Lets take a look at shiba inu. This is the daily chart for shiva inu, and the data i have is to about 10. 40 am pacific standard time. On september, the 16th wow look at shiva shiva is spiking up today on relatively good volume. Its spike as high as uh lets just hold it. Like 0.8, or up about 17 cross over the 10 days, moving average, as well as the 50 days moving average and right now it is trading on top of this boiling japan. It is looking extremely bullish. Why is shiva all of a sudden woke up and spiked up today? Well, its koi based shiba is already on koi bay pro and now coinbase is launching sheep on its coinbase as well. This is the tweet from coinbase ship, its launching on coinbase.com and in the ios and android apps within the next 15 minutes. You may need to update your app to buy, sell, convert, send receive or store shift. We will update when all are fully active, so god is one of the biggest catalysts that weve been waiting for for the past few months. So its really great to shiba is getting excited again. Hopefully, those would follow sheba, but before we get all wow and crazy about shiba. Here is something that we need to consider. On september, the 8th koi base announced that sheba would be listing on their koi base pro that immediately. After that, we saw the price spike up by over 30 percent, where it breeze right past this 10 days 50 days and ran all the way that up to lets, say 0.

8. But then, soon after that, the news kind of wears off shiva retraced and closed the day below both of these moving averages. Then the following days, we see the price continue to turn lower. In my last video, i was mentioning that there could be a good possibility that the india covet relief fund, which receive almost a billion dollar worth of cheap token. They are still in the process of liquidating that so every time when theres a run up in price they may unload and that caused the price to depress. So today, sheba is running up again. The key for us to see is whether or not the price can hold and stabilize at 0.8, or will there be again more selling pressure after that, the key is for sheep to close the day over at least the 50 days moving average. It would be great if it can close the day at 0.8 right at the top of this boiling japan. If that is the case, then i believe the momentum is there that sheath can likely run a lot higher. But if there was selling pressure and like september the 8th that the price would retrace and if ship were to close below this 50 days, moving average, which is right at around 0.75, then all probability is pointing sheep would continue to trade sideway for a while. So i am cautiously optimistic and i wait to see what price will close at the end of today, which is at around 5 p.

m. Pacific standard time ill revisit ship again tomorrow, thats it for this video and dont forget to click that like button and reward me with a like. If you appreciate the content that im presenting.