Now we did a few videos and were predicting ten dollars. Ada come the peak of the ball run now with this said, you know, weve got lots of comments saying you know you should sort of highlight some of the the lower targets, so i thought id do a video just to sort of walk us through why we Think ten dollars, this ball cycle is achievable for ada. Now i was hoping to do this before aida started to to sort of go on a run um, but it beat me to it by about 20 minutes um. Whilst i was sort of getting all the data together for this video, if you like this sort of content, mash up that like button subscribe, tap that bell select all the notifications, so you never miss a video with that said, lets head down to the desktop and See why we think a 10 aider is achievable. This bull run so were going to start at coins market cap and, as you can see, you know like its two oclock right, um and ada started to run about half one uh today, its now 2.45, just pulling back a little bit now. I was gon na open this video and say yeah were in an accumulation phase right before we start to see. You know some of the transaction volumes start to come in on on aida. This is, you know for me, a time to be purchasing the dip um, but you know um, you know aidas gon na do its thing right, um, so maybe beating us to it well see how this sort of uh plays out im, not the ta guy right.

Um nick is, but you know for for me: uh aida is a fantastic project. Weve been in this one since sub 10 cent, you would have seen some tremendous gains if youd purchased ada, when we were first highlighting this one um. So why do we think ada is gon na do ten dollars? Why? Why do we think this right? So i think we should probably start with um. You know how things have started off since smart contracts have gone, live right, so cardano alonso upgrade sees 100 smart contracts in the first 24 hours. So this is just you know the beginning right now. This is what i said on my previous videos. This is just the beginning, still the beginning, even though weve been in this one a long time so cardanos alonzo upgrade has seen more than 100 smart contracts processed in the first 24 hours. The third largest blockchain platform in the world, cardanos successful update, gives it smart contract functionality providing developers with the ability to create apps that can utilize the advanced capabilities of its blockchain and guys. This video has been sponsored by cheeky crypto and specifically the cardano ada pool. If you are looking to support the channel and rf it here to communicate out all the recent kind of news, articles, price changes and price action of your favorite altcoins, then theres no better way than delegating your ada into our stake pool. By doing so, youll not only support the channel, but you will also earn a juicy return and a nice passive income on your ada holdings.

Its really simple to do guys just load up your uri or deadliest wallet, put drop your ada into the wallet and then find the cheeky crypto pool via the ticker cheek. In doing so, youll earn a nice juicy return and support the channel. There is no better time to do so, so why not delegate to cheeky crypto today, so this is, you know, fantastic, something that weve been so excited for and looking forward to for for months right, the alonso upgrade marks the first stage of the creators charles hoskinsons Plan to advance a fairer global financial system at a reduced monetary and environmental cost within 24 hours. The platform has already seen more than 100 smart contracts running on the network, with its first decentralized application also already deployed, and we also know that um, the charlie free, also um, have got their um node um. You know aida to usd weve, seen that we covered that yesterday, so theres so much happening right and um ada currently is the the the number one project. If you go, um do do research on this for the amount of uh development activity at the moment right, and that is not surprising. This is the third biggest blockchain in the world um before it even had smart contracts right. So, of course, we were always going to see that run up um, i highlighted i thought wed see a bit of a pullback, but i did say i think this would be short lived and as soon as we start to see, the transaction volume increase were going To be off to the races right, thats, the way i see it right um, but you know im not going to read through all the like energy efficient, the game changing moment and all this sort of stuff.

In this article i will link it in the description of the video. I want to keep this video as short as i can, but there are a couple of points that i want to sort of uh illustrate from this particular article, so 100 smart contracts within 24 hours, the first 24 hours right. So you know that goes to show that theres people itching to to get involved and get working on this particular blockchain network right so thats. The first thing. The other thing is the vision of charles hoskinson yeah. He plans to advance a fairer global financial system at a reduced monetary and environmental cost. Now, for me, this is you know, one of the the big reasons that nick and myself got into this project in the first place. Right was because of the vision of charles and the team right and theyre very descriptive in what theyre looking to achieve right so theyre looking to to improve the lives of many now its not every day that you get the opportunity to invest in a project. That is going to be doing so much good in the world right and uh. For me, this is this is a remarkable blockchain that you know is gon na elevate over time, and you know for me. I dont think this is gon na stay number two um by market cap. I do think this is gon na go to number two um and and possibly in time, go to number one right.

I do really believe that right and you guys can argue it until the the cows come home, but you know this is my opinion. Obviously none of this is financial advice. This is just my opinion. Im, not a financial advisor. You should do your own research before making any uh investment decisions, any investment decisions that you do make you do make. You know on your own merit, not mine, and this video should be. You know classed as educational purposes only right so and with all that said, never over invest more than you can afford to lose um. You know and uh just be aware that some projects are more riskier than say your mainstream, aetherium, uh, bitcoin and and ada, and i would even include vet in there as well v chain right. So you know with all that said. You know this is a fantastic opportunity still, so i dont think its too late to be getting involved in in cardano. That is my opinion. Um, not financial advice, so um moving on, because i really did want to sort of call those two sort of key factors out right. Um. Here we go so charles hoskinson said there would be no dominant blockchain uh much as there is no dominant wi fi router. He believes there will be an internet of blockchains that are fully interoperable, and this is something that nick and myself talk about an awful lot. The blockchains that you know are able to to you know, work across multiple chains and bridge.

You know we see harmony. 1. Doing this a lot, these are the blockchains that are going to do really well and have a real long term future in blockchain right there will be many winners. Weve said this an awful lot and i completely agree with that: right: cardano is uh one of the breed of aetherium killers. Now i dont agree with that: uh smaller, faster networks, with d5 capabilities. Now you know i dont agree with a fear and killer. I cant stand that i think ethereums going to do um bad in the short term, but good in the long term, once they get their 2.0 sorted um were already seeing the the fees being burnt, which obviously you know, has a an impact on supply. So i think it would be fine, but i do think that theres going to be an awful lot of projects and uh the apps that that move from aetherium over to cardano cardano are making it very easy. And i know what youre saying: why would they not move to solana? Solana is doing really well, while solana had some problems yesterday, and i think that illustrates why people will be moving to cardinal. That is just my opinion, not hating. On solana, i really like that. Blockchain um one that weve been talking about for an awful long time as well um. So i just wanted to highlight that again. Ill drop the um link in the description of the video, and i wanted to just sort of call out free projects right, so weve got world mobile.

You know looking to to connect, you know people and you know, support with identification and and all that sort of stuff right um. For me, this is a big blockchain um that is going to be on the cardano ecosystem. That is doing you know some amazing things in in africa, but i expect them to expand to other parts of the world right now when they do youre gon na. You know you guys think of the the volume, the transaction volume that you know thats going to generate and and all that sort of stuff right on the cardano ecosystem. For me, its just remarkable stuff – and you know its something worth calling out. The other thing is youve got celsius at the minute. They are paying extortionate fees for their customers, uh for the ethereum fees right, um, theyre, gon na move over to cardano. In my opinion, uh, nothing confirmed um, but you know i have seen um illustrated on some of the um. You know ecosystem um, documentation for cardano, so you know weve. We know that theyve hinted at it um. I havent seen anything that confirms it. So if they have confirmed it, do let me know um, but i i expect this uh mammoth company to to be going on there again transaction volume, huge transaction volume, and then i want to call out meld. So you know again the banking stack for d5. This project, i think, is going to do really well alongside many others, but i do like the fact that theyre, you know um doing loans around you know fear as well, right on and off ramps and all that wonderful stuff.

So you know, for me: meld is going to be a big player in this space, again think transaction volume right and um. You know, i think this is you know one of the key things to to consider. When you look at cardano right, we havent even had that volume coming in yet right. Moving on to the to the next part here so cardano partners with ethiopia government on national id blockchain system. So again, this is a lot of people on the network. More transaction volume, in my opinion and its this is just remarkable stuff. Youre gon na have cardano blockchain based ids for five million students across three thousand five hundred schools. The list just goes on and on and on right. Youre gon na have countries continents even potentially on cardano right and then um. You know i ive pulled this chart up a lot. I was looking for other charts, so i wasnt just pulling up the same one but im struggling to find transaction um volume for for other chains uh in the short time that i wanted to sort of put this video together. So polygon again just to illustrate the the transaction volumes right and with transaction volumes comes price discovery right, um, weve, seen that with polygon, matic and uh weve seen that with solana and other you know, blockchains that you know have done the similar similar activities right. So i expect the same for car danae, so you know its in the technical data for for a ten dollar ada um, you know right at the peak of the ball run and yes, i completely agree.

There are many price points to take out between now and then and it isnt going to happen immediately um. But for me at the moment you know um, you know its a fantastic project, a fantastic. You know price point still, in my humble opinion, um to to get in and and still make you know juicy returns on your investment right whilst doing good in the world and there isnt many opportunities in the world like this one. So you know, let me know what your thoughts and opinions are. You know with all of this stuff that is, is happening in the background that is going to come to fruition for cardano. That is already the third biggest blockchain in the world with the community. The numbers of people in the community for cardano and these other projects that are going to be launching on the cardano ecosystem and already sort of underway is, is you know its in huge volumes right? So i do expect big movement and thats, not even including the projects that are going to move across that weve mentioned um. You know like celsius, for example, you know um the the fees for for ethereum. You know companies cant afford to keep paying these uh fees. Uh and and the question is, are they loyal enough to wait around um? You know the chances are probably not um. So with that said, you know, let me know in the comments below what are your thoughts.

Do you agree with you know, were going to see a 10 um ada at some point, uh in this ball cycle um, or do you think that thats, just too too much too high too soon um? Do? Let me know in the comments really interested to read your your thoughts and opinions and um. You know dont forget to mash up that like button. If you enjoyed this video tap, that bell select all the notifications, so you never miss a thing and subscribe.