I think its going to continue to pump. I think that its got some really really great things in the future, for it were gon na look at a piece of content that outlines some of that and also it outlines it from some technical analysis standpoint so uh. If youre a fan of avalanche stay tuned got some good stuff for you, its not gon na, be a very long video. I want to stay up front im not being paid by anybody to have a lunch to do this. Video and i own avalanche and extremely extremely bullish on it, and this video is for entertainment purposes only. So if you look at avalanche right now, its trading at 65 20. its up about one percent, the overall market right here right now, as of recording this video is flat, if not down bitcoin, ethereum or down things of that nature. And if you look at the one year high, we are certainly obviously right there with it. Right. Avalanche has been on a tear recently um its one of the major beneficiaries of the delay with ethereum 2.0 uh. Frankly, one of the major reasons that i got into it plus i love everything that theyre doing from um the investment in the platform and things like that and everything that thats transpiring around it. Just like. I, like um solana, phantom um cosmos things like that avalanche is right there in that uh in that same uh pool of of great kryptos.

In my opinion, okay need to make you aware i have my patreon group links in the description. If youve never heard of this before, if youre new to this video or new to me, um, i have a patreon group. I try to help as many people as i possibly can. If you want to join, you can cancel anytime at twenty dollars a month, but i will um keep it as cheap as possible thats. Why? I priced it at that and i try to give as much portfolio guidance as i can. I help people with their portfolio, so, if youre looking for help, maybe some guidance on that im going to look at it, for you give you some some nudges and help in the right direction, and i would love to do that. You also get to see my inner circle portfolio. You can see everything that im doing i own what im buying what im selling all that kind of stuff ive been making some major moves recently, moving into some stuff that, i think is going to uh go up. Three four five, seven plus times x, go up. You know that much more so check it out links in the description if youre interested in that okay, so heres, the piece of content that i wanted to show you avalanche heres the longing option for traders. So basically, what this piece of content was really talking about is the fact that you know d5 that the d5 platforms are all the rage.

Right d5 is one of the hottest sectors right now in all of crypto right there. Well, frankly, along nft, right, um and so uh avalanche has been attracting a lot of attention. The smart contracts operator recently raised 230 million via private sale. If you didnt already know that okay and its vowed to use the proceeds to enhance to enhance its ecosystem, i love that sentence right there. Okay, so theyre making some significant investments in the ecosystem. Okay, um, basically avalanche, has been, as we know, been running, pretty significantly trading up to 65 right now, its risen from a value of 31 to an all time, high of 68 and change. We know that its 100, by the way thats 122 price increase in just 99 days. I think its, i think again, i think its going to i think its going to go up from here. I think its got a massive amount of room to continue to run right and right here right now, its ranked number 12.. It has run up so fast, so hard, uh right there along solana. As far as its kind of meteoric rise – and you know just like solana – i dont the the upside here is crazy. I think we could easily see a hundred dollars by the end of the end of the year again. This is not going to happen in a vacuum right. If avalanche continues to rise, it will rise along bitcoin and ethereum as the overall uh cryptocurrency market itself grows.

Okay, so thats, what we should kind of expect to see is definitely moving up. Okay, so let me see, let me see what else i wanted to. I wanted to show you this just talk about fibonacci levels. Uh, the rsi was also on an uptrend has seen low higher low since early september. Based on this movement, the index can be expected to bounce back from the lower trend line and push into overbought territory. Okay, similarly, macd is tipped from a higher to peak. After battling some selling pressure capitals again moving back into the digital asset over the last few trading sessions, uh avax can be expected to overcome its correction with relative ease due to the presence of strong buying pressure. A bounce back from the 38.2 fibonacci level will allow it to push north towards the a78 and 100 extension levels uh. I think that this is going to continue to roll guys. I think that our up up cycle here, i think, um you know 70 – is kind of that next major level of of resistance, so lets see if we can get past that but im again im in. I think that this is going to continue to roll, and i think a hundred dollars is not outside of the equation from a from a pricing. Uh kind of prediction standpoint by the end of the year as long as the overall market continues to continue continues to roll and by the way bitcoin and ethereum they are gon na wake back up.

Fourth quarter is going to be massive uh. We everybody pretty much readily agrees that were gon na have a nice nice bull run uh coming in fourth quarter.