot more things happening today. If shiba got listed on the weeple and now get at least the koi base 3d patch, basically, today uh. That means robert hood is the next by the dips and hole, and this is the next level from what we can see. She made you to be listed. Okay base robin hood and we ball in september, and you can see it got less than koi bass, but uh this could be. There were rumors that shipyard is going to be listed on all of these like what the this is confirmed. Coinbase is confirmed. You know weeble is confirmed, so all this happens is robin hood. Next, it could be.

You know the rumors that we thought that were fake. You know this title seems so so weird that you thought it would be fake, but instead it is actually true and instead we got, we did get listed on coinbase and we bowl in september. So this most likely leaked and robin hood might be coming as well, which would create a huge boost wave before the institutions come in. So i think this is going to be the biggest month so far where crypto goes to 100 000, but i think 200 million ship in 2025 will be at least 20k usd, but uh good throughout analysis. You know people dont know how much it will be worth, but uh really im really really excited to see shiba inu 100 million ship going twin x, so that would be really exciting as im holding some myself. But if that is true, that will make a lot of people rich now sell our whole how to prepare for the end of the bull market and never forget. We are always going to be in at the end at some point, but no one can predict the top, so no whale predicts the top and some do sell off before the top even happens and thats. Why? You might see some whales selling off their ship, but bitcoin has dropped the price which was last seen three weeks ago. Oh the humanity. What does this mean and whats something thats really important is crypto, especially ship in the last weeks has not been growing.

Much but bitcoin, however, has been growing a lot and were approaching slowly but surely were approaching the old queen season. Im done with kryptos ive only doubled my money two months. That just said, i expect the whole better performance for my investment and all the hard work. Looking in my portfolio for three whole weeks was done for nothing wasted time, so crypto, basically growing seriously fast and people are making a joke out of it, but the countries theyre not making a joke out of this, like theyre gon na be probably regulating ship at Some point: a central bank of brazil, director of states government, will know everything you have in bitcoin and mora. A current director of the current bank of brazil stated anonymity wont be a choice, making cryptocurrency transactions in the country. The representatives stated that sooner or later all users would have their transaction identified by the government now thats simply crazy with me. You know i dont understand that, because if they dont want people to be anonymous, whats the point of crypto, you know you get fast transactions. So thats about it, but the names of those involved in cryptocurrency operations will be known end to end. I can see that anonymity will not be an option which will bring down shiba inus anonymity in brazil. Now how many people from ship team are in brazil were not sure, but the brazilian security coast mission is saying that theres going to be no more anonymous projects, so sooner or later the team will have to be known.

Currently, all exchanges, the companies in brazil must report their operations and the operations of their customers to the regulator, but some of these companies still arent complying with this mandate, and you know this is simply crazy. So brazil is taking a huge crypto regulation. It is in the process of issuing a complete regulatory system for cryptocurrency assets, and the central bank of brazil is included in institutions that have a say in this process. So that is something else. You know crypt a crypto brazil cracking down, especially on anonymous users. As a lot of people have been calling out, the ceo of shiba inu uh, basically that he has been scamming that he has been doing rugballs because hes anonymous, but i do not agree with that. I dont think that is even happening, but thats what people are saying just because hes anonymous, but i think in a decentralized space on the internet, we can be fully anonymous and run a 3 billion project, but thats honestly just my thoughts but, more importantly, the vice President of a new business in brazil has stated the company will be testing direct bitcoin payments despite bitcoin price crash bitcoin is the internet of value transfer, so this means shimano will catch up with the strong money increase, but retail investors have a good reason to overstand. In the crypto market says billionaire bitcoin poll mike novogratz, the crypto market is back to the major swings followed by bitcoin price crash on tuesday.

The day of the largest currency became legal tender in el salvador, so crypto is definitely going to be growing and theres a realization. This is technology and no investor wants to miss the next internet. So this is, in fact the next internet investing probably in most altcoins. One of them is going to give you huge returns and im talking about 10x im talking about 20x. Its still super early as a lot of people that bought back in 2015 are probably living on their yachts or millionaires by now – and this is definitely the next internet – something im really excited for you know even countries coming in that is next level, so really really Cool until next time, thank you so much for dropping like ill keep. You updated with the shebang news, but it seems like crypto and ship is here to stay peace.