Yeah. The girls love cryptocurrency too. My channel analytics shows its 6.8 percent Out of my 270 thousand subs. That would make 18360 gals watching Chico … So sup. Ladies …, how you doing Because its time for Chico Crypto, If there is one cryptocurrency, I would think the ladies, like, I would say, not Ethereum its too nerdy, Not Cardano too pompous., But one that has a nice pattern. Name: …, a pattern that is making a resurgence in fashion.. Can you tell which pattern crypto Im gon na be talking about today, Im talking about Polkadot baby, The future of blockchain smart contracts and cryptocurrency. Soo? Like I talked about yesterday, … most other Ethereum competitors have had major surges lately., Surpassing their old all time highs, of which many set in May of this year. One that sticks out among the rest is its nearly 4xd, its May Peak.. Now Chico thinks Polkadot and its canary brother Kusama are about to pull off a surge.and, surpass their May highs, as they are lagging Polkadot still over 26 percent down from its May high and Kusama is 33 percent.. Both havent peaked …, unlike the others And unlike the others, … Polkadot and Kusama, are built with Ethereum fully in mind. They were built for Ethereum compatibility from the get go And Solana, wasnt, … and still isnt.. What do I mean? Well, we need to listen in to the crypto banter show. I was on just last week where Vinny Lingham spoke on the Solana Ethereum bridge being built from NEON, But first who is Vinny, and Why is he important to Solana? Well, he is founder of Civic and partner at Multicoin capital, one of the VCs with the heaviest Solana bags.

Vinny is highly connected to Solana on podcast, with the Solana CEO Anatoly …, discussing why Civic is moving to Solana. Hes connected at the hip … now lets. Listen to crypto banter about the Solana bridge Clunky bad EVM bridge …, build natively on Solana with RUST. That isnt going to happen. …, if you didnt, know RUST, isnt, even a top language in the regular programming world, ranked way down there, Which means its not even ranked in the top blockchain programming languages, of which Solidity holds a strong 1. That is why Ethereum outshines any other platform in terms of developers, which is clearly seen in this graph of monthly active developers. Ethereum, far above the rest.but, who are the 2 fastest growing, with monthly active development, Cosmos and Polkadot, as they have built with the EVM fully. In mind., The 100s of thousands of Devs who are used to Solidity and its smart contract languagecan easily port over to either of these blockchains, But why Polkadot, Chico and not Cosmos? Well, I do like Cosmos over Solana, Algorand, Elrond, Fantom or any other Eth competitor …, and it does have room to grow as its ranked 19. Lower than some of the others …, while having coming ETH compatibility and development happening on top of it, … that only The others could dream of …, so there is still a play for Cosmos …, but in terms of technicals, Cosmos has already passed its May high, while Polkadot and Kusama havent, But its not just a technical price reason, Im more bullish on Dot and Sama .

… It has to do with the Ethereum compatibility As the founder Gavin Wood built it from the beginning to be fully compatible. So lets start at the beginning.. If you didnt know Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot is the guy who made Ethereum what it is., Not just Vitalik Buterin.He was the author of the Ethereum EVM, Yellow Paper aka, the technical paper defining the Ethereum Virtual Machine …, and he invented the smart contract language Solidity Going to Gavs personal website, it says, Having founded Ethereum with Vitalik, I coded the first functional implementation of Ethereum released as PoC 1 in late January 2014, invented the Solidity contract language and wrote the Yellow Paper. The first formal specification of any blockchain protocol and one of the key ways Ethereum distinguishes itself from other blockchain based systems. Without Gavin Ethereum wouldnt be what it is and if anyone is going to know anything about Ether, compatibility, EVM support and creating the best bridges. Its Going to be Gavin – And he spoke on this nearly 2 years ago – in a blog, titled, Polkadot, Substrate and Ethereum, and he said Ever since the release of the Polkadot paper three years ago. We knew that bridging with the Ethereum ecosystem, to help extend capabilities on either side would be one of the key points of the network.. This has not changed. And he describes 3 different types of Ethereum compatibility projects that were in the process of being researched and developed.

1, a PolkadotEthereum Public bridge 2 SubstrateParity Ethereum, PoA bridge and 3, the Substrate EVM., 3 bridges, 3 ways of interconnection to Ethereum, and these have been researched and in development for much longer than any of these other blockchains Sooo one of the most important in relation to Ethereum is the Substrate EVM. Ethereum compatibility support for substrate based blockchains aka parachains on both Polkdot and Kusama, And its developed and ready to go, Not clunky whatsoever and works GREAT Going to Substrate developer hub. They have full documentation on the Substrate, EVM Pallet and developer tutorials to start developing with the EVM pallet And guess who built this in collaboration with Gavin and Parity Well going to Moonbeam documentation. It says Any parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem can offer a full EVM implementation, which provides the possibility of executing Solidity based smart contracts with minimal to no changes. Substrate makes this integration possible just plug the EVM pallet into your runtime for EVM support and the Ethereum Pallet. With Frontier to have Ethereum RPC compatibility., The availability of these open source modules that Moonbeam has developed with Parity has led multiple parachains to offer Ethereum compatibility on their chains.. Now, if you know anything about, Polkadot Kusama is where things are going to. First be deployed. Its. The live test network aka canary network of Polkadot. – That means Moonbeams, Kusama parachain, called moonriver – is going to have full EVM support and projects will be deploying on it.

Soon. Ive heard things are about to get really interesting when SUSHIswap goes live on the moonriver parachain. Although there could be a play here, many people arent realizing Bridging that liquidity isnt done with Moonriver perse … its being done with AnySwap Network …, as seen from Donnie Big Bags tweet And if you didnt know AnySwap is powered by the Fusion DCRM … hmmm is All Chico has to say, But what I want to end this episode off with is Polkadot. Parachains. Kusama is on its second batch of parachain auctions and, as we can see from the auction schedule, the end of the auctions comes October. 6Th under a month. Remember Kusama is the test network for Polkadot … 2 successful batches of auctions just might mean after these is when we see the first set on Polkadot Im predicting it now Polkadots first set is coming.and. The announcement will come shortly after October. 6Th.