Welcome back to no one place for all your investing needs in todays. Video were gon na, be looking at three potential altcoins to buy in the month of september. So right now, in the past 24 hours, the market is booming. We are up about four percent, which is very nice green day in the past 24 hours. Our you know, top gainer is going to be true phi, which is up about 29 highest volume. Like usual, bitcoin bitcoin is booming, guys were doing very well and we might see another rally coming up and well talk about some details that are causing this rally as well towards the end of this video. So stick around for that. So bitcoin is up about 4.45 right now it is trading at around this 47 000 area. We see it on the uptrend all day, long 38 billion here in volume. Ethereum is trading around this 3 400 area up about 3 or so and then, obviously all these other altcoins are either up or down about two percent or so, and we see some outliers that are up. You know five ten fifteen percent as well or down about five percent as well, so whats moving this market well well get into that right now, but before we get into it guys smash that, like button for me, lets aim for 100 likes in this video subscribe To the channel turn on that bell, notifications to get notified every time we can do a video and, as always, if you want to sign up for weeble, get your two free stocks, valued up to 2300 links in the description and check out our merch.

We just launched our shop so check that out link in the description as well lets get into it. So first altcoin on this list is going to be chain link, so this one is one of those slow and steady wins the race type situations. It is a coin that um, you know, i would personally be looking to hold for a long term, hold – maybe 5 10 15 plus years so chain link right now. It is up about 10 in the past 24 hours, doing very, very well trading at thirty dollars and four cents in the past week. This one is up about six six point: three, two percent right now in the past month, 10 past year, 174. Now in the crypto space, this might be, you know a smaller gain. I guess you could say, because some of these other altcoins are booming. 100. 200. In a matter of a month, so this might seem like a little bit of a loser, but chain link is still performing very well 174 percent gain in a year. I would take that in a heartbeat on any you know: investment pretty much so went from ten dollars. All the way here to highs of 53 dollars in may pulled back down all the way to about 13 in july, and then, since this 13 area were up over 100 plus uh. Just since then, so in a matter of about a month and a half we hit this high pull back down now were seeing a consolidation with an uptrend right there, and this one is lagging behind the rest of the market.

Like we just said so, this one could continue to boom on higher market cap. Right now, in chain link is around 13.7 billion volume at 2 billion typical hold time 68 days, and then the trading activity is 56 by 44 sell and its ranked number 10 so chain link is an ethereum token that powers the chain link decentralized oracle network. This network allows smart contracts on ethereum to securely connect to the external data sources, apis and payment systems chain link. Obviously one of those coins thats been more popular in the recent years and as it is ranked in the top 10, obviously it gets more volume. More views and more people are looking into it, and it is only around 30 and thats, something that people kind of look forward to, even though the price of the actual coin doesnt really matter its the market cap of the actual coin, and with this one being At 30 dollars, you know it looks like its a cheaper coin, even though the market cap is at around 13 billion, so people might buy this coin just because it looks like its cheap. On the you know, actual price target right there that we see at 30 dollars so chain link definitely want to be adding to your radar to see how its gon na perform in the near future. Second alt coin on our list, gon na be file coin fil. This one doing very nice here going into uh wednesday morning.

It is up about five point: three, six percent trading at eighty two dollars and sixty cents in the past week. This one is down about two point, two, two percent in the past month. It is up about thirteen point: eight percent we hit highs here of over 120 in the beginning of september, then we pulled back down now were consolidating with another, hopefully uptrend, so in the past year, this one is up 361 percent. We saw it as low as 18 last year, hit highs here in march, at 237, 237 236 right there, so thats about a 200 percent upside that we see from the current area just to get back to those areas in the future, so 200 upside huge upside. Obviously, hit lows down here, 41 again and then up about 100 since then, right now so 8.8 billion market cap on file coin 956.1 million volume typical hold time is 12 days with the popularity rank at number 17.. This one is a 54 buy right now, trading activity, 46, sell filecoin is a cryptocurrency that powers the filecoin network, a decentralized peer to peer file, storage network that aims to let anyone store, retrieve and host digital information file. Tokens are used as payments for these services and as an economic incentive to ensure files are stored reliably over time. So obviously the security is, you know their number one priority right there for you, making sure that everything is reliable for you, which is obviously a good thing, and with this one being once again under that 10 billion market cap thats a positive sign, because even if It comes back to all time highs.

We will be trading at around 30 billion, less than 30 billion, probably around 25 billion market cap, which is uh still kind of not too crazy uh. In my opinion, anything over 50 billion is kind of like ranked high. Anything under 50 billion still has a lot of potential to run in the future um. As you know, we look at bitcoin and ethereum bitcoins at around 800 900 billion ethereum is around the 350 400 billion market caps, so theres plenty of room for it to grow before it catches up to those big dogs, so file coin, definitely another one to add To your radar, guys as it has a lot of potential in the future and then last but not least, the third uh coin on our list will be theta so theta gang. Let me see that thing theta again in the comments below guys. This one is up about eight point, two four percent trading at six dollars and seventy three cents right now on the one week chart. It is up down about three point: five percent in the past month down six point: eight percent, with highs of over 9.75. In the past one year, right here were up about 1238 percent, as we saw trading here at 56 cents in september of last year, hitting highs here in april at about 16, almost pulled back down all the way to lows of about three three dollars. Three and a half dollars here in july and then obviously since then were up about 100, obviously in the past month or so with a pullback here in september.

Going on after that, bull market rally that we saw pretty much with ethereum bitcoin and everything else, and then we saw a cool off so market cap right now, 6.7 billion volume in the past 24 hours at 276.8 million and then the circulating supply is obviously around 1 billion, so data is definitely one of those popular coins and definitely want to be watching in the future. As this market cap is kind of in that middle area, at around 6.7 billion on the lower side, uh has a lot of potential. In my opinion, because uh this coin was trading at around what 15 16, so we have over 100 upside before we hit those all time highs again, and you know i would not be surprised to see that, as this coin is already up about 1200 percent, just In the past year, uh, you know we hit these highs. Full back down were cooling off and hoping for another uptrend in the future, in the altcoin space and obviously everything else as well so thats, definitely something were gon na, be you know watching and very interested in so guys those are the three altcoins. Now, what were gon na be doing is looking at the rest of the market to see how everything is performing and also were gon na be talking about why we might be seeing a bitcoin or crypto. You know bull rally. Meanwhile, the stock market might be seeing a little bit of a cool off, so lets get into that first.

So bitcoin right now rallying and lets lets see what is behind that. So this one is up about 4.45 percent, all the way from lows to 45 000. Yesterday, all the way to about 47 000 right now in the past week, its flat in the past month, its uh flat as well and then on the one year chart 337 percent higher. But this is nice were coming back up to those. You know that 50 000 area that kind of a resistance area. Now the reasoning we had the cpi data come out on tuesday morning uh, you know inflation lower numbers than expected and thats kind of a positive thing. Then we saw the treasury yields and different things. You know how theyre performing as well stock market cooling off a little bit because of inflation fears, and you know, fears that growth is not going to be as good as it was in the past. So were seeing a lot of stocks pulled back down. The markets been pulling back down for the past. You know, a few weeks has been not you know, booming like it was before. So what we might see is uh people transition out of stocks a little bit and get into crypto as a safer hedge against inflation. Pretty much at least thats what im predicting or seeing – and you know from the charts that im looking at and just the information that im seeing so i feel like a lot of people, are going to be getting into crypto now as a kind of like a Hedge for a safer alternative in case we see a crypto or actually a stock market crash or a pullback.

I guess in the stock market, so thats definitely something thats very interesting and i think we might be seeing another bull rally here in the crypto space. In the near you know a few months, so definitely something interesting leave a comment below letting me know. What do you think? Do you think that has anything to do with what is going on right now in the market? Leave a comment below and ill reply to. Your comment now this one is at a 886.3 billion market cap right now, 86 day, typical hold time 69 by 31, sell bitcoin were hoping for it to come back up to that 50 000 area this week, itll be very, very nice to come back. Obviously we saw it, you know pump on up pull that down consolidate. It would be nice to see that run up because it will push alt coins and everything else as well. Ethereum is up about three percent trading around this 3 400 area from lows are about 3 200.. Now, in the past week, its flat past month, its up about four percent with those highs at 4, 000 that we saw and then on the one year chart. It is up 100 or 835 percent from uh 384 last year, all the way to 3 400 right now. Market cap currently in ethereum is around 400.5 billion volume in the past 24 hours at 19.2 billion and then typical hold time 82 days. Trading activity, 66 percent by 34, sell ethereum still doing very well, obviously, at the same levels, pretty much weve been training at for about a month month and a half or so, but it is a little bit on the higher side.

So this is a very nice. We might be seeing another, you know rally like we said in the crypto space and definitely ethereum will follow that same pattern. Doge guys, though just up about a percent or so this ones been pretty much. You know on the downtrend in the past week down five percent past month, 18 down past year, up 8 300 percent, but obviously from those lows of 16 cents were only up about 50 or so in the past few months. So past two months. So this one um, you know, in my opinion, i think its game over for doge, and we might, we might even stop covering doji because it doesnt seem to be as popular as it used to be you guys. Let me know if you want to see doge content or not 31.5 billion market cap right now on doge lets see what happens with it and then lets. Take a look. Take a look at solana, real, quick, so solana is making a huge pullback. So we saw this one hit highs here of about 216 dollars. Actually, when the crash happened, so everything crashed except solana, solana pulled back and then shot on higher. During that crash, uh hit highs and now were pulling back were down about what about 58 or almost 60 dollars since the high that we saw. So this is a slight pullback right now we might be seeing a little bit of a cool off here with solana.

As this chart, you know its shot on high high high. Now we might be seeing a pullback a little bit and then hopefully, a consolidation area going into the end of the month around this 150 area. 140. Possibly and then you know, hopefully, another trend on higher were going to keep a very close eye on solana to see how it performs in the near future, as well as it is one of our favorite coins and one of those greener coins that we definitely want To keep an eye out on for the future, so guys, let me know what do you think about all these altcoins? What do you think is going to happen? You know crypto market smash that, like button for me lets say for 100 likes subscribe to the channel. Turn on that bell notification, so you get notified every time i make a new video and, as always, if you want to sign up for weeble, get your two free stocks, valued up to 2 300 links from the description and check out our merch shop as well As always, im, not a financial advisor guys, so this is all for entertainment purposes. Only speak to your financial advisor before investing. Do your own due diligence and remember, dont, invest into something that you dont understand.