I am glad to have you here today were going to be diving in on something that you all have requested, and that is multivac mtv. What does the mtv coin do? Where can it go? Were gon na check that out uh real quick, a couple house cleaning items um my twitter was banned um. Some people did not like a video that i made about a cryptocurrency on the price projection, so they decided to send me threatening messages, and let me know that they would end my social media presence and they successfully got my twitter banned uh kind of sad for A guy that is making videos for free and just trying to grow and help people see crypto, so uh sat on their part, but you know what i got: no more, nothing bad to say about anyone um. I got nothing for but love for yall. So if you want to check out the new twitter just check out at juniors, crypto im still going to be giving you all live, calls and pushing information that i think is valid to know for your portfolio. So lets look at multivac, mtv uh. What can it do for price, and you know, do you, do you want it or am i am i holding it? You know lets lets go through that um ive received a lot of dms on this coin and then comments on other videos that i have made and weve had some pretty good coins that weve dove into that are doing great.

You know vector space, ai vxv, veracity, vra, uh, theta seller, i mean theres. The list goes on theres theres, some coins that weve been on that are doing really good and, i think, have huge potential and those communities of people that i respect and theyre awesome communities. Um, you know a lot of you have commented and talked about mtv, so im gon na give you my honest opinion on it. Now, when i went to coin gecko, i checked it out on coin market cap also a lot of times they have different circulating supplies. Um this one had the same circulating supply. Some of yall called me out in videos and said: hey the circulating supply says this. Well, i just go off of what i find is the average, because there is different information that is out there, so this one does show the same circulating supply. If youve watched my past videos, you know im not big on coins that do the trillion thing and lets burn fifty percent and then every burner every purchase takes one percent away and stuff those arent. My kind of coins i like small circulations with coins that can have customers utilities to them, thats what im looking for im looking for projects im, not going to call them bear market proof, because right now the crypto market, i dont, think anything is bear market proof. Yet i do think the gaming and nft industry did shine. You know during this recent.

You know bearish cycle that we had, but i dont think that anything is 100 bear market proof yet, but the crypto world is ever evolving and lets see if mtv is going to help evolve. It so circulating supply lets just call it 3.5 billion. I like that. Okay, i like that a lot max supply 10 billion okay, so already right. There thats one check on a list of something that im going to like market cap is at 67 million dollars. So if this thing is gon na run its got a lot of room, so that is, you know some potential right there trading volume is it. You know eight million dollars, so its no joke. But you know this is not not top kryptos, but lets see what potential it has now. I saw this and ive seen this on other coins and its been a warning sign to me in the past and ill. Tell you why this one was not a warning. Sign to me i dont like when something came out in 2019 or 2018 and had like a run and then just did nothing for a very long time um, but reading into this coin, i understand that they were in development theres, some things that happened. You know if you look at the top up here. Contract address has changed. You know refer to medium.com token, swap in response to cue coin security, breaching ensuring no loss. So there were some things that happened and, oddly enough security breaches on coins have actually like they.

They temporarily uh hurt the price, but typically the coin ends up doing really. Well afterwards, i dont know why its kind of like when coins rebrand it usually ends up working out good for the project. So seeing what they do. You know what is multi back: multi vac is a next generation public blockchain platform designed for large scale and complicated decentralized lap applications. I, like the infinite expansion. There will be an economic model and an efficient free market in which nodes can benefit from bookkeeping computing and saving, leading to obvious increasing and network effect. So i do like this, and i, like the height through put you know with the same note scale multivat can achieve two orders of magnitude credibility and over 10 000 times tps as bitcoin, which is fully meets. The needs of large scale applications so theyre trying to scale. So i see that um theyre on kucoin, which i like that and you know theres still volume room, theres still room for the market cap to run and then, when i went and checked out their twitter, which, if you follow my channel, i think twitter is important. I dont like twitter itself. I hate social media, but if youre in crypto, unfortunately twitter is a necessary thing that you got to be a part of. If you want to get fast calls and fast information, so checking out multivax page. You know theyve got 36 000 followers. I like that theyre active the developers are actively trying to pursue new investors and new customers, and that is very important.

You know heres an exciting update on our nft ecosystem. Okay released on september 14th. Nfp market is huge and i dont think ethereums gon na keep on just being the beast that gets to keep it like 99 of the nft market. I dont think that that is going to be the name of the game. The way i look at the nft market is how bitcoin was a couple years ago and bitcoins dominance a couple years ago was so huge and the re part of the reason that was so huge is a lot of exchanges to even purchase other coins. You had to buy bitcoin and transfer it to something to to get another coin. That was that was for for people that havent been in crypto um, you know longer than in the past year, thats what you had to do on a lot of places, and so bitcoins dominance was extremely high and right now i feel like ethereum is in the Similar situation, but using that example, as basically on nfts nfts, launched on ethereum, open c, and you know those big pages – those monster pages for nfts. I think that its going to scale away from ethereum and i dont think its going to scale down. I think its going to scale up, but its going to scale up on other networks and its not going to be just one beast – that controls nft market like bitcoin once controlled. You know how everyone purchased in the rest of the market.

I got nothing against bitcoin. It is the og um, dont, dont, think im hating on it, if bitcoin, if it wasnt for bitcoin, none of us would have these amazing opportunities. So i like this, i like the nft market im not going to go through everything that i saw on twitter, but i dove through the twitter, and i like how active they are. I like the stuff that theyre offering to their community and then i went and checked it out on lunar crush. It does have some stuff thats down, but you know social dominance is up 159 percent, its galaxy score. You know 71.5 out of 100 um, so its its, not horrible, and for being you know the the size cap coin, that it is thats good for me, you know if this coin had 500 million in it right now, and this was the setup that i saw Then i wouldnt be too interested in it or id say its got a ways to go. You know theyre theyre, waiting to release some stuff. Before this thing. You know pops off um, so you know 72 out of 100. So this this is. This is investable to me. I think that this is something that i would look at purchasing and ill. Let you know if i did, but you know top exchanges and gate, dot, io and then binance decks. Is it on the binance? I didnt know if it was lets check.

I havent checked exchanges, yet no its not on our binance decks. Okay, so kucoin is the main place. It looks like almost all of it is going through cue coin. As far as purchases yeah, six million and the trading volume is on kucoin, not no other exchange has even a million, so kucoins, loving it and thats where people are buying it. You know its got the mtv btc pair mtv eth pair. I do see its hard to tag this thing as far as like the second that you put a dollar sign in front of mtv and tag it. You are going to get mtv ads on your social media for the next week, because ive been checking out this coin, trying to listen to yall, doing my research on it and uh im, not a big fan of mtv, its a little old school for me, and It is on every ad i get now, but where do i think the price can go with this? So obviously you need to get on some new exchanges. Kucoin kucoins not going to cut it. This thing needs you know. Bigger announcements needs to happen, which i think will come with this its going to grow. The nft announcement is huge and nft, not just like helping with nfts but an nft ecosystem, thats customers for me, so that checks off another box. But if this gets on some other exchanges for this to get to a dollar is not an insane.

You know evaluation. For this i mean thats, only 3.5 billion dollars and if we were in any other type of sector financial sector that wasnt in cryptocurrency – and i already used the term – only 3.5 billion dollars id be laughed out of the room. But in the crypto world, 3.5 billion dollars is a relatively smaller amount of money. You know theres several coins that, when theyre at their lows like low lows and the bearish cycles, 3.5 billion dollars isnt, even where they hit so with the circulating supply. If this had the right things happen getting on some new exchanges, some healthier news, more bullish, sentiment um. I could see this hitting a dollar. I could am i going to say thats going to happen by the end of the year for 2021. I dont know i dont know how fast the dev team is pushing this. I do like what again i do like what im seeing on twitter well see. What happens i mean i i notice this i get coins mentioned to me all the time. All the time i get messages on twitter. Well, i was getting messages on my old twitter left and right on the most random coins in the world. Check out this diamond hand palace duo coin, you know just the most random stuff, its gon na go to the moon, um and theres. Very few coins that i didnt know of that were mentioned multiple times on multiple different ways of contacting me, and that was mtv.

So, yes, i did buy some mtv when i was doing my research on it and im gon na hold it im gon na hold it and see what happens here. Im gon na follow it closely. If any big news comes out on this ill make sure i keep you guys updated on it, and if you are an mtv holder, im curious. I want to know how big this community is. Let me know, drop it in the comments. Um lets check that out before we take off out of here. Lets look at it on ether. Scan lets see exactly how many holders it has five 27, 000 or no 5763, so its in the baby stages. There is room, there is room to grow, and that is what i like to see. I dont like to fomo in on stuff when its up 800 and it already has 200 000 holders. This is what i like to see. No, i dont like meme coins. I, like utility coins that have customers and have a lot of potential and room to run im. Putting my check mark on this and im gon na say with bullish sentiment. You know. Maybe this hits 25 cents at the end of the year. If big pages get a big exchanges get announced for this and its bang bang, you know happening in october, you know going into november. This thing can run. I mean one one big exchange announcement with a little bit more following on this, and you could see this thing go absolutely parabolic, because a 67 million dollar market cap is nothing in the crypto world um.

So a quick 10x to 670 million is not out of the question and i will be excited to take the ride with you guys so drop a comment. If you are a holder, let me know shout: it lets get the name of mtv out there. If you guys want to go check out my brand new twitter, that has information, but no followers. Yet it is juniors crypto and if you havent subscribed yet i will be dropping new videos on the daily on coins that you need to hear about that. I am investing in its not financial advice. I have a very successful portfolio and im just showing you what i do with my money. So thanks for putting me on this guys, im happy to look into it. This is juniors crypto space. I am jr.