I havent uh and thats. Why i love sitting in the seat? Sometimes i get to bring you different cryptos that are doing some very interesting things. So what you see on your screen is a particular called glitch and its currently ranked number 505. and heres the thing there. As you can see, there are almost 12 000, where my mouse is pointing. There are almost 12 000 cryptos out there and theres no way on gods green earth that you can keep up with all of these, and so this one crossed my desk because uh of a particular news service that i pay attention to um did a piece thats Talking about how this thing has gone up dramatically in the past 14 days, so i thought it was worth the video im not being paid by anybody at glitch to make this video, but i wanted to make this for you because again part of my job here I see is very simple: is to make you aware of new coins and tokens, sometimes that have a significant amount of promise in them and that they are doing some pretty cool things and thats. What this one is. So it could be one that you might want to look at and if it fits within your kind of investing strategy, then take a look at it. As always. This video is for entertainment purposes only if youre gon na invest in this one run it through your own due diligence.

Okay, so glitch nine, eight three up: nine nine percent couldnt even get that out its at 77 cents right now. Look at the one year, high and low its one year. High is 153 and low is 37 cents; okay, its on a significant run uh. As of right now, if you look at the last month, you can see that it started out in about the 24 cents range, which is interesting, oh low. Is it three cents? Excuse me theres the dogs yay? Oh, we had her. Somebody was running by thats whats going on. I apologize. I thought this had 30 cents. It started off at 3 cents there. You go look 33 cents and look at it just continuing to do this insane run up okay, so you can see that that is glitch. Now, what are they? Glitch rises by 119 cant talk today, 196 percent after 14 days of a relentless bull run here are the best places to buy it and a little bit about what it does before we get to that got to make. You aware got my patreon group links are in the description. If you want help, need help im going to give you some guidance on your portfolio, help in any way shape, form or fashion that i can. You get direct access to me at this 20 level and you get access to my inner circle portfolio im, making some major major moves right now, cashing out of some positions in crypto, pretty significant positions that i had and moving them into some particular sectors that i Think are going to 2x 3x, even 5 6x.

Get that much bigger okay. So, if youre interested check out link links in the description below itll, take you to this page and you can read all the benefits that you get also have a a a group wrap around it. A discord group, its community, if youre tired of being alone in your crypto journey. Okay. So with that said what i want to show you is look at this glitch rises by 196 after 14 days: crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, so its been on a relentless bull run. Since the end of august 2021, registering 196 percent, okay uh its continuing to gather momentum following a 45 rise in the last 24 hours, okay lets see best places to buy it. I need to show you that i apologize gon na. Do that best places to get it are here you go uniswap coin pancake uh one inch, uh yeah there you go so theres your places to buy okay, all right back to our article here, okay, uh papa. What is it here? It is what it is glitch. Glch is the native token of the glitch protocol. Okay, if your first time youve heard about it was mine. Okay, it is a fast interoperable blockchain agnostic protocol purpose built for d5 applications that got my attention right there. That word defy applications that words uh d5 is hot, its its smoking hot right now, look at you got solana, avalanche, algorand, phantom, all those! This is an interesting play in relation to that.

Okay. So that is one one of the main reasons. I brought you this video is because i think anything having to do with d5 uh and its its just a hot one. Right i mean theres no better way to say it right now see so glitch offers low transaction costs and rewards to participant. Okay, use a decay, delegated proof of stake, consensus mechanism to ensure it remains democratic. Should you buy it? Hey its been on its been on a pretty big bull run for the past 14 days could be in get, and it could be a good one if youre looking for a trending one. Now i tend to look at these as a buy and hold scenario. I want to kind of hold them for long term, so with all that said, i think that this ones, one that you might think about at least checking out its on a run, its definitely off of its uh one year high. So it shows that it can get back to that so run this through your own due diligence, but this could be one that you heard here first, that could do something in the near future.