But what if someone made the same thing but used nfts and made it into a crypto game? Well, someone did and were gon na play it today, theres a 188 giveaway going on right now, all you have to do to enter is be subscribed to this channel. The inspector mind blow and leave a comment on this video. It can be any comment. It is just used for the random comment picker to pick a winner. Basically, i will reply to that comment and you will give me your address then, and i will just send you the 188.. This giveaway was supposed to go down in yesterdays video, but i told you guys to leave your wallet address. Unfortunately, you cant leave addresses on youtube comments anymore. I didnt know that im, sorry, so i want to make up for it today. Someone is getting this 188 and, with that being said, lets roll. The video, oh also yeah, word from the sponsor who has sponsored 188. Yes, yes, hello, im the sponsor! So in order to play this game, youll actually need polygon and you can get the polygon or matic network on metamask and with the polygon network. The fees are literally non existent. So what im gon na do right now? I need an nft to actually play with so its not completely free to play, but fermenting on nft, its basically 0.2 dollars or something crazy like that something crazy low fees, basically non existent.

As you can see, i have 1.79 of these snook coins and im just gon na mint, a new snook and error. Thank you six and a half hours later and we just minted our snook a little snake, so heres the deal about the snakes, theyre, all nfds. You can sell them. Obviously, if you die with them in the game, you lose them. Otherwise, you level them up, you give them special traits and they can look like freaking doge. They can change. Look at this doge snook. Are you kidding me? Someone actually has doge snook freaking doge, they can change, shapes traits, colors everything theyre worth more or less, depending on what you get, but usually the more trades, the more its worth, which is how it works. So i meant that one its an interesting looking little snook lets just start the game. Man. Oh, i need a nickname subscribe to inspector theyre. All gon na know what it means. Everybody knows who the inspector is, and now i got ta pay a little bit teeny bit of a gas fee. Now, since were in the matic network on the polygon network, the gas fee is really laughable its like non existent. Now i only play two games. I dont know what happens when you actually win, but were about to find out yeah im, pretty confident in myself. Maybe im, not gon na win but im. Definitely not gon na die this time. My previous two snooks that i minted died got burned.

I can see him on openc. I can maybe sell him, but i definitely cant use them to play anymore. I also think theres a mechanism in place where, when you die in the game, you have a certain amount of time to resurrect your snook to kind of buy them back in really all right lets play. Oh my god. Look at how big this guy is dude. How did he get so big already and the things were eating are also like all coins. Look at this huge snook. I hope he doesnt eat me now. He that has no interest in me. Im still a small little sneak. Give me that bitcoin. I just want to eat the bitcoin a little bit of the polygon a little bit of the avax a little bit of the. What is this polka dot? I like that, its all crypto themed, oh its eth, its eth im, getting pretty sure theyre. All the same. Just reskinned versions, so if i bump into a snake or bump into a wall im dead and my snook nft gets burned it wasnt too expensive. So what the hell either way it doesnt! Oh look at this guy has wheels. How do you get wheels? I think thats, a pretty rare trait, were gon na check out their marketplace later on open c and look im, the type of guy who just jumps into a game. Doesnt really read the tutorials and do the how tos so im not really sure how to end the game other than dying because thats, the only way ive been ending my game so far, so hopefully, this extraction, thats uh gon na happen soon is one of the Ways you can get out of a game.

I dont know at this point but were about to find out and when i enter this portal i hope i dont die but get hey victory. What oh so thats, how you end the game? Youre just entering the portal? Okay, well, what now my little snook survived? Cant believe it well, while my snook is waiting for the blockchain to respond, lets go and open c and kind of see what they have to offer. So i set a price from low to high at this point, so as you can see, some of them are selling for really really cheap 0.14. So uh going into the game its not too expensive, but then having in mind that if you die you lose it. You know its kind of a big deal if you play with like expensive snooks right lets, go from high to low and kind of see the most expensive snook, whats it going for 786 aetherium for a snook with wheels. Look at this doge snook. Are you kidding me, someone actually has doge snook and its selling for over a million dollars. How does this even look in game dude? I cant believe this is a thing like someone actually listed it for 0.02 and it sold for 0.02 and now the guy that bought it for 0.02 ethereum is selling it for 420 ethereum thats, just poetic man, just just freaking poetic, got a bunch of different snooks. All kinds of designs: we got the zombie snook, its freaking cthulhu snake, good astronaut doctor way more than i thought there would be look at this fox snake, another cthulhu.

I cant believe they have a cthulhu snake, what the hell it was listed for a hundred eth and no one bought. It just got a bid for 0.6942. Okay thats, also very freaking poetic, no ones going to buy this for 108. anyway. Blockchain is back on uh lets. Kinda see my snook journey. I got. I got a trait yeah. I got this yellow trait and that thats it thats all the trades i got well, we got to play more lets play another game. Music got my first kill thats. How you do it if they hit your walls if they hit your body, you get to eat them and grow. Someone just lost their nft because of me im not necessarily happy about that, but he did attack first. So you cant really eat other snakes, but you can force them to run into you and die and then you can eat everything they have eaten so far and just grow. Take their size im wondering if i can get a big snake to kind of bump into me and eat the big snake. That would be awesome. All right, im gon na try and do it Music dont mind me just the seventh biggest snake around guys, Music just had a snake off with this guy. Yes got him hell. Yeah all right got a new trade guys. I got the red outlines there. We go thats how you get trades all right figure this out guys.

No, i just got destroyed by big joe. No. I was just gon na pick up the new trait all right time to figure out what happens when you actually do die. I can resurrect right now i got an hour to do it so im gon na. Do it resurrect 0.35 s and k coin ill, receive a scar. Lose a trait, so dying is definitely not a good option in this game. So there you go snook dot. Io! Very fun game, um, low stakes, basically because the buy in price is definitely not expensive at all, and maybe at some point downline these nfts will be worth more so hopefully right now you can buy them for very cheap and, at some point, sell much higher. If this game does blow up either way its a very fun and cool little experience to have, i dont know if i would invest a lot of money in this particular coin. I probably wouldnt. I would just get a little money in just so you can play. I literally put in like three dollars into this game and ive been playing for two days. They have the tournament and the challenges coming soon. So a lot of interesting things happening either way. Thank you guys for watching this video.