Four were also going to look at a conservative price target for bitcoin. So if you like, the sound of conservative price targets, make sure you hit that like button down below, if you like moon boy price targets, you guys can subscribe to the channel hit bell notifications, icons and all so. You see all this content pop up in your news. Feed help out that youtube algorithm down below, follow us on instagram and on twitter lets dive into todays video starting with patreon. If you guys are interested to learn more about cryptocurrency trading and investing jump aboard down below as ive mentioned in most of the videos leading up to the middle of this month were going at about five to ten places per day. Yesterday were at 43, weve got 36 left now, so make sure you jump on if you are interested in learning more about cryptocurrency trading and investing links to patreon are down below uh next thing is the fear, and greed were at 49. Today yesterday was at 30., so you can really see the volatility in the market start to heat up, as we are moving towards that quarter, four, its nice to see the market trend steady for a while and then from that point we generally get the volatility. So its not really it well, it shouldnt come as any surprise to people if youve been in the market for more than a few months that the market likes to trend, sideways and consolidate, and then we get these blow out moves and ill show you this specifically On the chart and what looks to be like a repeating pattern on bitcoin on a smaller time frame and on the bigger time frame, its also on cardano ill show you that as well so fear and greed 49 were neutral.

Yesterday was fearful. Not much else happened. Right, you know the market went down a touch and now were back to similar prices for many of these cryptos. Looking at the market, cap 2.28 trillion so were getting very close to that. Previous all time high, which is around 2.5 2.6 trillion eth, just got to 3 600. Today and now, bitcoin has pushed past 48 k as well cardano holding up at its old all time, high levels, which is exactly what we want to see and the area that we are looking for the market to consolidate on. Should we get further movement to the upside, so well, look at eth and cadano in a bit, but we want to look at these first things which i mentioned here. So the massive volatility supply shocks volatility. It gets messy, youll notice it because it gets highly emotional. So when the market gets super emotional, that is the most difficult time to be making decisions. So right now, while were just doing a few percent here and there day to day, this is the time to have your plan set up moving forward for this quarter, four, which many are anticipating to be one of the most volatile. So if you are waiting for that period to make your choices in the market its going to get way more difficult for you so make sure youve got something written down now. Have some price targets in mind? Maybe have trailing stops in mind and i will do a video coming up very soon about trading strategies and exit strategies, so make sure youve hit subscribe to the channel and one of those will come out.

This is from rao powell and were looking at here raoul. Predicting extraordinary quarter, four for crypto market amid shifting global economic sentiment, generally speaking, the last quarter of the year is when all of the buses come. So all the trains are coming in. All of everything just starts taking off. Everybodys job is to be on the lookout for those buses, because you dont want them to be run over by the bus, and you want to catch the right bus. So you dont want to be chasing after a train, as the old saying goes once the trains left the station its gone, dont, try and chase after that train because it gets very complicated and very difficult. My bet is that crypto is that the crypto bus is a rocket ship and not a bus, and this last quarter will be extraordinary. The whole year is usually made between september and december, so we have seen that in the past many times over and just looking at previous ranges from this previous period. Weve done about 1500 from the low in march to the peak in april. So, just over 12 months about a 13 month period there and were going to look at some other price projections in just a bit, but lets look at the supply shocks as well. Now here is one of the chart. Here is how the chart for the three month and the one month supply has looked for like for bitcoin.

Lately, the blue is the one month and the gray is the three months. So this is the bitcoin supply, as the chart above shows only 6.8 of the circulating supply, so bitcoin that is actually being moved around has changed hands within the last month. So if there were 100 bitcoin changing hands, only 6.8 of those have actually moved around in the last month when the figure for the three month metric is around 15.8, so around 7 and 16, so about half of the other. So in the last month about seven percent move around in the last three months about 16 has moved around so regardless of the belief in whether bitcoin should be worth something or not. Just the mere fact that the supply will be low is enough to push a market up, and i know many of you guys get that already, that if you take it out of circulation and everyone then wants it its going to shoot the price up and then More people are going to want it and it shoots the price up even further, so it doesnt even matter whether bitcoin theres something wrong with it or its right or its slow or its. The best thing ever for for el salvador, just the mere fact from the supply shock, is enough to send prices. Soaring bitcoin has not gone under ten thousand dollars in one year, so we havent been below five figures in that entire period. So what does this mean? Personally, i look at it like a psychological point: bitcoin has established a new normal and that new normal is above or in the five figures, so above the four figures and in five figures, weve put in a reasonable low at that 30 000 level, so that 28k To 30k, so we could almost get to a point now, provided we dont get a huge spike.

You know a wick down into the 20s. We could almost say that maybe well never see 20 000 bitcoin again. I dont think well see a teens again and maybe never a 20 000 again and soon it might not even be a 30 000 bitcoin again, but that will come down to where does the market peak out during this cycle? So weve got about a 1500 percent move from the low to the high and in previous cycles it doesnt generally move the same as it did in the first section of the cycle. So this generally is the biggest section that we see for cryptocurrency. Then the last section, the dollar value, looks massive, but the percentage is low, so going from 30 000 to 180 000 is huge, very, very big in dollars. You know its 150, 000 and bitcoin has never moved 150 000 in its entire history. This is just as an example, but in terms of a percentage from about call it 30 and we move it up to about 180 000. Then we can only see its about 500 percent, so thats about a third of that move and im just coming up with a few numbers here, based on some other fibs that i have thrown up before on the channel. So my target is around that 120. To about that 180 200 000 level – i like the 120 because thats a doubling of where we saw the top come in so thats at around the sixty thousand dollar level that you can see right here.

You guys would know about the sixty thousand dollar level im. Just doing that as a doubling, the market does like to repeat these figures and well see that come up. If that happens quite soon, you know the headlines will be around. The market has done double what it was at the previous top and all these sorts of things, and also the hundred thousand dollar level. Obviously, at the psychological level we dont need to go into that in any more detail. So the first little pullback potentially well see around that 90 to about 120ish and then maybe we go in for another move. Something like we saw through this area on the way up. You know we peeked out at 40, pulled back to about 30, and then we took off from that 30 level to the 60.. It only got a double from that low until we stopped in our tracks and then came all the way back down onto more supply shocks and theres, some bitcoin being locked up and used in the lightning network. This is obviously getting a bit of traction now with uh el salvador coming on board and using bitcoin good to see that its actually getting used and improved on, and it does look like a very good network, even though the ethe maxis and the bitcoin haters dont. Like the look of lightning network, its being used now, it looks good. The other piece here is: if companies and institutional investors diversify their portfolios and allocate about five percent to bitcoin.

So this is kathy woods prediction arc, invest ceo, so predicts about 500 000. In about five years, weve got time: weve got patience, even if this gets halfway to 250. I think most people are gon na, be pretty happy from this price point of about fifty thousand dollars. So we believe that the price will be tenfold of where it is today, so instead of forty five thousand over five hundred thousand so from forty five to over five hundred thousand but thats dependent on companies and institutional investors diversifying their portfolios by allocating five percent to Bitcoin so thats whats needed to push the market this high up or all of the bitcoin being taken off the market and everyone fighting over one or two. You know for an example thats, where we get that supply shock and that really big push on to ethereum and just an update from where we are yesterday. The strength of eth continues to surprise me: im, not saying that we wont get any pullbacks nice, big, wicks, good, buying opportunities to maybe some 50 levels of 28 or 2 900, but just the small fact here that yesterdays market moved above the september shock. So we had the flash crash, the bounce, and we have now just moved above that price, which was around 35.68 thats. What im looking at right there, so many other markets havent, had that if we take a look at cardano for an example, this was the drop and then the bounce back and it tried again, but now its fallen under and were now hitting our head against our 50 level and still trying to recover and close above the previous all time high.

So for me this just looks like more buying opportunities. I think cardano does have that potential to get to 750 to 1250 14 during the end of this bull cycle. So its still got reasonable returns there, but this just does not look as strong as something like eth, which you can see here is just closed above it or bitcoin, which is also closed above the drop. So we have the drop the bounce and now weve closed. Above that level, yesterday so thats looking a little stronger now to that pattern that i was talking about earlier in the video we can see back from the previous move up, weve got the big move from november december into january, fall back into late january, and then The next few peaks we take a look at whats going on now. We can see something quite similar, weve discussed this on the channel before, but its good to see it happening. Uh during live trading. You know, live sessions and just keep track of it. So we got a big move out, quick move and we got that here. Weve got a nice good correction. We got that there. Then we had the next move out and then the rounding started, so it doesnt have to be exactly the same. But weve got a little bit of a rounding, a little peek out quick correction, rounding above a little peek out, quick correction. The market tried to come back and maybe thats whats happening now, and then we get this next shock which could be similar to what we had just back here.

So if we get that, that would be fantastic, and hopefully we get that v shape recovery, which is a little different to what this period was on to ada, which also looks like what bitcoin has also put in ill. Take these lines off, so you can just see. Youve got the run up the correction. The next run the next correction and then the rounding over the peak above tried corrected now were trying to come back. Maybe we get a quick flash again and move on, but you can see that that pattern repeats time and time again in the market, and this goes back to the wyckoff analysis and volume theory. You can see it happening here in bitcoin, weve seen it on a bigger time frame through this period in bitcoin. So just keep your eyes peeled for what comes next and if we get this extreme volatility be prepared on whichever cryptocurrencies youre looking to get into, because i think that will be probably one of the last good opportunities before the market takes off. And there will there. Obviously, will be other opportunities, maybe the breakouts and stuff like that, but for the lowest price opportunity. I think i could be wrong im happy to be proven wrong, get cheaper prices, but that that may be one of those opportunities which could be coming. A lot of ifs and thens, but im just taking note of what the patterns have looked like in the past now on to the portfolio on the channel, and this is through swiftx.

So if you guys want to sign up with swiftx link to it, is down below in the description australians and new zealands ten dollars, a free bitcoin when you guys sign up so im just using the demo portfolio here were at 18 400 u.s dollars, consisting of Solana, ada ftt and eth nice and stable cryptocurrencies at the moment. I think theyll do reasonably well leading into this next stage, maybe not the biggest gains, but i feel like theyre the safest from the fundamentals that ive looked at from the projects. Lastly, if you guys are looking for hardware wallets to store your cryptocurrency, come a bear market or stuff that you want to hold longer term and stake check out the ledger: nano s or legend, nano x, aussie dollars, 100 bucks 200 bucks link to this is down Below as well, and if you do want to stake your ada check out the investor accelerator pool, all the links are down below ill wrap it up there, for you guys ill see you soon on twitter or on instagram or, of course, on patreon. Its 36 left. Here links are down below like share subscribe. Do that stuff to help out the youtube, algorithm and ill catch you at the next video until then have more fun to get more done.